Anshutz broken magazine follower

Hi All-

We are having some problems with the short Anschutz magazines. Below is a remedy short of replacing the follower. It sounds like Anschutz is sending Marc Sheppard a supply of followers for replacements.

As I think about it, if you are having problems with some magazines and need to use them for the races, you should get those chips out of them. It is not too difficult. In the attached mag 1 pic is a small slot at the end of the pencil lead. Note that lines up with the slot in the side of the metal body. In Mag 2 pic at the end of the pencil lead is the end of the mag spring that is sticking up through that slot.

So if you press that end back into the body, the red plastic end will slide off. [It will actually only go on one way, but best to keep them all lined up as you pull it apart]. Slide off the end and the spring and follower will fall out of the body. Waste any small chips—if big like this one of Hanne’s, try to replace the mag from someone else for the races.

If relatively small—dump out the chip, then reassembly. The follower can go in two ways. So be sure when it is in, it sits snug against the top of the mag and on the bullet end there should be an 1/8” or so piece of red exposed on the edge. Compare it with the other mags you have.

Then the spring with the pointed end shown in mag 2 pic lined up with the slots shown in mag 1. The tricky part is to hold that up into the body and in while you slide the red bottom into place. When all is correct the spring should audibly snap up into the slot. Then try it with 5 rounds—load– then strip out with your fingers..

Engineering 101—fixing things..

Bill Meyer

Open European Championships – Seniors

Tomorrow morning the Seniors will race the Individual Events in Poland. From WI and MN, Paul Schommer and Jakob Ellingson will be among the 6 men and 2 women in the events.

The Individual is the oldest event currently used in International Biathlon. It is more of a shooters race than most of the other formats, with a one minute penalty added on for each miss. Five shots each time they come in..and the order of shooting alternates, prone, standing, prone, standing. The shooters can use any point on the prone end #1-15 for prone and #16-30 for standing. Normally they will try to shoot as close as possible to their assigned zero lane [randomly assigned by team each day].

Online in the graphics, the electronics are so good they actually show the 1 min addon the instant the miss occurs. This is the only event without a penalty loop. For women they will do 5 x 3km for 15km total; for men it is 5 x 4km lap for 20km total. Still, with the huge penalty [approximately 2+ x the time it takes to ski the normal 150 meter loop] it favors biathletes who are really good on the range.

So if you are an insomniac or really into watching live—the men are on at 3:00 am cst and the women at 6:30 am cst.

Coming up on Fri with the younger athletes will be the IBU Jr Cup races. More on those formats later.

Bill Meyer, Coach

WE NEED YOUR HELP! 5 Young Minnesota Biathletes have been named to the US Biathlon Teams headed to Europe


5 Young Minnesota Biathletes have been named to the US Biathlon Teams headed to Europe

Vasek Cervenka, Mt Itasca Biathlon
Cam Christiansen, Nisswa, NNW Biathlon Club
Jakob Ellingson, Twin Cities and Mt Itasca Biathlon
Siena Ellingson, Twin Cities and Mt Itasca Biathlon
Amanda Kautzer, Twin Cities Biathlon

These biathletes will compete in the January and February series of races in Europe. In January, there are the IBU Cups in Italy and Germany. In late January, there is the IBU Junior Cup in Slovenia. In early February, the Open European Championships will be held in the Czech Republic. In late February, the Youth and Junior World Championships will be held at a venue to be announced.

Jakob and Siena are already in Europe at the first two IBU Cup races – Martello, Italy this coming weekend and will compete in Ruhpolding, Germany next weekend.

Vasek, Cam, and Amanda will do the IBU Junior Cup, Open European Champs, and the Youth and Junior Champs. Siena will also do the Junior Champs.

Unfortunately, the United States Biathlon Association (the Olympic governing body of Biathlon in the US) has been trimming funding for athletes this year – particularly at the Junior level and young Senior level. The cost to these 5 athletes will be approximately $14,000 (total – including airfare, food, housing, race entries, race support,etc.)

We are asking you to make a tax deductible donation (of any size) to help with the expenses of these top level athletes.

Minnesota Biathlon is an all-volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible. 100% of all donations will go directly to the biathlete’s expenses. Funds received will be distributed to the athletes in proportion to their anticipated expenses per the USBA self-funding guidelines.

Please send your check made out to Minnesota Biathlon to –

Minnesota Biathlon
Lou Chouinard
3925 30th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55406-3108.

More information and podium pictures from the races at Jericho, VT, can be seen at

Thank you for your consideration!!

Why You Should Never Do The Same Workout Twice In A Row

…balance the upper and lower body, left and right, front and back. So a variety, and alternating days which then allows some muscles to recover and supercompensate while you work others. 

Remember, it isnt the workout that makes you better—it is the recovery and finally the SUPERCOMPENSATION that follows the workout. That is where the improvement comes.

If exercise alone provided the total benefit, then you should be able to immediately do the 2nd set of 20 pushups [as fast as possible] FASTER than the first set. But, no need recovery and actually recovery and supercompensation before you can do the second set faster. So it will never be faster until you allow an adequate recovery time after the first set. [my analogy doesn’t allow for some help from getting warmed up etc. But if all else is even, the workout alone will not improve your fitness until you have taken a rest of those muscles].

Bill Meyer