MNCup at Mt Itasca – Sunday, March 14, 2021 – RESULTS

Minnesota Cup – March 2021
Hosted by Mt. Itasca Nordic Ski Association

Date:               Sunday!, March 14, 2021

Place:             Mt. Itasca, Coleraine

Race Format: Mass Start (PPSS)

Distance:       All approx. 8k (base on the snow situation)

Registration:   9:30 AM –  9:55 AM ( day registration only) 

Zero:              10:00 AM – 10:30AM

Race Start:    10:45 AM – Mass Start 

Cost:             $20 (cash or check payable to MINSA)

Questions?  call Vlad 218 256 8323   or e-mail 

Snowflake Biathlon Race – Duluth – Feb 21, 2021 – RESULTS

Minnesota Cup #1

Hosted by Duluth Biathlon and Snowflake Nordic Ski Area

Originally was scheduled for Feb 14, moved to Feb 21, 2021 due to weather conditions.
Midwest Regional Biathlon
Men’s 10k Mass Start – Final Results
Duluth, MN
Carson PetersonBibCategoryPPSSTFinalBehind
Carson Peterson48714B1112546:400
Eric Anderson48814B42321149:5103:11
Ben Fena48516B3121750:4004:00
Mark Torresani496MM43221151:0104:21
Devin Klatt48917Y125852:3505:55
Jack Cashman49014B33231156:1609:36
Owen Fisher48616B2153111:04:0317:23
Women’s 10k Mass Start – Final Results
Julia Torresani49516G3213954:280
Elsa Mowers49218Y43321257:4003:12
Holly Hanson493MW3353141:11:4217:14

Date: Sunday, February 21, 2021 (originally scheduled for Feb 14th)

Location: Snowflake Nordic, 4348 Rice Lake Road, Duluth (one mile north of the intersection of the Rice Lake and Arrowhead Roads)

Race Format: Mass Start (PPSS)

Distance: 10 km: All M, F

Registration: 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM at Snowflake Chalet/Lower Level

Zero: 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM

Race Start: 11:00 AM

Cost: $20 (cash or check payable to John Gould)

There will not be a Novice Race this year.

Covid-19: Do not attend the race if you have or recently have had flu symptoms and/or a fever. Masks should be worn unless you are out skiing or on the firing line. 

Pre-registration via email to John: necessary!

Questions? Call John Gould at 218-269-2854 

or e-mail:

Midwest Regional Biathlon Races – Mt Itasca – Jan 30-31, 2021 – RESULTS

Midwest Regional Race 3-4 
Hosted by Mt. Itasca Nordic Ski Association

Date: Saturday, Sunday, January 30-31, 2021

Place: Mt. Itasca, Coleraine

Race Format: Saturday: Sprint 7.5k – All M, F
                       Sunday: Mass Start 10k- All M, F

Registration: Both Days- 9:30 AM –   9:55 AM 
Zero:                               10:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Race Start:                      10:45 AM  

Cost:                               $20/race (cash or check payable to MINSA) 

COVID-19: Do not attend the race if you have, or recently have had, flu symptoms and/or a fever.

 Masks should be worn unless you are out skiing or on the firing line. Wax building will be close except for the coaches waxing athlete skis. 

Same Wax policy: Athletes trying for the JYWCH MUST use the wax provided by the organizers! Wax will be available on Friday afternoon and in the morning on Saturday. For the Sunday race we will wax the skis on Saturday afternoon. I pair skis per athlete!

Pre-registration via email to Vlad – necessary!

Questions?  Call Vlad 218- 256 8323   or email

Midwest Regional Race at Blackhawk near Madison WI, Jan 16/17, 2021 – RESULTS

Hi Everyone, here are the race results for the races at Blackhawk this weekend. “Good Job!” to all who participated!

The distances are not correct—but all in each class raced the same course for that class. Conditions yesterday were tough at 35F with a lot of sloppy new snow. Today was much improved with 28F and just a touch of snow coming down.. Great grooming and really good race organization!!

Below please find the Invitation to the first Midwest Regional Race to be held at the Blackhawk Ski Area near Madison WI on the 16th and 17th of Jan, 2021. Signup information is below and please note: You must sign up online!

