Current Schedule


Below is a summary of notable biathlon events in Minnesota and the region. The winter race schedule is highly dependent on snow conditions as well as when other major races (re)schedule their events.

JuneMt. Itasca 4-day campWeds-Sat12-15 June
Race: Elk River #1Sunday30 June
JulyElk River Day CampSaturday13 July
Race: Elk River #2Sunday14 July
Race: Midwest Summer Regional Champs – Brillon, WISat/Sun20-21 July
AugustRace: Summer Nationals, Jericho VT Sat/Sun3/4 August
Duluth DaycampSunday4 August
Elk River Day CampSaturday17 August
Race: Elk River #3Sunday18 August
SeptemberElk River TrainingSaturday14 September
Race: Elk River #4Sunday15 September
OctoberElk River Day CampSaturday12 October
Race: Elk River #5Sunday13 October
NovemberWest Yellowstone Camp/RaceMon-Sat25-30 November
DecemberRace: MN Cup #1 – Mt ItascaSunday1 or 8 December
Possible regional/MN Cup racesSat/Sun14/15 December
Possible regional/MN Cup racesSat/Sun21/22 December
Race: Y/Jr Team Trials – Soldier Hollow, UTTues-Thurs26-31 December
JanuaryPossible regional/MN Cup racesSat/Sun11/12 Jan
Regional races, Blackhawk, WISat/Sun25/26 Jan
Alternate MN Cup – Mt ItascaSunday26 Jan
National Guard Nationals – Camp RipleyTues-Thurs30 Jan – 4 Feb
FebruaryMasters Nationals/NorAm – Brillon, WIFri-Sun14-16 Feb
Race: MN Cup #7 – DuluthSunday16 Feb
Race: MN Cup #8 – Elk RiverSunday23 Feb
MarchRace: MN Cup #9 – DuluthSaturday1 March
Regional race: Brillon, WISat/Sun8/9 March
Race: MN Cup #10 – Mt ItascaSat15 March

Note: the above assumes the MN High School schedule and the CXC schedule is similar to this past year.