US Biathlon Nationals- Pursuit race

Jericho VT

On a day that saw some of the shooting mats flying in the wind, 12 MN Biathletes participated in the Pursuit event at US Biathlon Nationals at the Ethan Allen facility.

In the Men’s 12.5 km, Jake Brown, St Paul, Craftsbury, was 2nd, shooting 1,1,1,1 finishing in 34:41 behind Sean Doherty of the US team who had 6 penalties in 34:24.
7th Jakob Ellingson, Nat’t Guard 2,3,2,4 40:30
8th Raleigh Goessling, Craftsbury 1,2,1,3 40:39
9th Wynn Roberts, Nat’l Guard 2,0,3,4 42:02
11th Warren Rosholt Nat’l Guard 2,1,2,2 47:54
13th Jacob Dahlberg Nat’l Guard 2,3,2,3 53:01

In the Junior Men’s 12,5km Hunter Zupko, Little Falls, Nat’l Guard finished 3rd 2,2,3,3 in 44:56

In the Youth Men’s 10 km Sam Stertz, Mt Itasca, was 7th shooting 1,4,3,3 and finishing in 39:02

In the Women’s 10 km, Siena Ellingson, Nat’l Guard, was 6th shooting 2,2,3,2 in 44:59 and Kelly Kjorlein, Boseman Biathlon, was 10th 3,2,3,2 in 48:38.

In the Youth Women’s 7.5km event, Kaisa Bosek, MN Bia/Wolfpack continued on the podium, dropping from 1st to 3rd shooting 2,0,3,1 and finishing in 32:12; 0:48 behind winner Eva Weymuller, Methow Valley Biathlon who had 8 misses.

In 9th position, Elsa Viren, Mt Itasca, shot 3,1,4,2 and finished in 37:35.

Up tomorrow is the mass start.

Full results can be found at the Ethan Allen Biathlon website.

MN Cup #6 at Mt. Itasca – Saturday, March 16, 2019 – RESULTS – PHOTOS

Hosted by Mt. Itasca Nordic Ski Association
Photos from Daniel S. Guay, CD, President/Head Coach, Lake Superior Biathlon

Biathlon Results: Mass Start, 3.16.2019
7.5K Mass Start (5×1.5K)
1GAubrey Smith212036:40
2GLucy WatsonO32337:21
1BRyker Bosek101229:55
2BMatej Cervenka243033:02
3BConnor Grant333336:01
4BJoel Haering 343237:17
1YWKaisa Bosek410029:35
2YWStormy Hegg101029:58
3YWAnnika VirenO12331:43
4YWEmma Watson102033:57
5YWElsa Viren123434:02
10K Mass Start (5x2K)
1YMGarrett Beckrich122332:12
2YMSam Stertz222336:26
3YMJackson Grant222237:48
4YMFrank Gangi113243:55
1JMGabe Raguse221436:18
1SMPaul SchommerO11129:29
2SMJacob Dalberg37:25
3SMTim Saxton112459:43
4K Sprint – Novice Race
114GSanny GangiOO18:33
212GKytalin Smith1220:27
314GTeresa Bitzan1120:54
118MZach Fouguerer – Skoe1116:02
229MJordan Fellbaum1019:38
316MAidan HagenOO20:53
435MRyan Gaalswyk1221:24
543MChris Hagen1122:32

Date:               Saturday March 16, 2019

Place:             Mt. Itasca, Coleraine

Race Format: Mass Start (PPSS)

Distance:       Women- 7.5k

                       Men – 10k

                       Novice race- 4k

Registration:   9:00 AM –  9:55 AM ( day registration only)

Zero:              10:00 AM – 10:30AM

Race Start:    10:45 AM – Mass Start

                      11:30 AM Novice safety instruction and practice

                      11:45 Start of Novice race

Cost:             $20 (cash or check payable to MINSA)

Questions?  call Vlad 218 256 8323   or e-mail

Open European Jr Championships — GARRETT!

Sjusjoen, Norway-

The Open European Jr Championships concluded yesterday. While the World Championships in Sweden have garnered most of the attention, the top Youth and Juniors have been competing in Norway including Garrett Beckrich, Vasek Cervenka [ill] and Emma Stertz of Grand Rapids.

