Shooting Contest is Officially Open

Good Morning Everyone,

The 10+10 shooting contest is officially open!

10 ring 50 meter paper-2 targets See links at the bottom for an example.
[Note: if you print off one of the enclosed—be sure the black diameter =112.5 mm..not the normal metal opening of 115.0 mm. These are break-line targets while the metal is designed to fall with 1/2 a bullet in the black from a split round on the rim.]

2 magazines prone on one and 2 standing on the other. 5 shots each time in position [not one shot drills] Step off the shooting mat between magazines.
After zeroing only the athlete can scope the target between magazines and make their own corrections. Coaches can not give corrections after zeroing.
You can not scope each shot—only between magazines
If the shot breaks the line it counts up
All rings count—even those outside biathlon hits

You can do this on any 50 meter range, but specify if it is indoors.

You can send your results to me either as a score from your coach or take a pic of the two targets and send me that and I will score. Once you send in the first one—only send me more if you score a new PR for the Month!! I would like the score sent in to be in the format of P+S=T. That way we can see how you are progressing in each position.

I will have a spread sheet set up and enter your score. At the end of June we will again look at your best 10+10 shot target for the month of June. We will add the two best scores [May + June] together and the winner from MN or WI will get a brick of ammo compliments of MN Biathlon! We have already had requests from WI to have their shooters entered in the contest, so MN, get dialed in!!

If this goes well, we will likely have another contest in July and August with a test on paper involving range procedure.

Enjoy the Journey!

Bill Meyer, Coach

Club Rifles Due to be Turned In

Hi Everyone,

Please note if you have a MN Biathlon rifle or one belonging to a coach, they are due to be turned in to the coaches asap.

Vlad in Grand Rapids
Steve or Eric in Duluth
Jeff in Alexandria
Julie in Elk River
Bill in Nisswa.

Thanks for getting this done. Be sure the rifle is spotless and call our attention to any problems with it.

Also, please let me know if you would like to lease a rifle again next year. We are tentatively short of rifles looking ahead, and will be applying some additional criteria to leases next season.

Coaches, please take the time to clean the rifles again, and then let me know when you have all collected and what you have in hand. If we need replacement parts for worn items, let me know. Damaged parts should be replaced by the athlete.

Also please find attached the tentative Spring/Summer/Fall schedule for this coming training year starting on April 15th. If you have not yet received a training plan from me, and want one, please let me know.

Thanks, and Look forward to the next year’s Journey!
Bill Meyer, Coach

Nisswa Time Trial/Open House – Sat, Feb 23 – RESULTS

Yesterday we had a training session culminating in a time trial scaled by age/experience:

10 km
Jackson Grant 10 penalties 45:59
Connor Grant 9 penalties 49:45 [no carry]
Zean Baker 1,2,3,2 50:00

5.5 km
Jordan Fellbaum 13 penalties 38:52

1.5 km sprint [prone on standing x 2]
Kaylee Tipple – 2,0 14:37
Aspen Berg 3,0 15:10

I think a good time was had by all!! Weather was great!

Yesterday we started grooming the trails at the range. Several weeks of accumulation. Went well—this was the beginning..looked almost normal when the groomer left. He will be back early in the am to touch things up and pack any snow we get tonight.

The “open house range ” will start at 1:00 and include some safety instructions for any newcomers, a chance to shoot a biathlon rifle, and for anyone interested, a chance to do an informal time trial.
Distance choices will be 3.3, 5.5 7.5 or 10.0 km and targets for shooting will vary by skill level. Most newcomers will shoot prone off of a support at the normal standing target.

Cost is $10 for newcomers, no charge for MNBiathlon members.

There are no facilities at the Nisswa range. If you would like to stop at my house to change or use the bathroom, here is the address. The door will be open:
6054 Shady Acres Court
Nisswa, MN

The address for the range is
24757 Charmin Ave
Nisswa, MN

This will be a casual event. You can arrive anytime after 1:00 and we will try to fit you in. Starts for the time trial will be random clock times [no race clock] and you can do the course you select [plus shooting and penalty loops Smile] at your own pace. A finish clock time will be kept and your timetrial time will be sent out in the evening.

So different format for sure!
Please let me know if you plan to attend if you have not already done so [about 10 so far- mix of experienced and novices]

Enjoy the Journey!
Bill Meyer, Coach

Novice Biathlon Clinic Elk River Saturday 2nd of March

“The registration cap for this event has been reached. Stay tuned to this website for further novice clinics at the Duluth and Mt. Itasca venues.”

See the revised schedule below:

Hi Everyone-
Here is a signup sheet for the Novice Clinic to be held at the Elk River Range on Saturday the 2nd of March, 2019.

10:00 Novice clinic begins on the range at Woodland Trails –[1 km from the parking lot—so allow time to get out there]
11:00 Experienced athletes will zero- Novices observe procedure and actual race
11:45 approx Experience athletes will race
1:00 pm Novice race

Space will be very limited. We will try to keep a measured number of slots open for those under age 20. Please get in touch with Brian Wray at for more information. There will also likely be Novice Clinics held in conjunction with the upcoming races on the 9th of March at Snowflake and the 16th of March at Mt Itasca.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Bill Meyer, Coach

MNCup revised schedule

After spending most of the week trying to put together a race this coming weekend, we have decided that wasn’t going to work. The Elk River venue didn’t get enough snow to revive the trails, and the northern venues are forecast to be in the low single digits at best with wind chills in the teens below zero. Not a lot of fun for anyone.

