2021 Midwest Regional Biathlon Camp

Mt. Itasca, Coleraine

Monday, June 14 – Saturday, June 19 2021

Cost : $320.00 – Includes coaching, venue , chalet use and meals. We try to run our camp as inexpensively as possible. The cost is about half of the price of what other Midwest ski camps cost!!!

Who: Biathletes from ages 14 and up, who have participated in the May Camp in Elk River or Mt. Itasca
           New athletes should contact Bill Meyer or Vladimir Cervenka, if the camp is good idea for them.

Focus: This camp will focus on dryland training – running, roller skiing, strength, shooting accuracy and combo shooting. 

Lodging and meals:  We will be camping at Mt. Itasca. You should bring your own tent, or you can use the wax room for sleeping. Showers and bathroom will be available in the chalet. If you don’t want to camp at Mt. Itasca, you can stay in local hotels or other housing on your own.

3 meals/day will be served in the chalet. 

Covid:  We will follow the Minnesota and CDC guidelines, expecting all participants that can receive the COVID vaccine are to be fully vaccinated two weeks prior to the start of the camp. Extra precautions will be set in common indoor areas (chalet, food service, bathrooms)

Tentative training schedule: ( subject to change) 

Monday 6.14                 10:00AM   Shooting and dryfire drills- focused on accuracy

                                           2:00PM Shooting drills followed by roller ski technique at fairgrounds

                                           Evening- rifle cleaning class, and shooting skills discussion- parents welcome!!

Tuesday 6.15                   8:00AM Ski strength at fairgrounds  1:30 followed by accuracy shooting drills                       focused on range procedure.

                                          2:00PM  run 2h with poles on hilly trails, bounding uphills

                                           Evening- training goals and concepts–discussion

Wednesday 6.16            8:00AM Shooting drills, accuracy tests, intro to combos 2h

                                           2:00PM Roller ski agility, ski technique – fairgrounds- 2h

Thursday 6.17                8:00AM Uphill Test followed by shooting drills

                                         PM: Rest, Swim- optional accuracy shooting. 

Friday 6.18                     8:00AM Roller ski time trial 11k- fair grounds

                                        2:00PM: Shooting drills- timed shooting/ combos

Saturday 6.19                9:00AM Summer Biathlon Race 6k/7.5k- Running

All Athletes who want to come to the camp should register with Bill and Vlad as early as possible. 

For more information contact Vladimir Cervenka : cervenkv@gmail.com  cell: 218 256 8323 or Bill Meyer; wmeyer@nisswa.net cell: 218 839 4727

Good Afternoon Everyone!

The past weekend daycamps at Elk River went really well! It really helps having all the help we did—coaches, parent coaches, and parents all pitching in to do all the work!! I sincerely hope it was extra valuable to all who participated. I am looking forward to mostly a different crew from more northern MN on Saturday at Mt Itasca!

One word of note on shooting camps. We saw some really good shooting this past weekend. We changed the fit on most of the rifles. Now you need to get used to the new feel. Shooting positions, good ones, are not supposed to be comfortable—so when a change is made, you will normally feel it. And even after shooting all weekend, by the Sunday pm time trial..results are rarely ever your best. But also rarely ever your worst! And from here the improvement curve will normally climb faster than ever!

Most can hit with a poorly fit rifle some of the time. But a poor fit makes missing easier. A perfect fit makes hitting easier. Don’t get hung up on a new feel to the rifle. If it continues to feel awkward in a few weeks or your accuracy isn’t improving—let us know!!

Enjoy the Journey!
Bill Meyer, Coach

Sprint time-trial MAY 9, 2021 Elk River – RESULTS (UPDATED)

1Kaisa Bosek11200:30.012:15.011:4500:4012:25
2Matthew Broderson21300:20.012:07.011:4701:0012:47
3Zean Baker24600:00.011:38.011:3802:0013:38
4Jack Cashman12301:00.013:55.012:5501:0013:55
5Cheresa Bouley21300:10.013:16.013:0601:0014:06
6Saylor Landrum32502:00.014:36.012:3601:4014:16
7Noah Besemann23501:20.013:56.012:3601:4014:16
8Evelyn Hudrlik32501:30.014:07.012:3701:4014:17
9Carson Peterson23501:40.014:27.012:4701:4014:27
10Eric Anderson53800:40.012:53.012:1302:4014:53
11Ella Karkela24601:10.014:45.013:3502:0015:35
12Audrey Lahammer23500:50.014:46.013:5601:4015:36
13Ryan Houseman34702:10.016:56.014:4602:2017:06
14Lauren Huber25701:50.016:45.014:5502:2017:15
15Selah Binsfeld22402:30.018:29.015:5901:2017:19
16Blake Wagoner54902:40.017:08.014:2803:0017:28
17Devin Klatt551002:50.017:05.014:1503:2017:35
18Maeve Lindsay44802:20.017:50.015:3002:4018:10

May 15/16 Camp at Mt. Itasca

Here is the information for our Minnesota Biathlon May Camp at Mt. Itasca, MN. This camp is a great jump start to the season and perfect time to do all new adjustments on your rifle or fitting rifle for new athletes. 

