Elk River time trial – Jan 10, 2021 – RESULTS

Time trials 10 Jan 21 at Elk River – Natural snow- +25F  B skls  9.1 km course
Drew SampsonTC31531235:35.0YM
Matthew BrodersonTC3321936:38.0<17
Eric AndersonBluff32421145:05.0<15
Carson Peterson TC34431445:31.0<15M
Noah BesemannTC42241246:13.0<17
Women9.1 km
Kaisa BosekWolf0101237:35.0YW
Audrey LahammerBluff32421140:29.0<17
Evelyn HudrlikTC4212940:44.0<17
Saylor LandrumTC1041641:04.0<17
Lauren HuberWolf44231349:27.0<17
Selah BinsfeldTC44331453:51.0<15

MN Cup #1 and #2 Cancelled

Good Morning,

As you probably are aware, the Governor yesterday extended the “pause” on youth and adult sports competitions until the 4th of Jan at the earliest. The COVID rates are simply not dropping enough to warrant a return to normal. Again, too many are not following the protocols that the health experts have laid out—so we all suffer!!

Accordingly, MN Cup #1 & #2 are cancelled. The Midwest Regional Races tentatively scheduled for the 2nd & 3rd of Jan will be rescheduled.

In addition, USBA announced this morning the the US Youth and Junior World Championship Team Trials have been cancelled. You can read the full announcement on the USBA webpage.

As they will be looking at regional results to make up the US teams, being prepared, well trained and racing in Jan will be doubly important!!

In the meantime, skiing at Mt Itasca is good, and there is a 1.5 km course that you can use to mark your progress!

It’s a long journey- and certainly not always easy!!
Bill Meyer, Coach

Elk River Rollerski Biathlon – Nov 1, 2020 – RESULTS

Elk River Rollerski Biathlon
Overall / Class Name Cat Club Start Finish Overall Back P P S S Total Notes
1 / 1 Alex Vanias SM WI 1:20 43:29 42m 9s 0ms 0m 0s 0ms 3 2 5 3 13
2 / 1 Drew Sampson YM TC 1:40 48:57 47m 17s 5m 8s 0ms 4 4 3 2 13
3 / 1 Matthew Broderson U17M TC 1:00 48:49 47m 49s 0ms 5m 40s 0ms 3 2 3 4 12
4 / 2 Edison Byrum YM Indiana 2:00 52:37 50m 37s 0ms 8m 28s 0ms 3 4 2 1 10
5 / 1 Gregg Pattison MM WI 2:40 54:01 51m 21s 9m 12s 0ms 1 4 2 2 9
6 / 2 Noah Besemann U17M TC 2:20 57:41 55m 21s 13m 12s 0ms 3 3 4 4 14
7 / 2 Keith Krantz MM TC 3:00 1:04:13 1h 1m 13s 0ms 0h 19m 4s 0ms 3 3 1 2 9
Overall / Class Name Cat Club Start Finish Overall Back P P S S Total Notes
1 / 1 Cheresa Bouley JW TC 3:20 40:43 37m 23s 0ms 0m 0s 0ms 0 2 3 2 7
2 / 1 Saylor Landrum U17W TC 4:00 44:38 40m 38s 3m 15s 0ms 2 0 3 2 7
3 / 2 Audry Lahammer U17W Bluff 4:20 46:37 42m 17s 0ms 4m 54s 0ms 4 3 3 3 13
4 / 1 Kaisa Bosek YW Wolfpack 3:40 48:22 44m 42s 0ms 7m 19s 0ms 4 1 2 1 8
5 / 3 Evelyn Hudrlik U17W TC 4:40 49:33 44m 53s 0ms 7m 30s 0ms 2 4 2 3 11
6 / 4 Lauren Huber U17W Wolfpack 5:00 54:00 49m 0s 0ms 11m 37s 0ms 5 2 5 4 16
7 / 5 Emma Reineke YW Wolfpack 5:20 57:17 51m 57s 0ms 14m 34s 0ms 3 2 3 5 13
8 / 1 Emily Broderson MW TC 5:40 1:02:44 57m 4s 0ms 19m 41s 0ms 1 2 4 3 10
Overall / Class Name Cat Club Start Finish Overall Back P P S S Total Notes
1 / 1 Jack Cashman U15M Bluff 6:00 42:55 36m 55s 0ms 0m 0s 0ms 1 2 4 4 11
2 / 1 Carson Peterson U17M TC 7:00 47:51 40m 51s 0ms 3m 56s 0ms 3 4 2 3 12
3 / 1 Linnea Ousdigian U15W TC 6:20 52:40 46m 20s 0ms 9m 25s 0ms 5 4 5 3 17 Credited 5m for rifle issues
4 / 2 Selah Binsfeld U15W TC 6:40 57:31 50m 51s 13m 56s 0ms 5 5 4 2 16

