Midwest Regional Race – January 29th and 30th, 2022 – PHOTOS

Hello! Thank you for coming to our races this past weekend. I’ve posted some photographs from the races online.

Feel free to share, forward, print, use in your own club materials, or otherwise enjoy.
Brian Wray
Secretary, Minnesota Biathlon

Day 1

Day 2

Midwest Regional Race – January 29th and 30th, 2022 – RESULTS

Midwest Regional Race #5 and #6

(Minnesota #6 and #7) Presented by Minnesota Biathlon

January 29th and 30th, 2022

Jan 29, 2022 – Elk River Sprint Results

5.4K<15 G
1<15Sophia JedlewskiBlack Hawk Ski Club260:10:000:36:460:26:46426
2<15Selah BinsfieldTwin Cities Bia270:10:300:38:490:28:19448
3<15Amelia KyddBlack Hawk Ski Club280:11:000:41:150:30:15325
8.25K<17 G
1<17Madison Jenson250:09:300:58:030:48:335510
1YSaylor LandrumMN Biathlon210:07:300:37:360:30:06011
2YMaeve LindsayMN Biathlon220:08:000:42:170:34:17347
3YLauren HuberWolfpack230:08:300:46:070:37:37358
1YSaylor LandrumMN Biathlon210:07:300:37:360:30:06011
2YMaeve LindsayMN Biathlon220:08:000:42:170:34:17347
3YLauren HuberWolfpack230:08:300:46:070:37:37358
4SMEmily BrodersonMN Biathlon240:09:000:53:150:44:15246
5<17Madison Jenson250:09:300:58:030:48:335510
5.4K<15 B
1<15Finn RothenbergBlack Hawk Ski Club110:06:000:32:290:26:29101
10.05K<17 B
1<17Jack CashmanBluff Country Biathlon70:04:000:39:350:35:35213
2<17Noah BesemannTwin Cities Biathlon80:04:300:40:590:36:29101
3<17Carson PetersonMN Biathlon90:05:000:43:350:38:35347
4<17Jasper RothenbergBlack Hawk Ski Club100:05:300:51:370:46:07347
1JMaximo SteverlynckFort Kent Outdoor Center / St. Scholastica60:03:300:38:180:34:48336
1SZean BakerNNW50:03:000:38:480:35:48134
2SJacob DahlbergNational Guard40:02:300:42:000:39:30213
1VGreg PattisonWI Biathlon20:01:300:40:580:39:28213
1SVMark TorresaniBlack Hawk Ski Club30:02:000:44:450:42:45224
1JMaximo SteverlynckFort Kent Outdoor Center / St. Scholastica60:03:300:38:180:34:48336
2<17Jack CashmanBluff Country Biathlon70:04:000:39:350:35:35213
3SZean BakerNNW50:03:000:38:480:35:48134
4<17Noah BesemannTwin Cities Biathlon80:04:300:40:590:36:29101
5<17Carson PetersonMN Biathlon90:05:000:43:350:38:35347
6VGreg PattisonWI Biathlon20:01:300:40:580:39:28213
7SJacob DahlbergNational Guard40:02:300:42:000:39:30213
8SVMark TorresaniBlack Hawk Ski Club30:02:000:44:450:42:45224
9<17Jasper RothenbergBlack Hawk Ski Club100:05:300:51:370:46:07347

Jan 30, 2022 – Elk River Pursuit Results

1<15Sophia JedlewskiBlack Hawk Ski Club50:01:500:43:580:42:08114410
2<15Amelia KyddBlack Hawk Ski Club40:01:400:47:370:45:5711013
9.0 K<17 G
1<17Evelyn Hudrlik30:01:300:44:420:43:12543416
9.0 KYouth Women
1YSaylor LandrumMN Biathlon10:01:100:37:270:36:1711013
2YMaeve LindsayMN Biathlon20:01:200:42:350:41:15053210
9.0 KAll Women
1YSaylor LandrumMN Biathlon10:01:100:37:270:36:1711013
2YMaeve LindsayMN Biathlon20:01:200:42:350:41:15053210
3<17Evelyn Hudrlik30:01:300:44:420:43:12543416
9.0 K
1<15Finn RothenbergBlack Hawk Ski Club320:06:500:32:130:25:23011
1<17Carson PetersonMN Biathlon250:05:400:41:070:35:27432110
2<17Jack CashmanBluff Country Biathlon220:05:100:41:520:36:4223409
3<17Noah BesemannTwin Cities Biathlon230:05:200:42:300:37:10215210
4<17Eric AndersonBluff Country Biathlon270:06:000:45:050:39:05224210
5<17Jasper RothenbergBlack Hawk Ski Club240:05:300:53:080:47:38425415
1YBenjamin FenaDuluth Biathlon280:06:100:42:050:35:5532128
2YRyan HousemanTwin Cities300:06:300:44:550:38:25244414
3YDevin KlattBluff County Biathlon290:06:200:49:520:43:32334212
4YOwen FischerDuluth Biathlon310:06:400:55:530:49:13223310
1JMaximo SteverlynckFort Kent Outdoor Center / St. Scholastica210:05:000:38:280:33:2832106
1JMaximo SteverlynckFort Kent Outdoor Center / St. Scholastica210:05:000:38:280:33:2832106
2YBenjamin FenaDuluth Biathlon280:06:100:42:050:35:5532128
3YRyan HousemanTwin Cities300:06:300:44:550:38:25244414
4YDevin KlattBluff County Biathlon290:06:200:49:520:43:32334212
5YOwen FischerDuluth Biathlon310:06:400:55:530:49:13223310
1VGreg PattisonWI Biathlon260:05:500:46:260:40:3622206
9.0 KAll Men
1JMaximo SteverlynckFort Kent Outdoor Center / St. Scholastica210:05:000:38:280:33:2832106
2<17Carson PetersonMN Biathlon250:05:400:41:070:35:27432110
3YBenjamin FenaDuluth Biathlon280:06:100:42:050:35:5532128
4<17Jack CashmanBluff Country Biathlon220:05:100:41:520:36:4223409
5<17Noah BesemannTwin Cities Biathlon230:05:200:42:300:37:10215210
6YRyan HousemanTwin Cities300:06:300:44:550:38:25244414
7<17Eric AndersonBluff Country Biathlon270:06:000:45:050:39:05224210
8VGreg PattisonWI Biathlon260:05:500:46:260:40:3622206
9YDevin KlattBluff County Biathlon290:06:200:49:520:43:32334212
10<17Jasper RothenbergBlack Hawk Ski Club240:05:300:53:080:47:38425415
11YOwen FischerDuluth Biathlon310:06:400:55:530:49:13223310