Dates: May 15-16 2021


  1. new athletes–   Athletes  will go through basic safety training, will do a rifle fitting and a  start on accuracy shooting, shooting prone and standing, developing good position and range procedure.
  2. experienced athletes – check position – make adjustments, and get started with some focused accuracy shooting.



  • Camp will start at 10 AM. with  rifle adjusting and  fitting, dry firing and accuracy shooting. 
  • After lunch more shooting drills and some easy roller skiing.
  • After dinner more shooting drills.


  • Start at 9 AM with more shooting drills and shooting games.
  • Training will wrap up approx. 11:30 AM

There is a possibility to shoot on Friday night as well, if  you plan to arrive on Friday. Let me know! 

Cost and Registration:

-Cost for use of venue, coaching,   $30. Please make checks payable to Vlad Cervenka. Bring checks or cash with you, along with the attached registration form. Note that the USBA membership is required.

What to bring:

You will need running shoes, and several sets of training clothing, (Check the weather forecast before you come) as well as skate roller ski equipment and helmet, water bottle carrier, and bring some rain gear. Also bring a pair of thin ski gloves for shooting. 

Because it is not possible to camp at Mt. Itasca, you have to arrange you own housing and food. The headquarter  at Mt. Itasca will be open for lunch or dinner on Saturday. 

If you plan to come or need more info, let me know.
Vlad Cervenka: 218 256 8323 or cervenkv@gmail,com

Invitation to the daycamps 8/9 May Elk River – Camps now full

Please note this camp is now full.

Please consider this to be the invitation to the two daycamps at Elk River, the 8th and 9th of May. Cost will be $10 per day.

We have invited 5 newcomers to the camp—and hope to have their rifle fitting done starting at 8:00.

The camp for experienced athletes will start at 9:00 on both days. and run until approximately 4:30.

You can sign up for both days—preferred- or one day. We have only 15 open slots each day. The preferences will be to allot those to Youth and Junior athletes first and only those with their own or leased rifles. A very limited amount of ammo will be available in 500 rd cans for $42.50 per can—limited to one per athlete. {and expected to last into mid summer minimum!!} Only Youth and Juniors will be eligible for ammo purchase. If anyone finds a retail source for target ammo—[not high velocity or hollowpoint] please let me know. CCI has been problematic in our rifles.

You should bring your training clothes, ski boots, roller skis—preferably skate roller skis-, poles with road tips, running shoes, short poles for hill bounding, water, lunch and etc. If you feel unsure on roller skis you might want knee and elbow pads also. Helmets are mandatory when skiing!! Gloves are recommended!!

Be sure to check the weather and bring appropriate clothing. Shorts and tees are not appropriate for 40 deg rainy days!! If you bring gloves, be sure they are like ski gloves that you would wear in competition so you can feel the trigger. And beware you can’t shoot in bulky jackets or even warmup jackets with loose sleeves. Ditto with sweatshirts—they don’t work. Vests are good, or snug sleeves.. Race tops are the best.

The goals of the camp are:

  • Touch up the rifle fit on all rifles, especially raising positions as much as possible for stability in prone and getting level on the targets in standing, plus adjusting cheekpieces.
  • Going back to the basics of taking a shot, range procedure, and rifle handling
  • Going back to the basics of skiing—balance, movements, timing and general form
  • doing some basic accuracy tests for baseline for the year

The plan:

  • Fit rifles to novices first before 9:00
  • Set up two groups of 10 at 9:00 at the range
  • one group working on range while other is working on skiing
  • Switch midmorning

This will be repeated Sat pm and Sun morning. Sun pm to be announced

So please sign up asap if you are interested! We are lining up coaches and range help as we plan out the weekend.

Three more notes:
A] there will also be a camp at Mt Itasca for those interested the following weekend. I will forward that invitation when it comes in. That is optional. No food or camping/housing will be provided.
B] Many of you have received log forms for the coming training year. These do not fill themselves out!! Get in the habit of making a daily entry!! And for those who have not shared, you can share it with me and your coach by saving the log to google sheets and sharing it. If to me, please use wmeyer1041@gmail.com.. Otherwise I need to get your permission.
C] Last but not least by any means: Covid vaccinations are available for those 16 yrs and up. Please get it done!! MN is currently at about 40% with their first shot—but in the 20’s % done and probably fewer who have waited out the 14 days after the second shot or the Johnson shot. It has been indicated that the state needs 70% completely done to achieve herd immunity. If we don’t get there shortly, I fear the mutations will override the vaccines and we will be right back to last year again!!

So masks and distancing will be required at the camps unless you are shooting or on skis. That applies to all parents and coaches also. We need to drop the mask a little to scope [or they fog up] but otherwise lets all be compliant!!

The Journey begins again!!
Bill Meyer, Coach