Elk River Roller Ski Biathlon Race – Sun, Sept 15th, 2019 – RESULTS

Sponsored by Minnesota Biathlon and Twin Cities Biathlon

Photo set Courtesy of Brian Wray – (link to set)

Sunday, September 15th, 2019 Woodland Trails Biathlon Range

Youth/Junior/Senior Men – 11.4km
5x medium loops, 4 shooting stages, PPSS.

All Others – 9.3km
3x medium, 2x short loops, 4 shooting stages, PPSS.

9.3km distance allowed for novices/masters if requested. Junior women and older may race 11.4km distance if requested.

Registration @ 9:30 AM
Please have your paperwork filled out beforehand. Either print and complete the last page of this announcement or online at https://forms.gle/M8f8nmamff8GHE6T8

Zero @ 10:00 AM Race Start @ 11:00 AM
Time-trial start, 10 second interval.

$10 / racer
Cash or check made out to Minnesota Biathlon.

Contact Bill Meyer at ​wmeyer@nisswa.net​, or sign-up online (save some paper!) at ​https://forms.gle/M8f8nmamff8GHE6T8

Interested in volunteering, or have other questions?
Contact Brian at ​brian@minnesotabiathlon.com​ or 651-366-2952

Roller Ski Biathlon Race #1 – Elk River – July 18, 2019 – RESULTS

Sponsored by Minnesota Biathlon and Twin Cities Biathlon

Thursday, July 18th, 2019
Woodland Trails Biathlon Range

Recap and results below –

Photos from Bryan Wray:
Full set here: https://photo.wrocket.org/2019/july_elk_river_biathlon/
More here: https://minnesotabiathlon.com/2019/07/roller-ski-biathlon-race-1-elk-river-july-18-2019-photos/

Elk River Summer Biathlon – 2019-07-18 – By Event
Place / ClassNameCategoryStartFinishOverallBackPPSSTotal
1 / 1Grant, JacksonYM1:3035:5934:29+0:0011226
2 / 1Bosek, KaisaYW2:2037:1834:58+0:2912216
3 / 1Raguse, GabeJM1:1036:4135:31+1:0222239
4 / 1Cervenka, MatejBoy3:0038:4835:48+1:1913329
5 / 1Lindberg, DerekMM1:5038:0336:13+1:4431116
6 / 1Stertz, EmmaJW2:1039:5537:45+3:16123410
7 / 2Stertz, SamYM1:4039:2637:46+3:17134311
8 / 2Pattison, GregMM2:4040:3337:53+3:2411136
9 / 1Kautzer, AmandaSW2:0040:0138:01+3:3232319
10 / 2Grant, ConnorBoy3:1043:1840:08+5:39431210
11 / 3Bosek, RykerBoy2:5043:5441:04+6:3512137
12 / 1Landrum, SaylorGirl3:3047:4244:12+9:4331239
13 / 1Saxton, TimSM3:5056:1352:23+17:54153211

The trails are Elk River Woodland Park were in good condition. The weather was not—close to 90 with a dew point in the 70’s yielded an effective temp of about 95F. Fortunately the trails are shaded and there was a slight breeze.

The course was 3 med loops plus 2 short loops for 9.3km total. A pursuit format was used with 10 sec intervals to spread out the range. Originally 18 athletes has signed up, but 5 were sidelined with illness or injuries. Shooting was PPSS on standard targets for everyone.

The top finisher was Jackson Grant of Little Falls [NNW Biathlon] who missed 6 shots and finished in 34:29. In second was Kaisa Bosek [Wolfpack Bia] who was laying on the speed last night, still missing only 6 shots, and finishing in a time of 34:58 for first woman. Third place went to Gabe Raguse of NNW who struggled in the range a bit, missing 9 targets and finishing in 35:31.

Matej Cervenka, Mt Itasca, was the top Boy missing 9 and finishing in 35:48 followed by Connor Grant, NNW, missing 10 and finishing in 40:08.

Newcomer Saylor Landrum did really well in the range missing 9 for her first race effort, and was the only Girl with a 44:12 finish.

The next event will be on the 8th of August at the same venue.

–Bill Meyer

3x medium, 2x short loops, 4 shooting stages, PPSS.

Online registration link: https://forms.gle/oRLkaskeuujEuEtK8

Younger/novice race categories may have a shorter race depending on coach/athlete decision.

Registration @ 4:30 PM
Please have your paperwork filled out beforehand.

Zero @ 5:00 PM
Race Start @ 6:00 PM
Time-trial start, 10 second interval.

$10 / racer
Cash or check made out to Minnesota Biathlon.

Contact Bill Meyer at ​wmeyer@nisswa.net​, or sign-up online (save some paper!) at ​https://forms.gle/oRLkaskeuujEuEtK8

Interested in volunteering, or have other questions?