Accordingly, here is our revised MNCup Schedule:

  • #4 Saturday the 2nd of March—Elk River with Nisswa as a backup
  • #5 Saturday the 9th of March—Snowflake
  • #6 Saturday the 16th of March—Mt Itasca finale..

We probably will have a novice race with each of these events. Watch the Invitations that come out for each individual race for details.

Nationals will be starting the 28th of March in Jericho VT..

Meanwhile, this coming Sunday is the Youth Individual races in Slovakia at the Youth and Junior World Champs. Garrett, Vasek and Emma are all in Europe presently. You can pick up some video clips and the results on the IBU webpage.

Also, starting tomorrow will be full race videos on replay for the World Cup now in Antholz Italy. The past World Cup races are all available as well. 20,000 fans at the Sunday mass start races in Germany.

Enjoy the Journey!
Bill Meyer, Coach

Minnesota Cup #1: Mt.Itasca – Sunday, December 9, 2018 – RESULTS – PHOTOS

Minnesota Cup #1:

Hosted by Mt.Itasca Nordic Ski Association

On Sunday, Mt Itasca Biathlon hosted Minnesota Biathlon’s MNCup #1 – a 7.5km mass start with 4 shooting stages. In the Men’s category, last years State High School Champion Garrett Beckrich, Mt Itasca Biathlon,  finished 1st, with 3 misses in a time of 21:34. Jake Dahlberg of the National Guard was second with 5 misses in 25:59 and Sam Stertz, Mt I Biathlon, was 3rd male with 10 penalties in 30:03, but was overtaken by Kaisa Bosek, Wolfpack Biathlon of Alexandria, who finished in 28:59  for 3rd overall.

In the Women’s category, Bosek, shooting 1,3,0,0 was 1st in 28:59, followed by Elsa Viren, Mt I Biathlon, 7 misses, in 30:47 and Stormy Hegg, Wolfpack, 8 penalties in 31:45.

In the Boy’s category, Matej Cervenka, Mt I Biathlon, was first shooting 4,4,0,1 and finishing in 30:23; followed by Ryker Bosek, Wolfpack Biathlon, shooting 0,2.3.3 in 2nd and Frank Gangli, Mt Itasca Biathlon, in 3rd finishing in 31:30.

In the 3km Novice Sprint event with 2 shooting stages, Lucia Haggemiller, Duluth, was first shooting 3,2 in 15:58, followed by Katherine Eddy 2,2 in 16:13 and Jeff Dufrene, National Guard 0,0 in 17:20

The next event will be MNCup #2 at Mt Itasca on Sunday,  the 16th of Dec with zero at 10:00 am.

Biathlon Results: Mass Start, 12.9.2018
7.5K Mass Start (5×1.5K) – Overall Results
Place Categ. Name Shooting Time
1 YM Garrett Beckrich 2001 21:34
2 SM Jake Dalberg 2120 25:59
3 G Kaisa Bosek 1300 28:59
4 YM Sam Stertz 4222 30:03
5 B Matej Cervenka 4401 30:23
6 G Elsa Viren 2221 30:47
7 MM Greg Pattison 2202 30:54
8 B Jackson Grant 2523 31:20
9 B Ryker Bosek O233 31:30
10 YW Stormy Hegg 3221 31:45
11 YW Annika Viren 2422 32:10
12 JM Joseph DelToro 4212 32:36
13 MM Frank Gangi Sr. 3235 32:40
14 B Frank Gangi 3233 33:48
15 YW Cheresa Bouley 3314 35:49
16 B Connor Grant 1334 37:03
17 MM Tim Saxton 3102 44:30
7.5 K Mass Start – Results by AGE GROUP
Place Categ. Name Shooting Time
1 MM Greg Pattison 2202 30:54
2 MM Frank Gangi Sr. 3235 32:40
3 MM Tim Saxton 3102 44:30
1 SM Jake Dalberg 2120 25:59
1 JM Joseph DelToro 4212 32:36
1 YM Garrett Beckrich 2001 21:34
2 YM Sam Stertz 4222 30:03
1 G Kaisa Bosek 1300 28:59
2 G Elsa Viren 2221 30:47
1 YW Stormy Hegg 3221 31:45
2 YW Annika Viren 2422 32:10
3 YW Cheresa Bouley 3314 35:49
1 B Matej Cervenka 4401 30:23
2 B Jackson Grant 2523 31:20
3 B Ryker Bosek O233 31:30
4 B Frank Gangi 3233 33:48
5 B Connor Grant 1334 37:03
1 12F Lucia Haggeniller 32 15:58
2 16F Katherine Eddy 22 16:13
1 25M Jeffrey Dufrene OO 17:20


2018 Minnesota Cup # 1

Date: Sunday, December 9, 2018

Place: Mt.Itasca, Coleraine

Race Format: Mass Start (PPSS)

Distance: All categories – 7.5k
                 Novice race- 4k

Race will be run on 1.5k loop only!!!

Registration: 9:00 AM – 9:55 AM

Zero:           10:00 AM – 10:30AM

Race Start: 10:45 AM Mass Start
                     11:30 AM Novice safety instruction and practice
                     11:45 Start of Novice race

Cost:         $20 (cash or check payable to MINSA)

Questions? call Vlad 218 256 8323  or e-mail