Summer Rollerski Biathlon Results – July 30

A 10km Rollerski race with 4 shooting stages

Thanks to everyone who made it out, here are the results:

Elk River Roller Ski Biathlon Results

Youth Men
1    Ben Greenwald    2-3-4-3=12    35:15
2    Zean Baker        1-2-2-5=10    37:56
3    Nick Proell        2-2-2-4=10    39:24
4    Ty Hadris        3-1-3-3=10    41:54
5    Joe Fairbanks    3-4-4-5=16    42:24

Youth Women
1    Jenna Ruzich    0-0-2-1=3    38:36

1    Luke Isreal        0(PS)-1(PS)=1    31:25
2    Ethan Fairbanks    5(PP)-2(PS)=7    36:40

Senior Men
1    Nigel Kinney        1-1-4-3=9    31:40
2    Brian Wray        0-3-3-2=8    39:46

Senior Women
1    Caitlin Compton    0-1-3-2=6    39:02

Running Women
1    Steph Holmes    2-3-2-5=12    26:30

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Rollerski Accident at Maine Training Camp

20-year-old Willie Neal of Jackson Hole, WY was killed yesterday while roller skiing in Fort Fairfield, Maine. Willie was a member of the US Junior National Biathlon Team training with the Maine Winter Sports Center in the hopes of making the 2010 World Junior Biathlon Team.

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This is an unfortunate reminder of how dangerous sport can be, especially roller skiing.  Be very careful when training on roads shared with other vehicles. Use of reflective vests, lights, and awareness of your surroundings is key to keeping safe.