MN Cup #6 – Final Update

After assessing the conditions at Woodland Trails, we have decided the race tomorrow (February 25th) will be a running race. There clearly not enough snow to ski – indeed, the ski trails are closed – but too much snow and ice still on trails to safely rollerski the entire course.

The race distance will be five laps of an approximately 1km loop, on pavement, with an interval (time-trial) start. Younger athletes can run a shorter race.

MN Cup #6 – Conditions Update

While the recent snowfall at Elk River has provided some B-ski conditions, the persistent warm temperatures and lack of forecasted precipitation ensure we will not be skiing for the race on the 25th.

At this point, racers should plan for either rollerskis or running. An exact determination will be made later this week.

If we’re running, we will of course shorten the distances, aiming for approximately the same race times. The exact course and distance would be determined by trail conditions, with both paved and unpaved options on the table.

Race Invitation – MN Cup #6 – February 25th – Elk River

Your invitation for MN Cup #6 is attached to this post!

We intend to hold a race on-snow or otherwise. If the the park trails are open in some fashion, we will adjust the race to perhaps be a running biathlon, or possibly a rollerski biathlon. We are all hoping for a proper on-snow biathlon, of course!

Immediately following the race will be a novice clinic for newcomers interested in trying the sport. We need volunteers to stay afterwards, ideally with their rifles, to help out with this clinic. The club will provide ammunition. Racers that stay for the clinic receive discounted race admission.

Snowflake Biathlon Race & Novice Race – Jan 6 RESULTS

Snowflake Biathlon Race & Novice Race

Hosted by Duluth Biathlon and Snowflake Nordic Ski Center

Date: Sunday, January 6, 2013

Location: Snowflake Nordic, 4348 Rice Lake Road, Duluth (one mile north of the intersection of the Rice Lake and Arrowhead Roads)

Race Format: Mass Start (PPSS)

Distance: B, G, YW, MW:       7.5 km;
               YM, JW:                10 km;
               JM, SM, SW, MM: 12.5 km.

12.5 Km Mass Start Results

Master Men
1. Phil Rogers: Esko/Cloquet              42: 08              2-1-1-3
2. Pelle Christiansen: Brainerd/           53:01               3-0-4-2
3. Tyler Bradley: MN Guard             55:21               5-5-2-4
4. Evan Ingebrigtson: Brainerd/ Nisswa                 56:52               3-2-2-3
5. Marko Kukkaro: Duluth                 57:43               2-1-3-4
6. Josh Duda: Pilleger                         59:06               3-4-3-4

Junior Men
1. Erik Rupert: Duluth                                    42:05               2-1-4-1
2. Sam Humphries: Maine                  43:32               1-1-1-3
3. Zach Nelson: Brainerd/Nisswa       49:29               4-4-3-4

10 Km Mass Start

Youth Men
1. Jalen Betsinger: Madison                35:21               3-1-1-1
2. C.J. Merhar: Brainerd/Nisswa        38:00               2-0-3-3
3. Joe Fairbanks: Duluth                     38:57               3-1-4-2
4. Cam Christiansen: Brainerd/Nisswa               40:39               2-2-0-3
5. Ethan Fairbanks: Duluth                 45:28               1-2-3-4

Junior Women
1. Jenna Ruzich: Brainerd/Nisswa      43:11               2-3-1-0

Master Men
1. Dan Duckert: Thunder Bay                        53:30               4-5-3-4

7.5 Km Mass Start

1. Keegan Tremblay: Thunder Bay    41:54               5-4-0-1
2. Aric Duckert: Thunder Bay            44:28               4-5-0-1
3. Jack Worley: Duluth                       57:10               2-1-4-5

1. Ivan Werne: Duluth                                    73:05               0-0-2-5

1. Sophie Farrow: Duluth                   47:24               5-2-2-5
2. Jackie Black: Duluth                       58:04               1-2-4-5

Novice Race/5km

1. Ryan Torma                                    32:12
2. Steve Schwartz                               36:45
3. Dan Radloff                                                39:44

1. Maeve Fairbanks                            33:27
2. Madeline Schwartz                         36:45
3. Nancy Schwerdt                             37:20
4. Mckenzie Radloff                           39:44

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