I really hope we can get a good turnout from MN. The results from these races will be sent in to USBA for consideration along with other results from Dec and Jan as to selection for the US Team to the Youth and Junior World Championships.
Hope you can make it!!
Bill Meyer, Coach

On Saturday and Sunday, January 16th & 17th, Blackhawk Ski Club will host the second set of WI Biathlon races of the 2020/2021 season! These will be USBA Midwest Regional Open Biathlon races for USBA safety certified athletes.

Note that you must register for these races online prior to Noon on Friday, January 15th. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and other practical issues, there will be no same-day registration. All Open race participants are required to supply their own rifle and ammunition unless you make prior arrangements with one of the race organizers.

No fees will be collected online during the registration process so we have no concerns if you register for the race but are unable to attend the race for whatever reason. Please register online immediately if you have even the slightest thought of racing!

Note four important points:

  1. No same day registrations will be offered on Saturday or Sunday. Register online at Webscorer before Friday, January 15th or do not race.
  2. Arrive with your USBA membership current (see below) or do not race.
  3. Read and understand the COVID-19 adaptations in the Webscorer event announcements below. If these are unacceptable to you in some way, do not race.
  4. Do not attend the race if you have, or recently have had, flu symptoms and/or a fever.

Important: For the OPEN races, athletes 15 and over (calculated on 31 Dec 2020) must select the 10K “Distance” (7.5K for females entering the Saturday Sprint race) of the race when registering online with Webscorer and athletes 14 and under must select the 2.5K (Saturday) and/or 4K (Sunday) “Distance”.

Register for the Saturday Open races at the Webscorer link below.
Blackhawk 2.5K, 7.5K, 10K Interval Start Biathlon | Event registration | Webscorer

Register for the Sunday Open races at the Webscorer link below.
Blackhawk 4K, 10K Interval Start Biathlon | Event registration | Webscorer

For Open racers, the USBA membership number entry is optional in Webscorer, please enter your membership number if you are a Competitor level USBA member. If you are not a USBA member, arrange your USBA Member-for-a-Day purchase in advance of race day. Annual USBA memberships expire in October every year so be sure to renew your membership for this season, if necessary.

Biathlon liability insurance is provided by the USBA for race participants so USBA membership is mandatory on race day.

The links to USBA membership options are on the Webscorer registration page.

When you complete your online Webscorer registration, it is important to email the registration to yourself as proof that you are registered properly in case of last minute IT issues with the Webscorer web site.

Important: After registering on Webscorer, scroll down the Webscorer page to verify that your registration was accepted by Webscorer (and to access the “email to self” option).

Bib exchange and race fee payment will take place at the Biathlon Range Shelter according to the times posted in Webscorer. Here are the materials that are required for the bib exchange on race day:

  1. Online registration printout (email to yourself by scrolling down after “Submitting” your online registration)
  2. Exact cash or check payment (to “Blackhawk Ski Club”, see fee schedule on Webscorer registration page)
  3. USBA Red Book (received at your USBA safety training class) (Open Racers Only)
  4. USBA Membership Card (if you are a Competitor member of USBA)
    Online USBA receipt confirmation (online at USBA web site)

Volunteers are needed to facilitate the running and scoring of the race.

I look forward to seeing you at Blackhawk!
Best regards,
Mike Larsen
WI Biathlon

Proposed weekend schedule from Mark Torresani

After receiving comments the below race format and schedule is proposed. I will work with Mike Larsen to get the sign up for races live on Webscorer. All races will be in a time trial fashion due to Covd restrictions with approximately 30 seconds between racers at the start.

Saturday January 16th
10:00 AM Set up and Registration [payment!] See note above!! Must sign up online!
11:00 Sight in U15, U19, U22
12:00: Sprint U19 and U22, 7.5K Women, 10K Men, PS
1:00, Sprint U15, 2.5K, 75M penalty lap PP (first prone shooting on standing target)
1:30 Masters, Seniors: site in/zero
2:15: Masters, Seniors, 10K PS
4:00 4K 4 person “fun” relay, PPSS (two skiers shoot prone, two skiers shoot standing, with 3 extra rounds for misses for all racers) 30 second penalty for missed targets. Battle for Paul Bunyan’s Rifle?

