2019/2020 Minnesota Biathlon Membership

MN Biathlon + Nisswa NW, Duluth Esko, Alexandria, Mt Itasca —– $30.00

MN Biathlon + Bluff Country Biathlon, Red Wing —– $30.00

MN Biathlon + Twin Cities Biathlon [includes use of Elk River Range] —– $150.00

MN Biathlon + TC Biathlon+ Coached Weekly Summer Shooting at Elk River —– $300.00

[ Note: does not include cost of ammo nor cost of any club rifle lease made available, nor US Biathlon membership due in Oct each year] [Each club may have separate membership/training fees]

May shooting camp invitation

Good Morning!

Well, looks like winter isn’t done yet. Vlad said yesterday he was still skiing!! We picked up about 6” so far. At least the wind died down!!

Attached please find the Invitation to the May camp. This camp will be similar to last year which some of you attended. If you meet the criteria for age and want to attend, please let me know. If you have your own rifle, or if you have talked to me about a lease for the coming year we hope to see you!! If you haven’t talked to me about a rifle yet you need to do so quickly. I have sent this invitation out to about 25 athletes who attended Novice races this past winter, and I fully expect to get more interest than we have rifles available.

So please let me know if you are planning on attending.

Thanks, and hope you are enjoying the Journey!!
Bill Meyer, Coach

Club Rifles Due to be Turned In

Hi Everyone,

Please note if you have a MN Biathlon rifle or one belonging to a coach, they are due to be turned in to the coaches asap.

Vlad in Grand Rapids
Steve or Eric in Duluth
Jeff in Alexandria
Julie in Elk River
Bill in Nisswa.

Thanks for getting this done. Be sure the rifle is spotless and call our attention to any problems with it.

Also, please let me know if you would like to lease a rifle again next year. We are tentatively short of rifles looking ahead, and will be applying some additional criteria to leases next season.

Coaches, please take the time to clean the rifles again, and then let me know when you have all collected and what you have in hand. If we need replacement parts for worn items, let me know. Damaged parts should be replaced by the athlete.

Also please find attached the tentative Spring/Summer/Fall schedule for this coming training year starting on April 15th. If you have not yet received a training plan from me, and want one, please let me know.

Thanks, and Look forward to the next year’s Journey!
Bill Meyer, Coach

MN Biathlon 2019/2020 Spring/Summer/Fall Schedule


Mon – 4/15/19:  Begin 19/20   Training Plan


Fri Eve- Sun – 5/17-5/19:  Weekend Shooting Camp- Mt Itasca-leased rifle issuing/fitting


Wed-Sun – 6/19 -6/23:  Mt Itasca Midwest Shooting Camp; Cross Bia race

Tue- Thurs – 6/25-6/27:  Elk River continuation Shooting Camp – time trial on rs


Thurs eve7/18MN/ER RS Biathlon race #1


Thurs eve 8/8MN/ER RS Biathlon race #2

Sun- Sun – 8/11-8/18:  Vermont National Camp  & Nat RS Bia Championship races


Sun9/15MN/ER RS Biathlon race #3


Sat-Sun –  10/19- 10/20:  Elk River Camp & MN/ER RS Bia race #4


Sun-Sun – 11/24-12/1:  Thanksgiving camp West Yellowstone & Biathlon race

Training plans are coming out currently. Let me know if you want a plan—divided into B/G; YJr; Advanced; and marathon skier categories plus adjusted by annual volume goals.  To qualify for a plan you must be an active member of MN Biathlon.

Also please note: If you intend to lease a rifle from MNBiathlon this year, you will need to agree to attend most of the MN races including those in bold print above plus 6-7 winter MNCup races.

US Biathlon Nationals- Pursuit race

Jericho VT

On a day that saw some of the shooting mats flying in the wind, 12 MN Biathletes participated in the Pursuit event at US Biathlon Nationals at the Ethan Allen facility.

In the Men’s 12.5 km, Jake Brown, St Paul, Craftsbury, was 2nd, shooting 1,1,1,1 finishing in 34:41 behind Sean Doherty of the US team who had 6 penalties in 34:24.
7th Jakob Ellingson, Nat’t Guard 2,3,2,4 40:30
8th Raleigh Goessling, Craftsbury 1,2,1,3 40:39
9th Wynn Roberts, Nat’l Guard 2,0,3,4 42:02
11th Warren Rosholt Nat’l Guard 2,1,2,2 47:54
13th Jacob Dahlberg Nat’l Guard 2,3,2,3 53:01

In the Junior Men’s 12,5km Hunter Zupko, Little Falls, Nat’l Guard finished 3rd 2,2,3,3 in 44:56

In the Youth Men’s 10 km Sam Stertz, Mt Itasca, was 7th shooting 1,4,3,3 and finishing in 39:02

In the Women’s 10 km, Siena Ellingson, Nat’l Guard, was 6th shooting 2,2,3,2 in 44:59 and Kelly Kjorlein, Boseman Biathlon, was 10th 3,2,3,2 in 48:38.

In the Youth Women’s 7.5km event, Kaisa Bosek, MN Bia/Wolfpack continued on the podium, dropping from 1st to 3rd shooting 2,0,3,1 and finishing in 32:12; 0:48 behind winner Eva Weymuller, Methow Valley Biathlon who had 8 misses.

In 9th position, Elsa Viren, Mt Itasca, shot 3,1,4,2 and finished in 37:35.

Up tomorrow is the mass start.

Full results can be found at the Ethan Allen Biathlon website.

US Biathlon Nationals -Vermont

Jericho Center, VT

Today saw the first race of the three race US Biathlon Nationals at the Ethan Allen facility in Jericho Center, VT.

In the Youth Women’s 6km Sprint Kaisa Bosek, Alexandria, skiing for MNBiathlon/Wolfpack topped the field with 0,1 shooting to finish in 23:09. She was followed in 3rd place by Elsa Viren, Coleraine, MN Biathlon/ Mt Itasca, who shot 0,2 and finished in 24:27.

In the Youth Men’s 7.5km division, Sam Stertz, Grand Rapids, MN Biathlon/ Mt Itasca, finished 10th shooting 3,3 in a time of 26:17.

In the Senior Men’s 10km, Jake Brown, St Paul, Craftsbury GRP, shot 1,1 to top the field in 26:55. Leif Nordgren, Marine on the St Croix, USBA was 3rd 0,1 in 27:08. Jakob Ellingson was 7th, 3,2 in 29:13; Raleigh Goessling 8th 1,2 in 29:18; Wynn Roberts, Fergus Falls, National Guard, finished 10th shooting 1,3 in 30:43. Warren Rosholt 13th 3,0 in 33:13 and Jacob Dahlberg 16th 1,4 in 35:57.

In the Junior Men’s 10km, Hunter Zupko, Little Falls, National Guard, was 2nd shooting 2,1 in 34:02.

In the Senior Womens 7.5km, Siena Ellingson was 8th 1,0 in 26:11; and Kelly Kjorlien, Grand Rapids, Bridger Biathlon, was 12th 2,3 in 29:16.

Full results can be found on: