USBA International Team Criteria for the 2021-22 season

Below you will find links to the finalized and approved criteria for the 2021-22 season. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

Senior Team Criteria:

Junior Team Criteria:–Junior-Selection-Procedures

Elk River Roller Ski Race – Thurs, July 22nd, 2021 – RESULTS

Sponsored by Minnesota Biathlon and Twin Cities Biathlon

Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

Woodland Trails Biathlon Range

RESULTS: Jesper Rud shot prone twice per Norwegian rules—otherwise results stand as done by Brian Wray! Thanks to Brian for those, and to Lynda and the Bouley family for our evening meal!! Very nice finish to a good evening!!

Elk River Rollerski Biathlon
8.6km – Interval Start
Overall / ClassNameCategoryStartFinishOverallBackPSTotal
1 / 1Alex VaniasSM2:3030:3428:0400:00415
2 / 1Bill BowlerMM2:0030:4428:4400:40415
3 / 1Cheresa BouleyJW3:0032:5329:5301:49123
4 / 1Ben FenaU17M1:0031:4230:4202:38224
5 / 2Gregg PattisonMM3:3036:1432:4404:40404
6 / 1Devin KlattYM4:0042:2038:2010:16426
7 / 2Owen FischerU17M1:3047:1945:4917:45538
6.6km – Interval Start
Overall / ClassNameCategoryStartFinishOverallBackPSTotal
1 / 1Kaisa BosekYW7:0032:4025:4000:00022
2 / 1Jesper RudU15M8:0033:4525:4500:05123
3 / 1Alexandria RudU17W7:3033:3226:0200:22213
4 / 2Saylor LandrumU17W5:0031:0426:0400:24134
5 / 3Sanny GangiU17W8:3035:3627:0601:26213
6 / 4Evelyn HudrlikU17W6:0033:5127:5102:11246
7 / 2Jack CashmanU15M6:3034:3228:0202:22358
8 / 5Ella KarkelaU17W5:3034:5329:2303:43134
9 / 6Lauren HuberU17W9:0039:5930:5905:19235

Online signup:


Sprint Format

30 second start interval
3 skiing loops, 2 shooting stages, P/S

Junior/Senior Men – 10.6km
U17 Men, Junior/Senior Women, Masters – 8.6km 
All Others – 6.6km

Registration @ 4:30 PM
Please have your paperwork filled out beforehand or sign up online.

Zero @ 5:00 PM
Race Start @ 5:45 PM

$10 / racer
Cash or check made out to Minnesota Biathlon.


Contact Bill Meyer at, or sign-up online (save some paper!) at

Interested in volunteering, or have other questions?

Contact Brian at or 651-366-2952

Elk River Rollerski Biathlon Race and Practice – June 27, 2021 – RESULTS

Results, thanks to Brian Wray

The photos — also from Brian Wray — from Sunday’s race can be found here:

Elk River Rollerski Biathlon
9.3km – Interval Start
Overall / ClassNameCategoryClubFinishBackPPSSTotal
1 / 1Jake EllingsonSMNational Guard31:4800:0022329
2 / 1Matej CervenkaYMMount Itasca32:0500:1702125
3 / 1Cheresa BouleyJWTwin Cities35:1303:2520316
4 / 2Alex VaniasSMWisconsin Biathlon35:3503:47433212
5 / 2Matthew BrodersonYMTwin Cities35:3803:5021025
6 / 1Hunter ZupkoJMNational Guard38:0306:15334313
7 / 1Derek LindbergMMNational Guard39:1707:2921115
8 / 2Kaisa BosekJWWolfpack39:5008:0232027
9 / 1Eric AndersonU17MBluff Nordic40:2908:4132218
10 / 1Saylor LandrumYWTwin Cities43:1211:24233311
11 / 2Evelyn HudrlikYWTwin Cities43:2611:3823319
12 / 1Ella KarkelaU17WMount Itasca45:4313:55332311
13 / 3Ryan HousemanYMTwin Cities47:0715:19354416
14 / 3Lauren HuberYWWolfpack48:1516:27244313
15 / 4Maeve LindsayYWTwin Cities53:0321:15443516
16 / 1Emily BrodersonMWTwin Cities55:0123:13242311
17 / 2Keith KranzMMTwin Cities55:4523:57523414
18 / 4Owen FischerYMDuluth56:4024:52534416

