US Biathlon in Europe #14

Update #14 – Good Morning All,

Since my last report, the US Youth and Juniors have participate in 4 races at Osrblie, Slovakia. The Juniors raced the Individual format yesterday and the Youth did the Sprint format today. As you might recall, the Individual for the Juniors has a 1 minute add-on penalty for misses and the shooting is PSPS for a total of 20 shots. The Sprint race is PS with a 150 meter penalty loop that typically takes about 25-30 sec to ski per missed shot.

In the Junior Men’s 15 km Individual event, the start was delayed 30 min while they ‘salted’ the course. That typically involves putting on a nitrogen based fertilizer which causes some snow to melt, but takes up heat in the process and thus freezes the remaining snowpack and dries it up a bit. Where it was salted, the athletes reported good skiing.

Cody Johnson., ME, shot well, 0,0,0,2 and finished in 50th place, 5:08 behind the winner, Pettersen of Norway who also missed his last 2 shots, and finished in 40:17. Travis Cooper did not start. Cam Christiansen, MN, had problems in the range, shooting 1,1,2,2 and finishing 8:10 back in 72nd; and Peter Carroll, CA, is just getting over jet lag and while shooting good in prone, was off in the standing, going 0,3,0 1 and finishing 10:36 back in 79th.

In Cam’s case, while his total 4 stage shooting time was ranked  47th—0:57 behind the fastest, he was only 11 sec slower than the winner. The rest of the time back was evenly divided between 4 min of shooting penalty and 4 min of ski time over the 15 km. The Junior fields are really strong on skis!!

In the Women’s 12.5km event, Siena Ellingson, MN, shot 0,1,2,1 and finished in  50th, 7:11 behind the Canadian winner, Bankes, who shot clean and finished in 37:22. Nina Armstrong, NY, also struggled in the range shooting 4,1,2,1 finishing in 65th, 14:15 behind the winner.

In todays Sprint races the finish place is doubly important as only the top 60 will advance to the Pursuit event on Sunday. Apparently the wind was pretty strong today and affected both prone and standing for most. In prone—a 15 mph side wind will blow the bullet from a center shot to the rim of the prone plate. Usually the wind will not change a lot from zero, but if it does in the hour or hour and a half, the athlete needs to make a sight adjustment at the time of shooting to compensate for the change before he/she shoots. In standing, the wind tends to buffet the shooter, causing difficulty in holding a sight picture through the shot and into follow-through, thus creating a lot of misses even though the standing target is about 2.5 times the diameter of the prone target. [115 mm standing vs 45 mm prone.]

In the Men’s 7.5km event: 

Vasek Cervenka, MN, struggled in the range today, shooting 4,2 finishing in 49th 3:27 behind the winner Claude of France who shot 1,1 and finished in 20:18.3. Vasek will advance to the Pursuit. Alex Kilby, AK, shot 1,2 finishing in 69th, 4:47 back, Jake Pearson, WY, shot 2,3 finishing in 76th, 5:07 back and Eli Nielsen, WA, shot 3,2 finishing in 82nd, 5:18 back.

In the Women’s 6 km event:

Chloe Levins, VT, shot well going 0,1 and finishing in 11th place, 1:40 behind the Italian winner, Lardschnieder who also had 1 miss and finished in 19:48.3. She was followed for the US by Grace Gilliland, AK, who shot 1,3 and finished in 55th, 4:35 back; Amanda Kautzer,MN,  who shot 3,3 and finished in 59th, 4:42 back barely making the cutoff for the Pursuit; and Helen Wilson, AK, who shot 2,2 and finished in 67th, 5:10 behind the winner.

Tomorrow, Saturday, brings the first European TV to these races. They are schedule to stream the 4:00 am Junior Men’s 10km Sprint and presumably the Junior Women’s 7.5km Sprint at 7:00 am. As of this writing, the start lists are not yet posted. Check IBU Data Center in a few hours for a list.

More later,
Bill Meyer

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Springloppet – Sunday, March 12, 2017, Sugar Hills Ski Trails/ Itasca County

2017 Springloppet

Sunday, March 12, 2017, Sugar Hills Ski Trails/ Itasca County

Springloppet: 24k Skate, 12k Skate, 12k Classic

Age groups for Springloppet:         18 years old and under,                                                                                                        Men and Women 19-39,                                                                                                         Masters Men and Women 40+

Schedule:  10:00 AM Registration opens, bib pick-up                                                                     11:00 AM  Start

Entry Fee: Springloppet $ 25.00, 18 years old and under $15.00

Registration: Race day at Sugar Hills.                                                                  Registration form and schedule available at                      Please pre-register by sending the entry form to,                          

Directions: From South: 169 North 10miles – after Hill City left on 17 – than 2.5miles left on CR 449 up the hill 3miles – Sugar Hills on your left.

From North: 169 South from Grand Rapids 5miles right on 17 – after 2.5 miles left on CR 449 up the hill 3 miles – Sugar Hills on your left.

Contacts: Vlad Cervenka – Race Coordinator, – (218) 999-5046

Biathlon and Springloppet weekend March 11-12. 2017

This will be the last biathlon event of the 2016 2017 season. While it is possible we will be able to pull off a race at Elk River on the 5th of March, currently the trails are totally closed so it would take substantial new snow to allow it to happen.

Mount Itasca still looks really good per pictures on Skinnyski this am.
Bill Meyer, Coach

Minnesota Cup: Biathlon Race & Novice Race

Hosted by Mt.Itasca Nordic Ski Association

Date: Saturday, March 11. 2017

Place: Mt.Itasca, Coleraine

Race Format: Mass Start (PPSS)

MN Cup March 2017

Distance: G, YW, JW, SW, MW: 7.5km

               B, YM, JM, SM, MM: 10km;

Registration: 9:30 AM –   10:00 AM

Zero:           10:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Race Start: 10:45 AM Mass Start

Cost:         $20 (cash or check payable to MINSA)


Novice Race (recommended age: 13+)

~ Registration: 9:30 – 11:30am

~ No previous shooting experience necessary!

