Elk River Summer Biathlon #3 – August 13, 2023 – RESULTS

Elk River Summer Biathlon #3
Presented by Minnesota Biathlon
Sunday, August 13th, 2023

Woodland Trails Park – 20135 Elk Lake Rd NW, Elk River, MN 55330

Mass Start Race

Wave start, spaced by 10s
9.3km, all categories.
Five laps, four shooting stages (2x prone, 2x standing) with penalty loops.

0:02:0520Cheresa BouleyFSF9.3 km0:37:30114170:35:25
0:02:0528Haley FinchFYF9.3 km0:39:34110130:37:29
0:02:0523Evelyn HudrlikFYF9.3 km0:39:54232070:37:49
0:02:0522Audrey LahammerFBluff Country BiathlonYF9.3 km0:40:50202370:38:45
0:02:0524Annelise BairdFMN Biathlon<17F9.3 km0:41:183133100:39:13
0:02:0526Lauren HuberFJF9.3 km0:42:46132390:40:41
0:02:0521Hanne GuthrieFMF9.3 km0:44:20143190:42:15
0:02:0525Selah BinsfeldFMN biathlon<17F9.3 km0:46:444423130:44:39
0:02:0527Irina ViskovatykhFMN biathlon<17F9.3 km0:48:423444150:46:37
0:01:001Carson PetersonMBluff Country BiathlonYM9.3 km0:32:42104490:31:42
0:01:004Ryan HousemanMMN BiathlonJM9.3 km0:34:06312170:33:06
0:01:002Eric AndersonMBluff Country BiathlonYM9.3 km0:35:133233110:34:13
0:01:003Gabe HallgrenMMN BIATHLONYM9.30:37:043244130:36:04
0:01:006Sergei ViskovatykhMMN biathlon<17M9.30:37:44223180:36:44
0:01:008Elliott ObertonMYM9.30:38:423332110:37:42
0:01:005Joel BouleyMYM9.30:40:442423110:39:44
0:01:009Benjamin HudrlikMYM9.30:52:095352150:51:09
0:03:0031CarsonGilbertsonMDuluth Biathlon<13M7.20:36:23122380:33:23
0:03:0030CalebGilbertsonMDuluth Biathlon<15M7.20:38:434444160:35:43

Please note that some small time adjustments were made for waiting for targets; with 2 not in use due to a huge hornet nest between them and another that was not functioning –we did run a little short. 20 athletes today!

Also, please welcome Bridget Collins from Brainerd, a total newcomer to the sport—who jumped into the Novice class when I promised her some easier ‘prone on standing’ targets for the two middle shooting stages!! And visitor Haley Finch from Anchorage, who was the top shooter of the day on a borrowed bolt action rifle that wasn’t fit to her!! 1,1,0,1!!!

Our congratulations to the top finishers:

Cheresa Bouley won the women’s list by about 2 minutes over Haley Finch, the first Youth W, and Annelise Baird for the top <17 W results!!

On the Men’s side—Carson Peterson continues his notable podium journeys from VT with a decisive win over Junior Ryan Houseman! Carson is skiing strong, and his prone was looking really nice at 1,0!! Sergei Viskovatykh was the top <17 M, trimming his penalties down today to 8/20 compared to recent results!! 

All in all, it was a great day, with the rain holding off!! 

And a special thanks to Tom Binsfeld and Chad Bouley for blowing acorns early this morning!! The blowers were going when I arrived at 7:30!! As of yesterday, the courses were not skiable!!