2021 – 2022 Winter Schedule updated

For the latest race schedule, check the Current Schedule page.

November 2021 – March 2022 as of Dec 7, 2021

November 2021

November 2021
21-28W Yellowstone Camp
December 2021
5thMt Itasca, MNMN Cup 1
11th/12thMt Itasca, MNMidwest Biathlon Races 1 & 2, MN Cups 2 & 3
19thBlackhawk, WIWI #1
Dec 26 – Jan 1Soldier Hollow, UTYouth and Junior Trials
9thGreen Bay, WIWI #2
15th/16thBlackhawk, WIMidwest Biathlon Races 3 & 4, MN Cups 4 & 5
23rdMcMiller, WIWI #5
29th/30thElk River, MNMidwest Biathlon Races 5 & 6, MN Cups 6 & 7
6thMcMiller, WIWI #6
12-17Camp RipleyUS CNGB Guard Championships
13thGreen Bay, WIWI #7
Feb 23 – 27Hayward WIBirkie
Feb 23 – Mar 3Soldier Hollow, UTYouth and Junior Worlds
MARCH 2022
5thDuluth, MNSnowflake Biathlon Race – MN Cup 8
5thBlackhawk, WIWI #8
12th/13thMt Itasca, MNMidwest Biathlon Races 7 & 8, MN Cups 9 & 10
24 -28Lake Placid, NYUSBA Nationals

Note: Dates and events subject to change based on weather, availability and condition of venues and Covid restrictions.

Midwest Regional Biathlon Races 1 & 2 (MNCup 2 & 3) – Dec 11/12, 2021 at Mt Itasca – RESULTS

Coming right up on this Sunday, we will have MN Cup #1 at the same venue. The Mt Itasca Crew has been making snow and conditions should be excellent for both race series!!

Midwest Regional Race 1-2 aka MN Cup 2 and 3

Hosted by Mt. Itasca Nordic Ski Association

Date: Saturday, Sunday, December 11-12, 2021

Place: Mt. Itasca, Coleraine

Race Format: Saturday: Sprint 7.5k/10k 

                        Sunday:   Pursuit format -10k- All M, F                                          

                                         Boys/Girls 7.5k

                                         (5 sec. interval start)              

Registration: Both Days- 9:30 AM –   9:55 AM 

Zero:                               10:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Race Start:                      10:45 AM  

Cost:                               $20/race (cash or check payable to MINSA) 

Questions?  Call Vlad 218- 256 8323   or email cervenkv@gmail.com

Conditions update: MN Cup #1 Mt Itasca this coming Sunday

GOOD MORNING!! I am happy to report conditions are looking good at Mt Itasca for the upcoming race on Sunday, MN Cup

Our many thanks to the hard working crew at Mt Itasca that got this much done..and more snowmaking will start again on Friday when temps cool a bit more again. There should be adequate groomed areas available for some training on snow Saturday if folks want to go up early!! PLEASE be sure to pay the daily fee at the kiosk by the HQ building!! And also please respect the equipment which may be working when you are there—give them a lot of room!!

Hope to see you on Sunday!!

Thanks! and Enjoy the Journey!!
Bill Meyer, Coach

MNCup #1 – Mass Start Biathlon at Mt. Itasca – Sunday Dec 5, 2021

Hosted by Mt. Itasca Nordic Ski Association

Date:  Sunday, December 5, 2021

Place: Mt. Itasca, Coleraine

Race Format: Mass Start (courses and distances will be determined based on the snow conditions) 

Registration:                     9:30 AM –   9:55 AM 

Zero:                               10:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Race Start:                      10:45 AM  

Cost:                               $20/race (cash or check payable to MINSA)

Questions?  Call Vlad 218- 256 8323   or email cervenkv@gmail.com    

Biathlon World Cup – Live Broadcast

Coming up, starting this weekend the Biathlon World Cup will kick off with events in Sweden!

If you go to https://www.biathlonworld.com/en and follow Live Broadcast tab—you should be able to watch the full event as it is screened in Europe on TV. Normally the actual live broadcast itself will be blocked in the US—but if you wait a few hours it will be open for viewing. Usually there is a 3-5 min recap or a full replay. I would advise to watch the best in the world on full replay..

Coming up for us the following weekend on Sunday is the first MNCup race of the season!! I have heard the snow guns are working at Mt Itasca—but the snow won’t be pushed out this coming weekend yet—so only a natural snow loop for rock skis is available. Be sure to pay at the kiosk by the HQ building if you go….

So enjoy the day, watch the World Cups this weekend, and hope to see you on the 5th!! An invitation should be out this coming week…..

Enjoy the Journey!
Bill Meyer, Coach

Building Speed and Power

Good Morning!

Here is a really good article from Faster Skier on the source of speed on skis. Talks about rapid force development. And keeping the resulting total volume of force high—even if you shorten the cycle with higher tempo.

Always keep in mind that the pole angles and ski angles need to be correct before you apply force to them. Planting a vertical pole then hitting it hard with all your body weight and trunk force will just beat you up—not make you go faster. Plant it with a back angle and hit it hard/fast and you will go faster!! Standing on a straight leg then doing a little shallow dip preload will not be nearly as powerful as dropping further to gain more angle at the ankle/knee to use during the extension in the push. Just do as fast a reversal as you can at the bottom for the preload!! Then snap it all the way out!! If you push across low—you can use those entire compressed angles—but do it quickly!!

Also be cautious with the plyos as shown in the video clips. Start easy after a good warmup. And, as the article says, if you are beyond just sore the next day—take more than one day before you do it again, and if necessary, talk to a sports trainer.

Bill Meyer