Coming up on the 27th of June will be a daylong program at the Woodland Trails and Range at Elk River. In the morning, we will have a practice working on shooting skills and roller ski technique, and in the pm—the first Rollerski Biathlon Race of the season!! See the above Invitation for the race!

The program for the morning practice is as follows:

9:00 Meet at the range
9:00-10:30 shooting accuracy, rifle handling, and range procedure
10:30-12:00 – ski technique on roller skis

12:00 to 1:30 lunch on your own and race registration at 12:30

1:30 zero for the race
2:15 race start

Who: The practice is open to all who have experience with biathlon and have a rifle of their own or leased. It will be limited in the first opening round to a max of 10 participants. If more are interested, then we may open it up to as many as 10 more and split the training.

Contact: If you are interested in either the practice or the race, please contact me asap.

Cost: There will be no cost for the practice—Race entry is $10.

Another step in the Journey!
Bill Meyer, Coach

2021 Midwest Regional Biathlon Camp

Mt. Itasca, Coleraine

Monday, June 14 – Saturday, June 19 2021

Cost : $320.00 – Includes coaching, venue , chalet use and meals. We try to run our camp as inexpensively as possible. The cost is about half of the price of what other Midwest ski camps cost!!!

Who: Biathletes from ages 14 and up, who have participated in the May Camp in Elk River or Mt. Itasca
           New athletes should contact Bill Meyer or Vladimir Cervenka, if the camp is good idea for them.

Focus: This camp will focus on dryland training – running, roller skiing, strength, shooting accuracy and combo shooting. 

Lodging and meals:  We will be camping at Mt. Itasca. You should bring your own tent, or you can use the wax room for sleeping. Showers and bathroom will be available in the chalet. If you don’t want to camp at Mt. Itasca, you can stay in local hotels or other housing on your own.

3 meals/day will be served in the chalet. 

Covid:  We will follow the Minnesota and CDC guidelines, expecting all participants that can receive the COVID vaccine are to be fully vaccinated two weeks prior to the start of the camp. Extra precautions will be set in common indoor areas (chalet, food service, bathrooms)

Tentative training schedule: ( subject to change) 

Monday 6.14                 10:00AM   Shooting and dryfire drills- focused on accuracy

                                           2:00PM Shooting drills followed by roller ski technique at fairgrounds

                                           Evening- rifle cleaning class, and shooting skills discussion- parents welcome!!

Tuesday 6.15                   8:00AM Ski strength at fairgrounds  1:30 followed by accuracy shooting drills                       focused on range procedure.

                                          2:00PM  run 2h with poles on hilly trails, bounding uphills

                                           Evening- training goals and concepts–discussion

Wednesday 6.16            8:00AM Shooting drills, accuracy tests, intro to combos 2h

                                           2:00PM Roller ski agility, ski technique – fairgrounds- 2h

Thursday 6.17                8:00AM Uphill Test followed by shooting drills

                                         PM: Rest, Swim- optional accuracy shooting. 

Friday 6.18                     8:00AM Roller ski time trial 11k- fair grounds

                                        2:00PM: Shooting drills- timed shooting/ combos

Saturday 6.19                9:00AM Summer Biathlon Race 6k/7.5k- Running

All Athletes who want to come to the camp should register with Bill and Vlad as early as possible. 

For more information contact Vladimir Cervenka :  cell: 218 256 8323 or Bill Meyer; cell: 218 839 4727