Good Morning Everyone,

Attached is a Policy/Guidelines for all Biathlon Training and Racing for June 2020 in MN under the auspices of MN Biathlon, but subject to the Governor’s rules and any guidelines scheduled to be coming out on June 1 from his office.

Based on the Policy and the underlying considerations, the two Camps scheduled for June [Mt Itasca and Elk River] are both cancelled. MN Biathlon will be putting together a new schedule for June to include Beginner rifle fitting/ indoctrination, Day Camps, and hopefully a race. Elk River is closed to roller skiing until July 1st to allow for a pipeline construction down the RR grade near the range. The range and other trails are open yet.

This Policy/Guideline is predicated on the assumption, and subject to our obligation to each other, that we practice safe habits to avoid spreading the Covid 19 virus. II is critical that we live up to this obligation.

Bill Meyer, Coach


This document is intended to give guidance for all MN Biathlon activities for the month of June and possible July, 2020 due to the prevalence of the Covid 19 virus in MN. It is subject to change particularly when the Governor’s guidelines are revised again on 1 June. 


  • Keep all activities outside, if possible. 
  • If an athlete, parent or coach is feeling sick, has a temperature over 99.5 F or has a cough, loss of taste or smell, stomach ache or a sore throat, or has anyone in their family with those symptoms—please stay home! Do not participate in any group gatherings!
  • All group gatherings should be no more than 10 people total in size including coaches and parents. 
  • Keep a ‘social distance’ of 6 feet or more as much as possible and further apart if working hard [like doing combos etc]. 
  • If closer contact is unavoidable [like in fitting rifles] both persons should wear face masks. 
  • There will be no overnight camps in June. If conditions allow, there will be some consideration for July so this document will be updated in mid-June, if not before that. 
  • You can shoot individually, or otherwise participate in outdoor activities with normal cautions and in consideration of the above rules. 

Group Activities:

  • Novice rifle fitting and indoctrination. We need to get the newcomers fitted with rifles and go through shooting positions and basic range procedure as soon as possible. This will take place at ranges near the athlete’s homes in small groups of 3 or 4 at max. Generally the arrival of the athletes should be staged 15 min apart to allow for individual rifle fitting in accordance with the above general rules. A minimum of ½ a day should be scheduled to go over safety rules, and practice positions and shooting. Then lease out the rifles w/parents ok. We appear to be tight on numbers of beginning rifles [Anschutz bolt actions and Izmachs] so if a prospective athlete doesn’t appear to be participating fully, don’t issue a rifle. 
  • Specialized tests. Some have expressed interest in getting to Mt Itasca to do some of the testing that is normally done at the May or June camp like the hill climb and 11 km time trial. As there are no adequately safe facilities available for an overnight stay onsite, either schedule a couple of separate day trips or plan for lodging and meals on your own for an overnight. Schedule that with Vlad.
  • Day camps. We will encourage groups of up to 10 total, by reservation, to attend daylong camps around the state. The current usable range facilities are Duluth, Mt Itasca, Alexandria and Elk River. Nisswa is down to two shooting points at the new location. I will set up a schedule primarily on weekends for day camps around the state. Once a newcomer has been through the Novice indoctrination they are eligible for the day camps, so we need to accomplish that first. 
  • For those attending day camps:
  1. The camp will be no more than one day at a time
  2. Each athlete, coach and parent needs to bring their own food, a face mask and hand sanitizer. 
  3. Each person should have their own water supply along
  • Races. We have 4 races scheduled for Elk River, including one in June. We  have an issue with being able to roller ski out of the range due to a pipeline placement in the RR grade which is scheduled to be completed July 1st. Currently we are trying to arrange a race at Camp Ripley for June and perhaps some training days later in the summer there. We will keep everyone updated on that issue. Races can also be running or biking at any of the venues. In any event, they should be run as individual or small group time trials where the organizer is available for say 3 hours and the athletes are scheduled to come at ½ hr intervals in small groups. [Like 3 or 4 at 5:00, 3 or 4 at 5:30 etc] So primarily racing against the clock with start times spread out quite a bit. 

Hopefully this policy will not be needed later in the summer. At this point in time, USBA is planning the Vermont camp and races in August, but not guaranteeing base housing will be available. We will stay on top of both the MN statewide rulings and the status of the VT camp. If you plan to attend if possible, let me know so we can reserve space in the barracks if they are open. 

Bill Meyer, Vice Pres & Coach
MN Biathlon
21 May 2020

MN Biathlon Annual Membership


Good Morning!

Attached please find the annual MN Biathlon Membership form for this training year. This is due each spring—US Biathlon membership is due in Oct each year.

While many athletes from the Twin Cities area are using the range at Elk River periodically, at this point we have been unable to organize weekly coached practices. I do anticipate I will be down once every couple of weeks, and we will hopefully have a camp there in June along with 4 summer races scheduled there. We will send notices and invitations out as those get closer to fruition.

As to everyone across the state, if you plan to lease a rifle from MN Biathlon this year—and I have talked to most of those folks recently, you do need to be a MN Biathlon member even if you belong to one of the subsidiary clubs.

