Cloth rifle cases and magazines

Coming up this weekend is the May shooting camp. As I get rifles ready, cleaning, adding parts missing, and doing repairs and some upgrades, I find I am short of rifle cases and magazines.

Over the past couple of years we have updated some of the cases to Rossignol or ?. In doing so, you may have kept a black cloth case. If so, please bring to the camp this weekend.

Then magazines. Seems like every year we are short. This year, so far with the rifles I have in hand, I am missing 6. And I have a few more to collect yet. Each year MNBiathlon buys 2 or more at $85 each, only to find the next year we are short again. So if you have extra magazines [clips] from when you had a MNBiathlon rifle in hand, please, please get those back to me.

Thanks for helping!!
Bill Meyer, Coach

Shooting Contest is Officially Open

Good Morning Everyone,

The 10+10 shooting contest is officially open!

10 ring 50 meter paper-2 targets See links at the bottom for an example.
[Note: if you print off one of the enclosed—be sure the black diameter =112.5 mm..not the normal metal opening of 115.0 mm. These are break-line targets while the metal is designed to fall with 1/2 a bullet in the black from a split round on the rim.]

2 magazines prone on one and 2 standing on the other. 5 shots each time in position [not one shot drills] Step off the shooting mat between magazines.
After zeroing only the athlete can scope the target between magazines and make their own corrections. Coaches can not give corrections after zeroing.
You can not scope each shot—only between magazines
If the shot breaks the line it counts up
All rings count—even those outside biathlon hits

You can do this on any 50 meter range, but specify if it is indoors.

You can send your results to me either as a score from your coach or take a pic of the two targets and send me that and I will score. Once you send in the first one—only send me more if you score a new PR for the Month!! I would like the score sent in to be in the format of P+S=T. That way we can see how you are progressing in each position.

I will have a spread sheet set up and enter your score. At the end of June we will again look at your best 10+10 shot target for the month of June. We will add the two best scores [May + June] together and the winner from MN or WI will get a brick of ammo compliments of MN Biathlon! We have already had requests from WI to have their shooters entered in the contest, so MN, get dialed in!!

If this goes well, we will likely have another contest in July and August with a test on paper involving range procedure.

Enjoy the Journey!

Bill Meyer, Coach

Youth Olympic Games starting positions for US

Good Morning,

Once each 4 years the International Olympic Committee hosts the Youth Olympics. YOG’s. The Winter Games will be in Jan, 2020 in Switzerland. US Biathlon started the selection process for those who were born in years 2002 & 2003 back at the Trials in Utah last Dec with 3 races, and continued at the Nationals in Vermont last month with 3 more. The final qualifier races will be in Vermont in August on roller skis. Only one of the upcoming races can be included in the best 4 of the 8 races. All races are scored on a percent back basis, based on the average of the top 3 in each event.

What was unknown until yesterday was how many start positions the US was entitled to, so that was clarified as 3 each for men and women. The current standings are enclosed by Tim.

In addition, there will be a team from the US at the Youth and Junior World Biathlon Championships later in Jan. All 15 through 18 yr old Youth will be eligible to qualify for the 4 Youth positions open on those teams based on a series of 3 races held between Christmas and New Years somewhere in the US. 19 through 21 yr olds can qualify as Juniors.

Opportunities in Biathlon!!
Bill Meyer, Coach

2019/2020 Minnesota Biathlon Membership

MN Biathlon + Nisswa NW, Duluth Esko, Alexandria, Mt Itasca —– $30.00

MN Biathlon + Bluff Country Biathlon, Red Wing —– $30.00

MN Biathlon + Twin Cities Biathlon [includes use of Elk River Range] —– $150.00

MN Biathlon + TC Biathlon+ Coached Weekly Summer Shooting at Elk River —– $300.00

[ Note: does not include cost of ammo nor cost of any club rifle lease made available, nor US Biathlon membership due in Oct each year] [Each club may have separate membership/training fees]

May shooting camp invitation

Good Morning!

Well, looks like winter isn’t done yet. Vlad said yesterday he was still skiing!! We picked up about 6” so far. At least the wind died down!!

Attached please find the Invitation to the May camp. This camp will be similar to last year which some of you attended. If you meet the criteria for age and want to attend, please let me know. If you have your own rifle, or if you have talked to me about a lease for the coming year we hope to see you!! If you haven’t talked to me about a rifle yet you need to do so quickly. I have sent this invitation out to about 25 athletes who attended Novice races this past winter, and I fully expect to get more interest than we have rifles available.

So please let me know if you are planning on attending.

Thanks, and hope you are enjoying the Journey!!
Bill Meyer, Coach

Club Rifles Due to be Turned In

Hi Everyone,

Please note if you have a MN Biathlon rifle or one belonging to a coach, they are due to be turned in to the coaches asap.

Vlad in Grand Rapids
Steve or Eric in Duluth
Jeff in Alexandria
Julie in Elk River
Bill in Nisswa.

Thanks for getting this done. Be sure the rifle is spotless and call our attention to any problems with it.

Also, please let me know if you would like to lease a rifle again next year. We are tentatively short of rifles looking ahead, and will be applying some additional criteria to leases next season.

Coaches, please take the time to clean the rifles again, and then let me know when you have all collected and what you have in hand. If we need replacement parts for worn items, let me know. Damaged parts should be replaced by the athlete.

Also please find attached the tentative Spring/Summer/Fall schedule for this coming training year starting on April 15th. If you have not yet received a training plan from me, and want one, please let me know.

Thanks, and Look forward to the next year’s Journey!
Bill Meyer, Coach