Rifles for sale, anyone?

Good Morning Everyone!

Most of you are active biathlon families. But I know some of you have personal rifles that are not being used extensively!! 

This spring, we have seen many newcomers to our sport!! Of those who are in and participating, plus those who have expressed interest and will be invited to our first camp in May, I count up 13 new names since last fall!! These are all teenage athletes who would qualify for a leased MN Biathlon rifle..if we had enough to cover all of them!! And an equal number of older athletes: seniors, masters, etc., have shown interest but would have to provide their own rifles…

It is great to be popular! But…..

On the other end of our pipeline, we have a number who are dedicated to the sport, but will be leaving the state for colleges elsewhere. They have been buying their own rifles. Several this year, again. I have also been pulling in some rifles from athletes who were not using them enough in MN events per the lease agreement. 

To help alleviate what appears to be a shortage of MN Biathlon rifles this year for lease, 4 families, who are currently leasing, have indicated an interest in personally purchasing a used rifle, if any are available. Three right handed and one left handed. Anschutz Fortners are preferable. 

So long way of asking that if anyone has a rifle they would like to sell, please get in touch and I will connect you with one of the four families. Most used Fortners are in the $3000-$4000 range unless it is almost new. Factory stocks have been changing over the past 10-15 yrs or so—carrying harnesses and slings often need replacing, and etc. 

So hoping some of you will be willing to clean out your closets!! 


Izhmash 7-2 Biathlon Rifle

I’ve decided to finally buy an Anschutz, so I’m selling my Izhmash biathlon rifle. I built this rifle 2 years ago with all new parts. The rifle itself was unused. It is a fully race-ready rifle in great condition. 
Included are the following:
-Izhmash 7-2 rifle, right-handed
-Lost Nation stock, very adjustable, tools and 
extra rounds holder included.
-Larsen Biathlon front and rear sites, built in Norway.
-Biatar harness, made in Ukraine
-Altius sling
-5 magazines
-Madshus rifle bag

This rifle has been well maintained; bore cleaned every 100-150 rounds and completely disassemble and cleaned 4-5 times a year.
The Izhmash is a very easy rifle to take apart and clean. 

Because of the versatility of the Lost Nation stock fit both young and older biathletes.
$2800 obo,

Can pick up in Madison, Wi or will ship to an FFL dealer at buyers expense. 
If you have questions email me @ jrhamrl2003@yahoo.com or text/phone at 608-443-7219

Volunteer Sign ups For Upcoming Biathlon Races at Elk River

Good morning Everyone!

We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming races in Elk River!  If you are able to lend a hand on one of these days, please sign up on the appropriate volunteer sheet.  If you are unable to edit the document, please email me and I will make the addition for you.  Thank you very much!

The Bouley’s

Volunteer Sign Up MN Biathlon Cup #4 1-22-23

Volunteer Signup MN Biathlon Cup #4 Elk River
Volunteer Sign Up MN Biathlon Cup #4 Elk River
Sunday – 1-22-23

Volunteer Sign UP Regional Biathlon Race #5 1-29-23

Volunteer Signup Midwest Regional Biathlon Race #5
Volunteer Sign Up Midwest Regional Race #5
Sunday 1-29-23

Used Izhmash 7-3 rifle with Anschutz sights

Izhmash 7-3 rifle with Anschutz sights. Comes with harness, five 5-shot magazines, extra cartridge suspender, and sling/hand stop. 

Extras include: pelican-1720 travel case fully prepped for rifle (TSA approved), core-sport snow cover, extra arm cuffs

Asking price for rifle, travel case, and snow cover: $3500 (negotiable)

Contact info: Camille at csyben@ucsb.edu or (530)523-3325

Izhmash for sale 7-3

I am selling my Izhmash with accessories. 7-3 with harness, cuff, handstop/sling, 8 5-shot mags

Original front and rear sights, Larsen front sight. Extras: additional snow cover and hardware, rear sight hardware, original stock, and replacement thumb toggle. 

Contact Sean at this email: seanparker.soccer@gmail.com. $3700 negotiable

Sean Bedard-Parker