MN Biathlon Training Racing Schedule – April-Dec 2021

April-Dec 2021


  • 12 April– begin training plan for 2021-2022


  • 8/9 two-day camp Elk River
    Experienced AM and PM- Max 10
    shooting focus Newcomers PM Max 10
  • 15/16 Weekend shooting camp Mt Itasca -optional- housing and food on your own
  • 16 Rifle Fitting / Shooting Clinic Blackhawk Ski Club, Youth and Masters


  • 14-20 Weeklong shooting Camp at Mt Itasca, MN, Camping and Breakfast/lunch included
  • 25-27 Shooting and Ski Camp at Blackhawk, Camping available at Blackhawk
  • 26 Safety Certification Class at Blackhawk
  • Sun 27 Daycamp Elk River Max 20
  • Sun 27 Rollerski biathlon race- Elk River


  • Sat 17 Day Camp at Wolfpack Biathlon, MN
  • Thurs 22 Rollerski biathlon race- Elk River


  • 2-8 National camp and Summer Championships at Jericho VT or Craftsbury Tentative!!
  • Sun 15 Day camp Duluth Snowflake Ski Club
  • Thurs 19 Rollerski biathlon race- Elk River


  • 12 Day camp Mt Itasca, MN
  • 11/12 Two Day Camp and Race, Blackhawk Ski Club, Youth and Masters


  • 16/17 Day camp Elk River, MN, Fall Festival with Roller Ski Biathlon Race


  • Sun 14 Daycamp Elk River
  • 21-28 Thanksgiving camp- West Yellowstone
    incl biathlon race


  • 4/5 On snow- Mt Itasca
  • Sun 5 race on snow Mt Itasca MN Cup #1
  • Sun 12 race on snow Mt Itasca MN Cup #2
  • 26-31 Youth and Junior National Team Trials- Soldier Hollow. Race dates to be determined

March 2022

  • 23-27 US National Championships, Lake Placid,NY

Note: Dates and events subject to change based on weather, availability and condition of venues and Covid restrictions. Full winter race schedule for MN and WI will be added at a later date.

Tentative schedule for the coming training year thru December

Good Morning and Happy Easter!

Attached please find our tentative plan for MN Biathlon through Dec. I sincerely hope it all comes to fruition!! In setting up the plan we looked at the current Covid and Covid vaccination rates and tried to project where that is leading. I can’t emphasize enough the need to get our vaccinations done if you are eligible. The following is a daily snapshot of Minnesota from this morning that outlines our progress:

As you can see, we are only at 18.5% fully vaccinated [and that number is the shots, not the 14 day waiting period after the shot for it to be fully effective]. The good news is 32.6% have started the process. There seems to be a lot of vaccine available now—so please, for yourself, for all the rest of us, and for our ability to make our way through the full planned schedule—get vaccinated!! Very very few are suffering any ill symptoms from the shots.

As to the schedule. This is tentative. Usually a week to 10 days [or longer for National events] prior to the event, an invitation will be sent out. Please respond to those as early as you can. It is important to us to know the numbers to expect at each daycamp, camp or race so we can adequately staff and otherwise prepare. And many of the events will have caps on the numbers so each athlete can have a shooting point during shooting training, or so adequate attention can be given to each individual in other training.

We will also endeavor to keep our webpage updated as we go through the year.

Our new training year will start on the 12th of April. This date is picked to allow our main events to be where we want them in the 4 week ‘monthly’ cycle. For those who were out at West Yellowstone, please plan on the first two weeks of the plan to be very easy. You can do some of the attached ‘prestrength’ workouts to get ready for the first strength block, and keep active but at low volume so you are completely recovered and healed up before you jump in with both feet!!

I am working to get training plans out for the year all this coming week. That will include a ‘time plan’, ‘activities plan’, ‘strength plan’ and a log form. The latter can be ‘shared’ with me on google drive at whereupon I can open your log at any time and see how you are doing.

Once we get rolling, I will endeavor to send out a “THIS WEEK” message the weekend before each successive week which will include a “hypothetical weekly plan” for a hypothetical 500 hr per year athlete. It is impossible for me to do a personal weekly plan for all of you with all the varying personal schedules. But hopefully between the personalized time plan, the activities plan and the hypothetical weekly plan, you can get in the desired activities and within the time parameters on your time plan. And then log your workouts!!!! And keep that going, get in the habit of filling it out daily so you don’t let it drop…

Enjoy the Journey—Biathlon is a long road—but a lot of fun!
Bill Meyer, Coach

Last day of 2021 Nationals

On Sunday, it continued with a 5 km Super Sprint with 4 shooting stages for all athletes. The wind continued to rise- estimate in the high 20’s or low 30’s mph—but the penalty loop was only 75 meters for that format.

Sam Stertz, Grand Rapids, took 1st place in the Youth Men’s division with 2,1,3,1 shooting! Another National Championship for MN!!
Kaisa Bosek continued her run with a 2nd in the Youth Women’s class with 1,0,1,1 shooting! And Evelyn Hudrlik moved up to 7th, shooting 3,2,4,3. Nice result for a 1st yr in Biathlon!!
Saylor Landrum finished in 10th, shooting 1,1,4,2.

On Tues, Marc Sheppard sent out the overall shooting results. Kaisa Bosek was the top shooter for Nationals this year with 83.3% Avg, followed in 20th place by Sam Stertz at 63.3%, Saylor Landrum in 26th at 60%. Cheresa Bouley only was able to do two races, but her average was 70% –about in the top 10.