Interested in becoming a biathlete?

For those looking to try your skill at biathlon and get a feel for what the sport is like, come try out on of our novice events. This is the best way to get an idea of how it works, and how much fun biathlon is. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page, or here for upcoming events for opportunities to race in one of our Novice events.

At the novice events, we supply all the shooting equipment and safety training. You just need to bring your ski gear. As long as you can stand on skis, no other experience is necessary. Contact the organizer for the event if possible before arriving, and have fun!


Biathlon is really fun. Getting started in the right way is important to enjoying the sport. By its very nature biathlon is a sport that based around clubs at biathlon venues. While much of the practice or training can be done anywhere, sooner or later you need to go to a real biathlon venue (range and trail network) and practice and/or compete.

Safety is a very important part of Biathlon. At a club you will learn safe range procedures for handling the air rifle or .22 cal. rifle you will use to practice. Each club has safety experts who provide safety training. Biathlon has its own set of safety rules that are specifically created for the sport. Much of the physical conditioning needed for Biathlon is done on roads and trails. Its very important to be safe when out on roadways shared with cars.

Any one interested in Biathlon in Minnesota should contact their nearest biathlon coach listed in the Contacts section.