Sunday January 17th
8:00 AM Set up and Registration
9:00 Sight in U15, U19 ,U22
10:00 U19 & U22, 10 K PPSS
11:00 U15, 4K PPPP, 75M penalty (two prone on standing targets and two prone on prone targets)
12:00, Seniors, Masters Site in/zero
12:45 Seniors, Masters 10K PPSS
2:00 Awards

Elk River time trial – Jan 10, 2021 – RESULTS

Time trials 10 Jan 21 at Elk River – Natural snow- +25F  B skls  9.1 km course
Drew SampsonTC31531235:35.0YM
Matthew BrodersonTC3321936:38.0<17
Eric AndersonBluff32421145:05.0<15
Carson Peterson TC34431445:31.0<15M
Noah BesemannTC42241246:13.0<17
Women9.1 km
Kaisa BosekWolf0101237:35.0YW
Audrey LahammerBluff32421140:29.0<17
Evelyn HudrlikTC4212940:44.0<17
Saylor LandrumTC1041641:04.0<17
Lauren HuberWolf44231349:27.0<17
Selah BinsfeldTC44331453:51.0<15

Elk River Rollerski Biathlon – Nov 1, 2020 – RESULTS

Elk River Rollerski Biathlon
Overall / Class Name Cat Club Start Finish Overall Back P P S S Total Notes
1 / 1 Alex Vanias SM WI 1:20 43:29 42m 9s 0ms 0m 0s 0ms 3 2 5 3 13
2 / 1 Drew Sampson YM TC 1:40 48:57 47m 17s 5m 8s 0ms 4 4 3 2 13
3 / 1 Matthew Broderson U17M TC 1:00 48:49 47m 49s 0ms 5m 40s 0ms 3 2 3 4 12
4 / 2 Edison Byrum YM Indiana 2:00 52:37 50m 37s 0ms 8m 28s 0ms 3 4 2 1 10
5 / 1 Gregg Pattison MM WI 2:40 54:01 51m 21s 9m 12s 0ms 1 4 2 2 9
6 / 2 Noah Besemann U17M TC 2:20 57:41 55m 21s 13m 12s 0ms 3 3 4 4 14
7 / 2 Keith Krantz MM TC 3:00 1:04:13 1h 1m 13s 0ms 0h 19m 4s 0ms 3 3 1 2 9
Overall / Class Name Cat Club Start Finish Overall Back P P S S Total Notes
1 / 1 Cheresa Bouley JW TC 3:20 40:43 37m 23s 0ms 0m 0s 0ms 0 2 3 2 7
2 / 1 Saylor Landrum U17W TC 4:00 44:38 40m 38s 3m 15s 0ms 2 0 3 2 7
3 / 2 Audry Lahammer U17W Bluff 4:20 46:37 42m 17s 0ms 4m 54s 0ms 4 3 3 3 13
4 / 1 Kaisa Bosek YW Wolfpack 3:40 48:22 44m 42s 0ms 7m 19s 0ms 4 1 2 1 8
5 / 3 Evelyn Hudrlik U17W TC 4:40 49:33 44m 53s 0ms 7m 30s 0ms 2 4 2 3 11
6 / 4 Lauren Huber U17W Wolfpack 5:00 54:00 49m 0s 0ms 11m 37s 0ms 5 2 5 4 16
7 / 5 Emma Reineke YW Wolfpack 5:20 57:17 51m 57s 0ms 14m 34s 0ms 3 2 3 5 13
8 / 1 Emily Broderson MW TC 5:40 1:02:44 57m 4s 0ms 19m 41s 0ms 1 2 4 3 10
Overall / Class Name Cat Club Start Finish Overall Back P P S S Total Notes
1 / 1 Jack Cashman U15M Bluff 6:00 42:55 36m 55s 0ms 0m 0s 0ms 1 2 4 4 11
2 / 1 Carson Peterson U17M TC 7:00 47:51 40m 51s 0ms 3m 56s 0ms 3 4 2 3 12
3 / 1 Linnea Ousdigian U15W TC 6:20 52:40 46m 20s 0ms 9m 25s 0ms 5 4 5 3 17 Credited 5m for rifle issues
4 / 2 Selah Binsfeld U15W TC 6:40 57:31 50m 51s 13m 56s 0ms 5 5 4 2 16