MN Biathlon Summer/Fall Schedule – 2018/2019 Training



New Training year begins April 16th, 2018

May Camp 5.19-20 Mt Itasca- Introduction to biathlon, fitting rifles, and shooting focus

June Camp 6.13-23 Mt Itasca- Shooting camp. First week for all, second for 2nd yr + athletes

July Biathlon Race- 7.19 Elk River- Biathlon on roller skis –Thurs eve

Vermont Training Camp 8.5-12. Plus travel days. High level training at Jericho, VT

August Biathlon Race- 8.23 Elk River- Biathlon on roller skis- Thurs eve

Sept Biathlon Race- 9.23 Elk River- Biathlon on roller skis- Sunday morning

Oct Camp-10.18-21 Mt Itasca- Intensity focus-Sunday moves to Elk River

Oct Biathlon Race- 10.21 Elk River—Biathlon on roller skis- Sunday morning

Please note the above schedule is subject to changes. Normally about 2 weeks ahead of the event an “Invitation” will be sent out by email. Please respond to those so the organizers can plan for the appropriate number of participants.

The Camps are designed for younger athletes—generally age 13-25. Those older are invited to all the races, and to participate in the camps as coaches or coach/parents.

For sale: Izhmash 7-4 right-handed biathlon rifle

For sale: Izhmash 7-4 right-handed biathlon rifle. It comes with a gorgeous stock made by Clayton Mendel of Eastern Sierra Armory in Mammoth. The stock is the junior size, so it’s a better fit for a female or a junior or youth athlete. The rifle comes with the shoulder harness, prone sling, 6 magazines, eye cup and eye cover.

I’m asking $2,400 for it.

Andy Anderson

Green Racing Project ski and biathlon 2018-29

Congrats to all! And especially Jake, Raleigh and Kelsey! And the best of luck!

The Green Racing Project ski and biathlon programs are excited to announce the addition of five new athletes for the 2018-2019 season: biathletes Jake Brown, Kelsey Dickinson, and Raleigh Goessling, and skiers Corey Stock and Akeo Mayfield-Carucci.

MN Biathlon and USBA memberships

Below is the MNBiathlon Membership form for this year. Please note: this membership runs from May to May. Also below is the USBA membership which normally runs from Oct to Oct, but if you are planning on attending camps or races before Oct, and are not a current member of USBA, you will need to join now. Our insurance program comes from USBA.

2018-2019 MNBiathlon Membership Registration Form

USBA Membership Form

For those in the Twin Cities area, we have 3 options for you. Simple outstate membership with no use of the Elk River facility except for races; membership plus use of the ER facility, but not the new TC Club training program; or the full program including once a week coaching until Labor Day.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Bill Meyer, Coach

Rifles for MN Biathlon

Hi Everyone,
Hope the late spring has been fun for you all!! I believe they are still skiing at Mt Itasca! The past few days of sunshine and 60’s do feel good, however!

Minnesota Biathlon has been working with youth athletes for many years. As most of you are aware, our program consists of local training, statewide camps, nationwide camps and competitions at all levels, statewide, regional, national and international. We put 5 of our biathletes onto the US Youth and Junior Worlds Team for the World Championships in Estonia this past year out of 15 from across the country! Currently we have programs with rifle ranges in Alexandria, Duluth, Elk River, Mt Itasca in Coleraine and here in Nisswa. Our first camp of this training year is coming up in the middle of May at Mt Itasca.

A few years back MN Biathlon was actively acquiring used biathlon rifles for use by the junior level athletes aged from 14 to 21. These are leased out annually at a nominal cost and the proceeds are used to maintain and upgrade the rifles. The acquisition program has not been productive in the past few years, and with our current growth, we need more rifles. We are limited now in how many younger athletes we can invite to camps or training due to the number of rifles available.

Basically we are looking for Anschutz Bolt actions or Fortner actions or the Russian Izmach rifles. Most of our current need is for right handed versions, but we also could use one more left handed Fortner.

If anyone has a rifle that is not being used, and would like to donate it to the organization, it could be considered as a tax writeoff on your taxes as we are a 501c3 Nonprofit corporation. If you wish to sell the rifle, we can consider a couple of possibilities: a] find a buyer for you from amongst our active members or b] consider a direct purchase at a reasonable price with consideration for the state of our finances.

In any case, if you have a biathlon rifle you are no longer in need of, please contact me, Bill Meyer, with a description of the firearm and your thoughts on passing it on.

Bill Meyer, Coach

Week 2, Month 1

Hi Everyone–

This week is the second week of the first month of training. Take a look at your log from last week. When you finish this current week, you should have 1/2 of your monthly goal hours done. So if you aren’t on that track, making an adjustment now is easier than at the end of the month.. Especially if you are in a high school track program this spring, you should be doing quite a bit of extra work on the side!!

This week has a strength focus—so be sure to get in your 3 strength workouts …and get used to them, you should be putting those in now for the next couple of months! About 15% of your annual hours should be spent on strength work—body weights, light weights, pullup bars, weight room etc.

In addition, some biking as the roads clear is good, and get your roller ski equipment cleaned up, new wheels if you need them, road tips on your ski poles and etc..

And if you haven’t already, and have a leased rifle—be sure to turn it in to your coach and let him/her know if you are planning on leasing again next year. We are short of rifles this year, and if you have been in the program for a couple of years, you really should be looking to buy your own.

Hope to see you at the May weekend camp starting on the 18th of May!

Enjoy the Journey!
Bill Meyer, Coach