2015 Midwest Region Shooting Camp at Mt. Itasca, MN

Hello Everyone,

Here is the information for our Midwest Region Shooting Camp at Mt. Itasca, MN. This camp is great jump start to the season and perfect time to do all new adjustments on your rifle or  fitting rifle for a new athletes.

In June there will be another 12 day long camp 6.15-6.26  at Mt. Itasca with more  focus on shooting + distance/ technique training.

A few details below:


1) new athletes- great skiers, at least 14 years old, who wants to try Biathlon. Athletes  will go through a basic safety training, will do a rifle fitting and a  start on accuracy shooting, shooting prone and standing, developing good position and range procedure

2) experienced athletes- check position- make adjustments, and get started with some focused accuracy shooting.

Basic Schedule:

-Friday PM: Arrive at Mt Itasca 6pm- having eaten dinner.   ( Let me know if you plan to come earlier)

6:30-8:30 Rifle fitting, dry fire


Training all day with breaks for lunch and dinner.   Main focus will be on shooting, though there will be time for physical training ( rollerski technique and running).


More shooting drills and shooting games.

Training will wrap up approx 12:30pm with lunch and departure.

Cost and Registration:

-Cost for use of venue, coaching, and food-  $90, please make checks payable to Mt Itasca Winter Sports Association ( MINSA) .  Bring checks with you, along with the attached registration form.   Note that USBA membership is required.

May Shooting Camp 2015 Waiver and Registration

-Ammo will be provided for rookie athletes.  All experienced biathletes need to bring their own ammo.   Note that you will be eating out for dinner on Sat night, so bring $ for dinner.

-For Twin Cities  athletes, Please confirm you attendance with Piotr Bednarski mnbiathlon@aol.com    All others confirm with Bill Meyer wmeyer@nisswa.net or Vladimir Cervenka cervenkv@gmail.com

What to bring:

You will be “camping” at Mt Itasca, sleeping in the Headquarters building or in your own tent (or you can stay in hotel on your own).  There are bathrooms and kitchen in the Alpine Chalet.   You’ll eat breakfast and lunches at Mt Itasca and have dinners out.  Bring $ for dinners- breakfast and lunch food will be provided.

You will need a camping mat/air mattress, sleeping bag, pillow  for sleeping.  You will need running shoes, and several sets of training clothing, as well as skate rollerski equipment and helmet, water bottle carrier, and bring some rain gear.  Also bring a pair of thin ski gloves for shooting.   Bug spray may be a good idea as well.

New athletes who needs a rifle contact Bill Meyer at wmeyer@nisswa.net  or Vlad at cervenkv@gmail.com

Athletes from Twin Cities- contact Piotr at mnbiathlon@aol.com


from downtown Grand Rapids, take Hwy 169 North, traveling east out of Grand Rapids to Coleraine, about 6 miles. When entering Coleraine, turn left at Curly Ave

– follow the Ole N. Mangseth Ski Jump signs. Go past the arena, left on Cty Rd 61 for ½ mile. Turn left into the Mt. Itasca driveway – stay left at the Y.

Please let me know if you have any question

Vlad Cervenka

Rifle Collection Time!

It is that time of year again when we need to collect all MNBiathlon rifles. Your lease period is now over. If you have had a lease this past year you should be looking at purchasing a rifle of your own. The MN basic plan is to lease the rifles out for one year to Senior Boy/Girl/Youth [15,16,17, & 18]  and Junior [19,20] age biathletes. In some cases we have gone multiple years, but that will depend on the number of new athletes, your dedication and success in biathlon this past year, and your age and the availability.

 There will be a shooting oriented weekend camp on May 16th and 17th at Mt Itasca. If you are attending that, you should bring any leased rifle to that camp. If you are not planning on attending you have 3 options:

  1.  turn it in to Piotr in the cities
  2.  to Bill in Nisswa
  3.  to Vlad in Grand Rapids

 If you have a MNBiathlon rifle—please email Bill Meyer and indicate your plan on returning the rifle. [camp or 1,2,or 3]

Hope to see you at the camp.
Bill Meyer, Coach

MNCup: Biathlon Race & Novice Race at Mt.Itasca – Saturday, March 7, 2015

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 9.44.30 AM

Minnesota Cup: Biathlon Race & Novice Race

Hosted by Mt.Itasca Nordic Ski Association

Date: Saturday, March 7, 2015
Place: Mt.Itasca, Coleraine
Race Format: Mass Start (PPSS) Distance: G, YW, JW, SW, MW: 7.5km


B, YM, JM, SM, MM: 10km; Registration: 10:00 AM – 10:55 AM

Zero: 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM
Race Start: 12:00 PM Mass Start
Cost: $20 (cash or check payable to MINSA)

Novice Race (recommended age: 13+) ~ Registration: noon – 12:45pm

~ No previous shooting experience necessary! ~ Instruction, Rifles, and Ammo provided.
~ Novice Race will follow the main race.
~ Safety Clinic prior to the Race

~ Start approx. at 1-1:15pm
~ Race Format: Mass Start – 4.5k (3×1.5k), PP + penalty loop
~ Cost: $20 (cash or check payable to MINSA)
Volunteers (US IBU Cup Biathlon Races in Dec. 2014) are welcome to try out biathlon rifle at zero/safety clinic–approx. at noon.
Awards for Biathlon & Novice Race: after completion of both races. Questions? Call Vlad or Petra 218-999-5046 or e-mail pcervenkova@hotmail.com