Contact Brian at ​brian@minnesotabiathlon.com​ or 651-366-2952

Summary of June Camp Part II at Elk River 25/26 June

After a day’s break from the Mt Itasca Part I of the June camps, some reconvened at Elk River on Tues. Here we have paved trails and a paved firing line, but a much smaller range [10 shooting points] and two of them were blocked by a big oak that was freshly down. We did manage to clear that Wed morning enough to allow use of all 10 points. Coaches were Jeff Bosek and Bill, plus a parent [Andy] and sibling [Marshall].

On Tues am we had 8 athletes and started with V2 ski technique—getting into a double pole position at plant and planting with a back angle. See video clip attached. We worked around the range then all skied about 5-7 km for warmup. Got zeroed, and did a 10+10 test on paper. Most have not shot off of roller skis in standing for awhile—so offhand scores were a bit lower than normal. We then progressed to a Meyer 20 x 1 on ringed paper showing only biathlon hit rings. We used the range width to get in an approach and exit from the shooting point with poles and skis. So didn’t time that. No way to compare with our normal test procedure.

After a break for lunch in the parking lot, we reconvened at the range and rezeroed. After more dryfiring and drills we started in on combo training with some easy combos using the racks on the range exit hill for the rifles. [ski through the range—pick up the rifle—ski the range loop triangle and then back in to shoot—dropping off the rifle on exit].

Everyone commuted home. We reconvened on Wed at 9:00. At one point we were up to 10 athletes on Wed am. Various work schedules kept the numbers changing.
Again we worked on ski technique first—V1 this time—emphasizing a lot of ankle/knee bend to keep the hips over the feet at all times. The athletes again skied 5 km or so—then we began shooting with a lot of work on paper in the morning. In the pm we shifted to TH combos using the 1 km loop after a 4 mag warmup on the rifle loop. Afternoon temps were getting up into the 80’s but fortunately most of the trails are pretty shaded.

Thursday am the above storm rolled in 2 hours early—so we cancelled out the last day of camp.

Overall the skill level increased a lot over the 2 weeks. Several of the girls were newcomers to biathlon this spring but are regularly hitting targets and starting to show good range procedure. The older athletes got minor rifle adjustments on the paved firing line so were more concise than previously.

Enthusiasm was high throughout the camps and all appeared to enjoy themselves!
Bill Meyer, Coach

August camp in Vermont

Hi Everyone,


Please see the above for information on the August camp in Vermont. We need to get in our reservations as a team asap to be certain of having housing..so if you have not yet contacted me on attending the camp, please do so by Sunday pm.

Bill Meyer, Coach

June Midwest Biathlon Camp at Mt Itasca Recap + Results

Between 19 and 22 athletes participated over the 5 days of camp at Mt Itasca. Accuracy, range procedure, combination training, games and a cross biathlon race on the shooting side; specific strength, distance work, agility on roller skis, video and an 11 km time trial on the ski side. Results will be posted in a few days. 

In Excel format attached please find the cumulated results for the camp testing. For those who have attended before, you should find comparable results under 2018 or 2017 by scrolling back . Many of the results are directly comparable—like the hill climb and the time trial on roller skis. The summer race is not.

Also please find the results of the 10 + 10 contest for a brick of ammo. I think the outcome has probably been decided, but not too late to lay down an awesome test!!

As to the 1st part of the June camp—really good work, EVERYONE!! Now hope to see you tomorrow in Elk River—but in any case—keep up the training! Skiing and shooting are the key elements—and then putting them together in the races coming up! The first ER roller ski biathlon will be on Thursday, July 18th!! I would like to see most of you attend!

Enjoy the recovery day
Bill Meyer, Coach

Shooting Contest is Officially Open

Good Morning Everyone,

The 10+10 shooting contest is officially open!

10 ring 50 meter paper-2 targets See links at the bottom for an example.
[Note: if you print off one of the enclosed—be sure the black diameter =112.5 mm..not the normal metal opening of 115.0 mm. These are break-line targets while the metal is designed to fall with 1/2 a bullet in the black from a split round on the rim.]

2 magazines prone on one and 2 standing on the other. 5 shots each time in position [not one shot drills] Step off the shooting mat between magazines.
After zeroing only the athlete can scope the target between magazines and make their own corrections. Coaches can not give corrections after zeroing.
You can not scope each shot—only between magazines
If the shot breaks the line it counts up
All rings count—even those outside biathlon hits

You can do this on any 50 meter range, but specify if it is indoors.

You can send your results to me either as a score from your coach or take a pic of the two targets and send me that and I will score. Once you send in the first one—only send me more if you score a new PR for the Month!! I would like the score sent in to be in the format of P+S=T. That way we can see how you are progressing in each position.

I will have a spread sheet set up and enter your score. At the end of June we will again look at your best 10+10 shot target for the month of June. We will add the two best scores [May + June] together and the winner from MN or WI will get a brick of ammo compliments of MN Biathlon! We have already had requests from WI to have their shooters entered in the contest, so MN, get dialed in!!

If this goes well, we will likely have another contest in July and August with a test on paper involving range procedure.

Enjoy the Journey!

Bill Meyer, Coach