Shooting camps May 6th and 7th at Elk River

Good Evening All!!Attached please find the Invitation to the Shooting/Ski Technique daycamps scheduled for 6th/7th of May at Elk River!! 

This Invitation has been in the hands of our newcomers for a week to allow the majority of them a first chance to sign up. We have 8 so far, and will give precedence for up to 2 more to fill in one of the two groups we are expecting. Therefore at this point we have a total remaining of 12 openings—so if you wish to attend, be sure to get your name in to Lynda Bouley asap!! 

There is scheduled a followup camp at Mt Itasca two weeks after the Elk River event. More information will be forthcoming on that soon. 

If you want to attend the Elk River daycamps please let Lynda know at

In addition to the daycamps for Youth and Juniors, on Saturday evening we will have a 2 hr Level One Officials class at a nearby location. This class is sanctioned by USBA and is the first level for Officials at any Regional or National events. I will be conducting that class—so please let me know if you would like to attend.

Hope to see you there!!  Please contact Lynda or me if you have any questions!! 
Bill Meyer, Coach