Mt Itasca not good for tomorrow (Saturday, November 17)

Hi All,
The groomer at Mt Itasca had a boiler issue at his house yesterday and today, and did not get the snow pushed and groomed. Possibly tomorrow night. I will let you know. So the practice we had hoped for tomorrow there is off. Anyone looking to shoot is welcome to come here [no snow—just some ice on the roads] and shoot at 10:00 tomorrow.
Sorry ‘bout that!!
Bill Meyer, Coach

Liatoppen Biathlon Festival 2019

We will be taking a team to the Liatoppen Biathlon Festival in Norway again this season in April, 2019.  As most of you know, this Biathlon Festival for ages 11-16 has the largest participation annually of any Biathlon event in the world.  Over 1100 kids race!  It has been a great experience for the athletes we have taken over the last 3 years.

I will be leading the trip this year and have prepared the attached information sheet and application form.  Note that we will accept applications from 14-16 year old Girls (born 2003, 2004, 2005) and 15-16 year old Boys (born 2003-2004) for the trip this season.  Please forward to your eligible athletes and to other interested programs if I have missed someone in this email.

Applications are due 5 December 2018.

liatoppen application 2019

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Marc Sheppard
Altius Handcrafted Firearms

Team Trials Race Dates

Hi Everyone,
I did pass out his information yesterday at training, but to be sure everyone gets it:

Schedule for Trials in Heber City [SoHo] in Dec.

SoHo US Biathlon Trials – Dec. 2018

27 Dec official training
28 Dec sprint
29 Dec official training
30 Dec pursuit format
31 Dec sprint

Each athletes best two of the 3 races will be scored on a percent back basis [based on the average of the top 3 in each race. ]

For full information please see this attachment:

ICC_JuniorYouthTeamCriteria (1)

Also please note we will be switching the 23 Dec MN Cup race at Mt Itasca to 16 Dec to allow more travel time to Utah.

Bill Meyer, Coach

Minnesota Biathlon 2018/2019 Winter Schedule


Minnesota Biathlon 2018/2019 Winter Schedule

Saturday Oct 20th. Training day at Elk River [please contact Bill Meyer if you are interested!]
Sunday Oct 21st Biathlon race, Elk River, 10:00 zero-

Nov 17th-25th T camp at West Yellowstone-including a biathlon race there

Sunday Dec 9th- Biathlon race Mt Itasca
Sunday Dec 16th Biathlon race Mt Itasca
15th/16th CXC JNQ in Michigan
22/23 CXC JNQ Madison- sprints
Fri Dec 28th Biathlon Trials Official training Soldier Hollow UT
Sat-Mon- Dec 29th-31st Biathlon Trials races UT

Sat Jan 5th- Mesabi Invite hs
Sunday Jan 13th Biathlon race Elk River
19/20 CXC JNQ Cable WI
25th-4 Feb- YJr Worlds Slovakia

Saturday 2nd Feb, Biathlon race Nisswa
4th-8th Section races hs
14th State meet hs
16/17 CXC JNQ Mpls

Sun 3rd of March, Biathlon race Snowflake, Duluth
Sun 10th of March Biathlon race Mt Itasca
28-31 Mar US Biathlon Nationals- eastern venue to be announced.

This Coming Week the 16th of July, 2018

Good Afternoon All,

This coming week is the 2nd week of the 4th month of training. It is characterized by a lot of strength work, and a fair amount of distance and intensity. First summer rollerski biathlon race of the year at Elk River is on Thursday late afternoon/ eve. Please let me know if you are coming, I am working on a start list.

You should be putting in at least 4 roller ski workouts this week. Race on Thurs, a over distance ski of over 2 hrs earlier in the week with some hard sprints thrown in, a specific strength [double pole 10km + legs only 10km] and a Threshold block workout next weekend after some recovery from the race on Thursday. Other activities that are good will be lifting a couple of times, biking standing up, a few short hill runs with poles, and some swim time for cool downs…check your time plans for a time goal.

The schedule for the Nisswa area for the week will be:
Tues 1:00 at the range—some might be late, get there when you can—accuracy, range procedure and some hard combos running.
Thurs- lv Nisswa at 1:45 for ER. Pickup in LF at Holiday at 2:30. Arr ER at 4:00—help set up—zero at 5:00 race at 6:00 or a bit earlier depending on numbers and how zero goes.

Please get your logs up to date—and if you have some gaps earlier in the year—go back and estimate what you did that week. An estimate is better than a blank. For those sharing with me, I will check in on your log, for those not, please forward your current updates to me.

Enjoy the Journey! Hope to see you on Thursday at Elk River! I am expecting we will end up with around 12-15 participants, mostly newcomers. So don’t feel bashful!!

Bill Meyer, Coach
Nisswa NW Biathlon

MN Biathlon Summer/Fall Schedule – 2018/2019 Training


New Training year begins April 16th, 2018

May Camp 5.19-20 Mt Itasca- Introduction to biathlon, fitting rifles, and shooting focus

June Camp 6.13-23 Mt Itasca- Shooting camp. First week for all, second for 2nd yr + athletes

July Biathlon Race- 7.19 Elk River- Biathlon on roller skis –Thurs eve

Vermont Training Camp 8.5-12. Plus travel days. High level training at Jericho, VT

August Biathlon Race- 8.23 Elk River- Biathlon on roller skis- Thurs eve

Sept Biathlon Race- 9.30 Elk River- Biathlon on roller skis- Sunday – 10:00AM Zero

Oct Camp-10.18-21 Mt Itasca- Intensity focus-Sunday moves to Elk River

Oct Biathlon Race- 10.21 Elk River—Biathlon on roller skis- Sunday morning

Please note the above schedule is subject to changes. Normally about 2 weeks ahead of the event an “Invitation” will be sent out by email. Please respond to those so the organizers can plan for the appropriate number of participants.

The Camps are designed for younger athletes—generally age 13-25. Those older are invited to all the races, and to participate in the camps as coaches or coach/parents.