Midwest Regional Race #5 – Elk River – Sun, Jan 29th, 2023 – RESULTS

Presented by Minnesota Biathlon

Sunday, January 29th, 2023

Start TimeBIB<><><>ATHLETE<><><>MF<><><><><>Club<><><><><>ClassDistanceFinish Time–P––P––S––S–TT.Time
0:04:0021Cheresa bouleyFSF8.10:40:07101020:36:07
0:04:1022Hanne GuthrieFMF8.10:44:52201140:40:42
0:04:2023Evelyn HudrlikFMN BiathlonYF8.10:49:16142290:44:56
0:04:3024Lauren HuberFMN BiathlonYF8.10:57:134224120:52:43
0:04:4025Irina ViskovatykhFMinnesota Biathlon<15F8.10:58:143431110:53:34
0:04:5026River FenaFDuluth Biathlon <17F8.11:00:184343140:55:28
0:05:0027Maeve LindsayFMN BiathlonYF8.11:03:27304290:58:27
Start TimeBIB<><><>ATHLETE<><><>MF<><><><><>Club<><><><><>ClassDistanceFinish Time–P––P––S––S–TT.Time
0:03:3016Mateo WatsonMDuluth<13M4.50:37:461560:34:16
0:01:001Jakob EllingsonMMN Biathlon/MNARNGSM9.70:40:00101130:38:50
0:01:102Daniel LuomaMLNRMM9.70:44:534224120:43:43
0:01:405Eric AndersonMBluff Country Biathlon<17M9.70:46:464222100:45:06
0:01:304Ryan HousemanMMN BiathlonYM9.70:45:35313180:46:05
0:02:007Sergei ViskovatykhMMinnesota Biathlon<17M9.70:48:324331110:46:32
0:03:1014Caleb GilbertsonMDuluth Biathlon<15M8.10:54:071444130:49:57
0:01:506Jack CashmanMBluff Country Biathlon<17M9.70:52:013522120:50:11
0:03:2015Carson GilbertsonMDuluth Biathlon<15M8.10:55:25114390:50:27
0:02:108PattisonMWi biathlonSVM9.70:56:04230160:53:39

1/26/2023 UPDATE: The Organizing Committee has been watching the weather forecasts for Sunday and is making the following changes to the race time and format:

  • Zero will be at 1:00 pm on Sunday
  • There will be one race for all classes
  • The race will start at 2:00 pm around the high temps for the day
  • The courses will be shortened:

 to 4.5 km for < age 13,
to 8.1 km for all women over <13
to 9.7 km for all men over <13

Woodland Trails Park – 20135 Elk Lake Rd NW, Elk River, MN 55330

Beat the crowd, sign-up early and online: Online Signup

Pursuit Format

4 shooting stages, 5 skiing laps. 10-second start interval, arbitrary seeding. Finish times will be adjusted, time-trial style.

U15, U17M, YM, MM, All Women – 9.7km JM, SM – 12.5km

Sprint Format

For U15/U13 men and women, and all air rifles. 2 shooting stages, 3 skiing laps. 5-second start interval, arbitrary seeding. 4.8km for all competitors.

U15 competitors can race either if shooting .22LR. Contact Bill at wmeyer@nisswa.net for U15s to race the pursuit.


9:15am – Registration opens 10:00am – Zero opens for pursuit 11:00am – Race start for pursuit 12:30pm – Zero opens for sprint 1:30pm – Race start for sprint

$15/race per U15 racer.
$20/race for all others.
Payable by cash or check to “Minnesota Biathlon” on the day of the race.

Organizers may move additional youngest class races to the PM if the morning registrations exceed 30. In that case, there will be both a short race and longer race run together simultaneously in the PM.

Beat the crowd, sign-up early and online: Online Signup

Volunteers needed and appreciated!

Contact Chad and Lynda Bouley at chadandlyndab@live.com for opportunities. Questions? Concerns? Contact administration@minnesotabiathlon.com