Thanks for your interest in Biathlon!
Bill Meyer, Coach

2020/2021 MN Biathlon Spring/Summer/Fall Schedule

Weekend shooting camp at Mt Itasca to kick off the New year—15-17 May

Week long June camp at Mt Itasca—15-21 June 

Followup short week camp at Elk River on roller skis—27 June – 1 July

August Vermont camp and Summer Nationals—1 Aug to 9 August. Races 8/9 Aug. 

Summer roller ski races at ER: 

  • Thurs 25 June [between camps]
  • Thurs 16 July 
  • Thurs 13 August
  • Fall Fest 17/18 Oct [camp on Saturday race on Sunday] 

MNCup #5 – Elk River Biathlon Sat, Feb 29th, 2020 – RESULTS

Sponsored by Minnesota Biathlon and Twin Cities Biathlon

Elk River Biathlon – 2020-02-29 – By Event
Place / Class Name Category Start Finish Overall Back P P S S Total
1 / 1 Cervenka, Matej YM 1:00 32:03 31m 3s 0m 0s 1 1 0 1 3
2 / 1 Bosek, Kaisa YW 1:10 37:49 36m 39s 5m 36s 1 1 2 0 4
3 / 1 Secord, Tom MM 2:30 40:30 38m 0s 0ms 6m 57s 0ms 3 2 4 4 13
4 / 2 Bosek, Ryker YM 1:30 40:29 38m 59s 0ms 7m 56s 0ms 1 2 1 2 6
5 / 1 Mundenar, Joe Novice 2:10 41:30 39m 20s 8m 17s 1 0 0 0 1
6 / 2 Haugen, Greg MM 3:10 43:16 40m 6s 9m 3s 2 0 2 2 6
7 / 2 Wenz, Julian Novice 2:40 43:17 40m 37s 0ms 9m 34s 0ms 5 0 1 0 6
8 / 2 Landrum, Saylor YW 1:50 44:03 42m 13s 11m 10s 1 1 0 2 4
9 / 3 Finlay, Owen Novice 2:20 44:39 42m 19s 11m 16s 5 0 3 5 13
10 / 3 Lidahl, Thomas YM 1:20 44:55 43m 35s 12m 32s 2 1 2 4 9
11 / 3 LaHammer, Audrey YW 1:40 45:33 43m 53s 12m 50s 4 1 2 4 11
12 / 4 Watson, Lucy YW 2:50 50:10 47m 20s 16m 17s 3 4 4 1 12
13 / 3 Kranz, Keith MM 3:20 53:15 49m 55s 18m 52s 4 3 1 1 9
14 / 4 Fischer, Owen Novice 3:00 57:23 54m 23s 23m 20s 2 0 2 2 6

I just heard back from Elk River Parks and we should be good to go on Saturday!! They groomed last night and will again towards or on Saturday. Fast but good skiing! – Bill Meyer, Coach

Woodland Trails Biathlon Range – Directions

9km – All Divisions

5 laps of the famed and thrilling 1.8km “Scouring Rush” loop. 4 shooting stages, PPSS.

Registration @ 9:30 AM

Please have your paperwork filled out beforehand.
Either print and complete the second page of this announcement below or online at

Zero @ 10:00 AM Race Start @ 11:00 AM

Time-trial start, 10 second interval.

$10 / racer

Cash or check made out to Minnesota Biathlon

Race for free!

Stay after the race and lend a hand (and rifle) to the novice clinic that will run from noon until 1:30pm. All helpers will have their race fees waived.


Contact Bill Meyer at ​​, or sign-up online at:

Elk River Biathlon Novice Clinic – Saturday, Feb 29th, 2020

Note: The registration cap for this event has been reached, please stay tuned to this website for future events.

Sponsored by Minnesota Biathlon and Twin Cities Biathlon

  • 11:00AM:​ Come see experienced biathletes compete at a 9km, 5-lap race from a close-up, range-side view.
  • 12:00PM – 12:45: Mandatory ​safety instruction and rifle practice.
  • 1:00PM: ​Untimed, low-key 2.4km race. Three ski laps, two shooting stages!

Woodland Trails Biathlon Range – Directions

$40 / participant

In-person cash or check made out to Minnesota Biathlon.

What’s Included

  • Rifle safety and marksmanship instruction.
  • Shooting practice.
  • A low-key, non-technical, and untimed “race” to test out your new skills.
  • Rifles and ammunition will be provided by the club.


  • Parental permission if under the age of 18.
    • For participants under the age of 14, a parent ​must ​be present during the clinic.
  • Basic cross-country ski proficiency.
    • You don’t have to be fast!
    • You should be able to ski a few kilometers and negotiate easy hills and turns.
  • There is no minimum age to register, but:
    • The rifles will be adult-sized.
    • Attendees ​must ​be able to listen and carefully follow coach directions for the duration of the clinic.

What to Bring

  • Skis, poles, and boots.
    • Skate gear is strongly preferred, but classic can work.
  • Gloves. Mittens will interfere with riflery.
  • Appropriate clothing to the weather.
  • A snack.
  • A positive attitude!

Interested? Have questions? Contact Brian Wray at, or sign-up online (save some paper!) at