Elk River Biathlon Race – Saturday, February 28, 2015

Elk River Biathlon Race

Hosted by Twin Cities Biathlon

  • Saturday, February 28, 2015


Vasek Cervenda YM 47:39 1 1 2 3 1 7
Henry Jarvinen YM 49:21 2 2 3 2 2 9
Alex Larsen YM 49:49 3 2 1 2 5 10
Lewis White YM 49:54 4 1 2 2 3 8
Hans Viren YM 55:14 5 4 2 3 4 13
Jakob Ellingson JM 41:42 1 3 0 1 0 4
Zean Baker JM 47:02 2 1 1 4 0 6
Jalen Betsinger JM 49:04 3 1 3 2 2 8
John Kallemeyn SM 54:05 1 5 5 3 3 16
Brian Wray MM 55:42 1 2 2 2 2 8
Paul Schoening NSMM 59:23 1 2 3 3 5 13
Benjamin Fena NB 54:02 1 0 0 2 3 5
Jack Worley NB 63:35 2 3 2 4 3 12
Ethan Riddle NB – S 34:50 1 3 2 2 1 8
Maria Schoening YF 67:17 1 3 1 3 3 10
Lucia Wyland GF 67:17 1 2 3 4 3 12
Elizabeth Strandberg NG 55:21 1 4 3 2 1 10
Emma Watson NG 56:18 2 2 3 2 2 9
Lucy Watson NG-S 36:15 1 0 0 2 1 3



  • Registration – 9:30
  • Zero – 10:00 – 10:45
  • Race Start – 11:00
  • Cost – $20 – Checks to Minnesota Biathlon

download info and registration – Elk River Race Announcement 2_28_15

Snowflake Biathlon Race & Novice Race – MNCup #6 – Sunday, Feb 15, 2015 – RESULTS

Snowflake Biathlon Race & Novice Race

Minnesota Cup #6

Hosted by Duluth Biathlon and Snowflake Nordic Ski Area

Date: Sunday, February 15, 2015
Location: Snowflake Nordic, 4348 Rice Lake Road, Duluth (one mile north of the intersection of the Rice Lake and Arrowhead Roads)

Race Format: Mass Start (PPSS)



Place     Name                                   Age         Gender              Misses         Time

11.5 km Senior/Junior Men

  1. Wynn Roberts 26                    M                    3-1-2-0       36:15
  2. Jake Dahlberg 22                    M                    2-0-2-2                   38:50
  3. Warren Rozholt 20                    M                    3-1-2-0                  44:13

10 km Youth Women/Men

  1. Jonas Hutchinson 14                    M                    3-4-3-4       54:01
  2. Elizabeth Strandberg 13                    F                3-2-0-2       59:17
  3. Jack Worley 13                    M                    3-5-5-4                   1:04:56
  4. Emma Watson 13                    F                      1-2-4-2                   1:06:54

10.0 km Youth Men (Air Rifle)

  1. Declan Hutchinson 12                    M                    0-0-2-2                   49:10
  2. Benjamin Fena 11                    M                    3-2-3-3                   1:01:44

9.0 km Youth Women/Men (Air Rifle)

  1. River Fena             8                      F                      2-2-1-1       1:05:02
  2. Ethan Riddle 12                    M                    3-3-4-2                   1:11:31

8.0 km Youth Men/Women (Air Rifle)

  1. Riley Hutchinson 10                    M                    2-2-4-3                     53:45


Distance: B, G, YW, MW:       7.5 km;
              YM, JW:                9 km;
              JM, SM, SW, MM: 10.5 km

Registration: 9:00 AM to 9:55 AM at Snowflake Nordic Chalet
Zero:           10:00 AM to 10:45 AM
Race Start:   11:00 AM, Mass Start
Cost:           $15 (cash or check payable to John Gould)

Novice Race

Race Start at approx.:   12:30 PM
Race Format:     Mass Start/ 4.5K (3 by 1.50 k), PP + penalty loop
Cost:     $15 (cash or check payable to John Gould)

Awards Biathlon at approx.: 12:00 PM

Questions?   Call John Gould at 218-269-2854

                  or e-mail: jgould1952@yahoo.com

Y & Jr Worlds

Hi Everyone-

the first races—the Youth Women and Men Individual–  are tomorrow morning [9 hrs earlier than CST] and from the IBU webpage it appears they are now scheduled for 1:00 am YW CST and 4:30 am YM. That is two hours earlier than previously indicated—not sure why—could be the extra 2 hrs in time zone to Belarus from CET. In any case—I don’t know if they will be Televised—possibly they will put a recap on tv—and they might do some TV on  Youth with the sprint or pursuit races. They normally do put up the Junior races live.

It might be possible to get the scoreboard as it plays out if you want to get up that early. Go to the IBU webpage, go to live results, and under IBU data center—go to live now. If the race you are looking for is there—click on that and then you can scroll to the time splits for each lap—usually broken down into several sections—the range showing the shooting for everyone as it happens—and the current standings at the finish. Keep in mind the early starters may be pushed down by later starters. I believe they are using a 45 sec penalty for the Youth fields and the normal 1 minute for the Junior fields. Normally that is added in as they miss—so a sudden jump in running time is usually caused by a miss on the range as it happens.

The remainder of the races use the 150 meter penalty loop for missed shots.

The start lists are currently posted for morning. 84 YW and 89 YM. I didn’t count the nations…some don’t send Youth or just a few, just Juniors.

Bill Meyer