First June Camp 2019

Just in from Vlad. This is the invitation to the First June Camp [19th thru 23rd] including the waiver, plus the tentative schedule of events. The camp will accommodate a wide range of abilities and is designed to build your ski and shooting skills. Just as this past weekend, you will get coaching appropriate for your level at this point.

Housing will be similar to this past weekend. Camping at Mt Itasca, staying in the waxroom, or on your own. The more who stay at the venue, the more fun it is for all!!

The camp is designed primarily for Boys/Girls; Youth and Juniors. Ages 14 though 21. For those 12 or 13 yr olds who are fairly mature, you should talk to Vlad or me about whether the camp is for you. You would need to have a parent with you.

Please let me know, along with Vlad, if you plan to attend.

As to the followup camp in Elk River, I am still working on logistics for housing, camping etc. I will try to get out an invitation in a couple of weeks. At this point I would like to limit that to 10 participants due to the size of the range, and will favor younger athletes. If we don’t fill with those, we can accommodate some seniors and masters via a waiting list. Hope that works.

If the demand is really high [over 10] we will rethink the format and have two groups doing alternate activities..roller ski focus and shooting/combo focus, switching back and forth.

Again, Enjoy the Journey!
Bill Meyer, Coach

2019/2020 Minnesota Biathlon Membership

MN Biathlon + Nisswa NW, Duluth Esko, Alexandria, Mt Itasca —– $30.00

MN Biathlon + Bluff Country Biathlon, Red Wing —– $30.00

MN Biathlon + Twin Cities Biathlon [includes use of Elk River Range] —– $150.00

MN Biathlon + TC Biathlon+ Coached Weekly Summer Shooting at Elk River —– $300.00

[ Note: does not include cost of ammo nor cost of any club rifle lease made available, nor US Biathlon membership due in Oct each year] [Each club may have separate membership/training fees]

May shooting camp invitation

Good Morning!

Well, looks like winter isn’t done yet. Vlad said yesterday he was still skiing!! We picked up about 6” so far. At least the wind died down!!

Attached please find the Invitation to the May camp. This camp will be similar to last year which some of you attended. If you meet the criteria for age and want to attend, please let me know. If you have your own rifle, or if you have talked to me about a lease for the coming year we hope to see you!! If you haven’t talked to me about a rifle yet you need to do so quickly. I have sent this invitation out to about 25 athletes who attended Novice races this past winter, and I fully expect to get more interest than we have rifles available.

So please let me know if you are planning on attending.

Thanks, and hope you are enjoying the Journey!!
Bill Meyer, Coach

MN Biathlon 2019/2020 Spring/Summer/Fall Schedule


Mon – 4/15/19:  Begin 19/20   Training Plan


Fri Eve- Sun – 5/17-5/19:  Weekend Shooting Camp- Mt Itasca-leased rifle issuing/fitting


Wed-Sun – 6/19 -6/23:  Mt Itasca Midwest Shooting Camp; Cross Bia race

Tue- Thurs – 6/25-6/27:  Elk River continuation Shooting Camp – time trial on rs


Thurs eve7/18MN/ER RS Biathlon race #1


Thurs eve 8/8MN/ER RS Biathlon race #2

Sun- Sun – 8/11-8/18:  Vermont National Camp  & Nat RS Bia Championship races


Sun9/15MN/ER RS Biathlon race #3


Sat-Sun –  10/19- 10/20:  Elk River Camp & MN/ER RS Bia race #4


Sun-Sun – 11/24-12/1:  Thanksgiving camp West Yellowstone & Biathlon race

Training plans are coming out currently. Let me know if you want a plan—divided into B/G; YJr; Advanced; and marathon skier categories plus adjusted by annual volume goals.  To qualify for a plan you must be an active member of MN Biathlon.

Also please note: If you intend to lease a rifle from MNBiathlon this year, you will need to agree to attend most of the MN races including those in bold print above plus 6-7 winter MNCup races.

Last minute fun event in Nisswa

The past few days I have skied every morning at the ARB between the groomer breaking up the crust and the softening conditions when the sun and 45F temps take over. It has been great!!

So today I stopped over to the Nisswa range on my way home. For the most part we have 8” or so of crusty snow on the trails. I was able to ski most of the loop on top of the crust and look over the rest, with one small area going through the gate needing some shovel work and some rerouting around a couple of big puddles. Over a foot of snow off trail.

My groomer is back, so on Saturday am early we will groom the trails. You are invited to come down/over/up for a 9:30 zero.

If 2 show up we will have a good practice with a lot of easy combos
If 3-4 show up we will have some fun drills head to head
If 5 + show up we will have a 4.5km sprint race maybe followed by a single mixed [up] relay on a really short course.

So let me know if you are interested! Should be the nicest training weather of the year! And skiing is FAST. Put a lot of structure in your skis—or let me know and I will bring a bench and riller to the range. The wax is almost irrelevant.

Thanks—and Enjoy a little extra Journey!
Bill Meyer, Coach

Nisswa Time Trial/Open House – Sat, Feb 23 – RESULTS

Yesterday we had a training session culminating in a time trial scaled by age/experience:

10 km
Jackson Grant 10 penalties 45:59
Connor Grant 9 penalties 49:45 [no carry]
Zean Baker 1,2,3,2 50:00

5.5 km
Jordan Fellbaum 13 penalties 38:52

1.5 km sprint [prone on standing x 2]
Kaylee Tipple – 2,0 14:37
Aspen Berg 3,0 15:10

I think a good time was had by all!! Weather was great!

Yesterday we started grooming the trails at the range. Several weeks of accumulation. Went well—this was the beginning..looked almost normal when the groomer left. He will be back early in the am to touch things up and pack any snow we get tonight.

The “open house range ” will start at 1:00 and include some safety instructions for any newcomers, a chance to shoot a biathlon rifle, and for anyone interested, a chance to do an informal time trial.
Distance choices will be 3.3, 5.5 7.5 or 10.0 km and targets for shooting will vary by skill level. Most newcomers will shoot prone off of a support at the normal standing target.

Cost is $10 for newcomers, no charge for MNBiathlon members.

There are no facilities at the Nisswa range. If you would like to stop at my house to change or use the bathroom, here is the address. The door will be open:
6054 Shady Acres Court
Nisswa, MN

The address for the range is
24757 Charmin Ave
Nisswa, MN

This will be a casual event. You can arrive anytime after 1:00 and we will try to fit you in. Starts for the time trial will be random clock times [no race clock] and you can do the course you select [plus shooting and penalty loops Smile] at your own pace. A finish clock time will be kept and your timetrial time will be sent out in the evening.

So different format for sure!
Please let me know if you plan to attend if you have not already done so [about 10 so far- mix of experienced and novices]

Enjoy the Journey!
Bill Meyer, Coach