Daycamp and Races on Oct 31 and Nov 1

Good Morning Everyone-

First, both the daycamp and the race have capped numbers [20 and 25 respectively] and we are at or very close to the caps. If you want to go onto a waiting list, please get in touch with me.

As I checked the COVID statistics this morning, MN appears to be experiencing a big spike in both new positive cases and related deaths. We will need to watch this closely for the next two weeks.

Meanwhile, whether you are planning on coming to ER or not, but especially if you are, PLEASE be very careful over the next two weeks, wear your mask when indoors and social distance where possible. And wash wash wash. Keep your hands away from your face. Try really hard not to become a statistic!!!

You should also get your annual flu shot as soon as possible.

If we all take these precautions now, and no one comes to the end of the month events feeling under the weather, I think we can be pretty much assured we aren’t bringing the virus to the gatherings.

AT THE EVENTS, MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED UNLESS YOU ARE ON THE FIRING LINE OR SKIING. SOCIAL DISTANCE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. We will have extra rifle racks down at the firing line on Saturday and during zero on Sunday. All spectators, coaches, and officials should be masked at all times. Please spread out!

If these rules bother you, please stay home. No one should end up regretting they came sick and passed it on, or on the other hand, be concerned because someone else is trying to be macho!!!

Now, this morning we woke up to this:

It is too early to predict the weather two weeks out, but watch your email after next weekend. We may need to modify our plans. While roller skiing with a skim of snow on the ground is futile, running, hill bounding, and shooting all work fine.

In any case, be careful, be safe, and keep an eye on your email for updates!!

The best season of the year is on its way!!
Bill Meyer, Coach

Info: Schedule changes, upcoming daycamp, and rollerski race at ER

Big schedule changes and reservations for the upcoming daycamp and last rollerski race at ER

Good Afternoon All!!!

Ok—top of the news is that the USBA Youth and Junior Worlds Team Trials have been moved from Anchorage to Mt Itasca, and the dates changed to 28th-31st of Jan. All biathletes in the Jr, Youth and <17 age class should participate. I am checking for eligibility ages for the US team on the <17, but the experience is invaluable for all!!

We will have the first Midwest Regional races or MN Cups the first weekend in Dec at Mt Itasca. More to be announced soon on that schedule—and of course both are subject to COVID and snowmaking temps!!

We are also going to change the dates of some of the MN Cup races in Dec and early Jan. For sure we will have MN Cup races or makeup Midwest Regional races during Christmas Holiday—likely on the 2nd and 3rd of Jan at Mt Itasca. The MN Cup #3 scheduled for the 13th at Mt Itasca will be one of those now and the 13th race will be cancelled.

CXC has moved the Michigan JNQ qualifier to Duluth on the 12th and 13th of Dec. I would suggest you jump into that or the one the following weekend at Mt Itasca for the upper level ski experience.

Ok—now as to the upcoming daycamp at Elk River on the 31st of Oct and the last roller ski biathlon race there on the 1st of Nov. So far response has been heavy! If you want to participate in the daycamp or the race you need to let me know ASAP. We have 20 slots for the daycamp and I think 13 are taken. We have a cap of 25 for the race and have about 20 signed up so far.

So again, please let me know if you want to attend!!

Bill Meyer, Coach