Woodland Trails Park
20135 Elk Lake Rd NW, Elk River, MN 55330

Sprint Race

Saturday, January 29th
All U15 
– 5.4km
Women, all other ages – 8.25km
Men, all other ages – 10.05km
Two shooting stages (prone + standing) with penalty loops.

Pursuit Race

Sunday, January 30th
All U15 
– 9.0km
All other women, U17M, YM, MM – 9.0km
JM, SM – 11.85km
Four shooting stages, 10s interval start, seeded from previous day’s results. Sunday-only racers will be started last.

Schedule (both days)

9:15am – Registration opens 10:00am – Zero opens 11:00am – Race start

Racers under age 15 – $15 per race
All others: $20 per race
Payable by cash or check to “Minnesota Biathlon” on the day of the race.

Registration closes at noon, central US time, on Friday, January 28th, 2022

Volunteers needed and appreciated!

Please contact Bill Meyer at wmeyer@nisswa.net for opportunities. Questions? Concerns? Contact administration@minnesotabiathlon.com

Midwest Biathlon Races this coming weekend

Please consider this a reminder that you need to register for the Midwest Biathlon Races at Elk River by Friday noon—online.

The race info is linked here. I was at the Novice Clinic on Sunday and the trails were looking great! Thanks so much to Dave Anderson with the Elk River Park Board and his crew of volunteers!! Keep in mind the winter biathlon trails are not the same as the paved ones we use in the summer—so the flow through the range and the character of the trails is entirely different and a lot more challenging!!

The weather forecast also looks real good! Low Fri night at –4F and rising Saturday to 23F, low Saturday night 10F rising to 22F on Sunday.

We have had a lot of athletes with conflicts with the high school races, many of which have been delayed due to cold weather and pushed together. If so, and if you want to only race one of the Midwest series—feel free to do so. Just be sure to let Brian Wray and Zean Baker know along with getting your name into the system.

I have also had some questions about racing classes. Our new system will automatically figure out your age and put you in the appropriate age class per your birthday. If you wish to race up from say <15 to <17 …or down from say MM to Senior Men, please let both Brian and Zean know that so they can override the system.

We have 5 from WI signed up already—and I hope to see most of our biathletes from MN as well!! Remember, this is also a MN Cup event!!

Bill Meyer, Coach

USBA and ORDA Announce US Biathlon National Championships

US Biathlon and the Olympic Regional Development Authority are pleased to invite you to the US Biathlon National Championships in Lake Placid, NY March 23-27, 2022.

Please find the invitation attached, as well as a link below to find more information. Please reach out to ORDA with any questions.


Recent improvements at Elk River

Over the past couple of years Twin City Biathlon, a branch of MN Biathlon, has been making numerous improvements to the range facility at Woodland Trails Park. Thanks so much to Chad and Lynda Bouley, Tara and Marcus Landrum, Dave Anderson with Elk River Parks and all the others who have pitched in. Here are some of the changes:

  • Redesigned target boxes for easier switch from paper to metal—now use a fold down front plate- the new plates were donated
  • a new fabric skirt in front of the boxes to catch lead coming off the face of the metal-thanks to Lynda
  • new target box covers—again, thanks to Lynda
  • new paddles built by Marcus to replace some that were too heavy
  • a new Target #4- thanks to Chad for receiving that and getting it installed
  • New paper targets designed by Tara who also chased the printing—we are using up the old strips first
  • new standard shooting mats—thanks to Lou Chouinard for meeting the supplier in Southern MN!
  • a new wind flag system and flags
  • new bibs designed by Tara
  • a new timing program on a spreadsheet designed by Zean Baker—will try out on Saturday!!
  • a temporary porta potty brought in by Dave Anderson and his crew
  • And for the weekend event, some generators, heat, lights and computers in the range building!!

It is amazing what volunteers can do when they put their efforts together. A lot more were involved in making this all happen!! Sampsons, Hudrliks, Brodersons and more!!

Thank you all!!
Bill Meyer, Coach

Keeping tabs on our Youth and Juniors

Good Evening All–

Meanwhile at 3:30 in the morning for the men and 7:00 for the women, the races start in Pokljuka, Slovenia for the US teams recently named.

I doubt they will have live broadcasts, but if you go to the IBU webpage—biathlonworld and scroll to the bottom you can find ‘data center’. if you poke around on that site—you can find IBU Junior Cup—and right now it just shows the start lists.

In the morning, the various options will be available as to getting the splits on the course, range splits, shooting [keep the ‘range option open’-it will show the entire range and the shooter coming onto a point and shot by shot results on a target board] and finish—interim until it is over—so like watching a live scoreboard in the range.

Cheresa starts #34 of 79 starters.

Best of luck to the US!
Bill Meyer