~ Instruction, Rifles, and Ammo provided.

~ Novice Race will follow the main race.

~ Safety Clinic prior to the Race

~ Start approx. at 12-12:15PM

~ Race Format: Mass Start – 4.5k (3×1.5k), PP + penalty loop

~ Cost: $20 (cash or check payable to MINSA)


Awards for Biathlon & Novice Race: after completion of both races.

Questions? Call Vlad or Petra 218-999-5046  or e-mail    

US Biathlon in Europe #13

Good Morning Everyone—or for those in Europe—close to Good Evening…

Before I forget, I really recommend you watch the two Mass Start races from Sunday, the finales of the Senior World Championships in Austria!! We only had 3 participating [Claire Egan was the 30th Woman after someone dropped out along with Susan Dunkley for the US Women and Lowell Bailey for the US Men]. But exciting races and another podium for the US!!

So this morning in the Youth and Junior Worlds, the Youth Men and Youth Women opened the competitions with 32 and 30 nations, respectively, participating in the Individual events with a 45 sec time penalty per miss. Fields of around 100 each.

In the Youth Men’s 12.5km Mass Start

Vasek Cervenka, Mt Itasca Biathlon,  went out with bib #20. He cleaned his first prone shooting and left the range in 1st of the 20 at that point in the race. He came back in 1st for standing, but missed 2, leaving the range in 7th. He was back in 6th place for his second prone, missed 2 more, and left in 9th. Missing 1 in the last shooting, he left the range in 9th again of the 20 and finished in 9th place temporarily. Later finishers with better times pushed him down to a final result of 16th, 4:19.5 behind the winner from Canada, who finished the race in 32:56.6 with clean shooting. 

He was followed by Jake Pearson, WY, in 49th with 4 misses finishing 7:45 back; Alex Kilby, AK, in 75th with 5 misses 9:51 back and Eli Nielsen WA, in 91st with 11 misses 14:36 back.

In the Youth Women’s 10 km Mass Start

Chloe Levins, VT, was the US top finisher, shooting 1,1,1,0, and finishing in 14th, 3:06 behind the French winner who missed 1 shot and finished in 34:00. Grace Gilliland, AK finished 46th shooting 1,1,1,1 and finishing 6:29 back; Amanda Kautzer, Twin Cites Biathlon, finished 53rd shooting 2,1,4,1 and finishing 7:14 back. Amanda struggled with her prone today, and missed one shot each time in standing. Helen Wilson, AK, was in 62nd place, missing 6 and finishing 9:01 back.

Start list for tomorrow; [4:00 CST am for men, 7:00 am for women—live results scoreboard only]

Junior Men- 15 km
Cam Christiansen MN  #21
Travis Cooper AK          #39
Cody Johnson ME         # 55
Peter Carrroll  CA          #72
there are 29 Nations with 87 total starters

Junior Women—12.5 km
Siena Ellingson, MN   #12
Nina Armstrong, NY,  #28
There are 27 Nations with 70 total starters

Bold= been in Europe for several weeks
Good Luck to all!!
Bill Meyer

US Biathlon in Europe #12  

Good Morning!

This will be a fairly short update on the US Youth and Junior Team preparing for the YJrCh in Brezno-Orsblie, Slovakia. A picture of the venue compliments of Amanda Kautzer is enclosed. Weather is expected to be warm and rainy as the races get started. 32 Nations have Youth Men in the race tomorrow and  30 Nations have Youth Women entered. 

The Youth [15,16,17 & 18 yrs old]  Individual races will begin at 4:00 am CST with the Y Men. These will not be televised but likely available to watch later on UTube. The Women will race at 7:00 am CST. You can watch the score board at –go to the IBU webpage and tap Data Center. the Start lists are now posted for tomorrow – see below. You can set up to see splits, the range, and the finishes as they happen. Pretty amazing. Keep in mind the penalty for missed shots in the Individual is 1 min of add-on so the order of running is not indicative of the upcoming finish order. The add-on penalty for the Youth Men and Women in the Individual race is only 45 sec rather than one minute. It is a full minute for the Juniors on Thurs. The electronics will, however, add the penalties as they shoot and miss, so the splits online are accurate as to times. [for example: a bib number that is moving up from behind might have a lot of misses—but the splits and finish times will be accurate including the penalties]. When you watch an Individual race on the TV stream, you will see someone they are watching miss during the 5 shots, and his/her time will jump 1 min immediately even before they finish shooting.

Shooting order in the Individual is PSPS. Carryover as this is the historically first format they used.

The Juniors [19, 20 yrs old]  –men and women,  race on Thurs. Similar schedule. It appears that the first live TV streaming will be the Junior Sprint races on Saturday. And then likely the Junior Pursuits on Sunday. You can check for live streaming and/or replays at Otherwise bring up UTube and enter the name of the race and see what you get.

Jakob Ellingson was named to the US team to compete in the last two IBU Cup races based on his results in Vermont and Lake Placid over the past two weekends. So he is headed back to Europe.

Roster for tomorrow- bold indicates they have been in Europe for several weeks:
Vasek Cervenaka, MN—#20
Jake Pearson, WY #47
Alex Kilbey   AK     #75
Eli Nelson  WA     #98
Amanda Kautzer, MN  #23
Chloe Levins, VT  #32
Grace Gilliland, AK  #70
Helen Wilson, AK #88