In Saturday’s Sprint races:
10km Men
1st Sivert Guttorn Bakken of Norway o,o 24:48
44th Lars Leopold USA 0,1 + 2:19
57th Garrett Beckrich USA 0,2 + 2:45
88th Maxime Germain USA 1,2 + 4:26
91st Bjorn Westervelt USA 2,3 + 4:41
Vasek Cervenka USA ill—DNS

7.5km Women
1st Camille Bened FRA 0,0 21:58
37th Chloe Levins USA 0,1 +1:56
89th Maja Lapkass USA 1,1 +4:12
95th Emma Stertz USA 1,1 4:43
103rd Lina Farra USA 4,1 +6:33

The top 60 in each field advanced to the Pursuits on Sunday

12.5km Men
1st Julian Hollanat GER 0020 36:23
22nd Garrett Beckrich 1111 + 3:25 [includes time back from Saturday!!]
Lars Leopold USA DNS

10 km Women
1st Julianne Fruehwirt GER 0111 32:15
35th Chloe Levins 0124 +4:20

Enjoy the Journey!
Bill Meyer, Coach

Open European Jr Championships

Sjusjoen, Norway

Three MN Biathletes are in Norway to compete in the Open European Jr Championships this week. All of Grand Rapids, Garrett Beckrich, Emma Stertz and Vasek Cervenka. Unfortunately Vasek is currently ill and did not compete today.
In the 15 km Jr Men’s Individual race [with a one minute add on penalty per missed shot]
1st Tim Grotian GER 0000 40:33.4
21st Garrett Beckrich USA 1210 +4:03.8
33rd Maxim Germain USA 0101 +5:14
93rd Lars Leopold USA 4102 +10:18
104th Bjorn Westerveld USA 2243 +13:59

In the 12.5 km Jr Woman’s Individual event- 1 min per miss penalty
1st Camille Bened FRA 0000 40:09
19th Chloe Levins USA 0011 +3:16
70th Emma Stertz USA 0012 +8:26
94th Maja Lapkass USA 1412 +13:16
100th Lina Farra USA 3301 +14:11

Juniors are ages 19,20, 21, but athletes like Emma and Garrett at 18 can race up.

Bill Meyer
MN Biathlon

MN Biathlon Cup #5 Snowflake, March 9, 2019 – RESULTS

Hosted by Duluth Biathlon and Snowflake Nordic

Date: Saturday, March 9, 2019
Place: Snowflake Nordic, Duluth

Race results from yesterday! Good turnout considering the weather reports. Storm definitely came in, but was fortunately a few hours late. A group of novices also participated.
– Bill Meyer

MN Cup #5 — March 9, 2019 — Snowflake Nordic, Duluth
11K Mass Start
1Paul SchommerSM35:040:0000112
2Gabe RaguseJM37:2102:1722329
3Ryker BosekB44:5709:53342312
4Gregg PattisonMM47:5312:4921317
5Tim SaxtonSM1:00:3625:3220226
9.5km Mass Start
1Kaisa BosekG37:160:0030205
2Cheresa BouleyYF40:3303:1722307
3Clara KramerG42:0804:52423312
4Lucy WatsonG44:0806:5222228
5Emma WatsonYF46:5009:3451219
6Holly HansonMW60:0322:47445316

Experienced racers

Distance: 9.5k or 11k Format: Mass start, PPSS Registration: 9:45 AM Zero: 10:15 AM
Race start: 11:00 AM

Cost: $10 (cash or check)

Novice event

Bring skiing gear, ammunition will be provided

Shooting clinic start: 12:00-12:15 (after the experienced racers finish) Novice race start: 1:00

Cost: $20 (cash or check)

Contact or call Eric Watson at (218) 269-0931

MN Cup #4 Elk River – Sat, March 2, 2019 – RESULTS

Sponsored by Minnesota Biathlon and  Twin Cities Biathlon

  • Saturday, March 2, 2019

Photos from Brian Wray:

Elk River Winter Biathlon – 9km Interval Start – 2019-03-02 – By Event
Place / ClassNameCategoryStartFinishOverallBackPPSSTotal
1 / 1Bosek, RykerB1:3045:4044:10+0:0011226
2 / 1Bosek, KaisaG2:3047:0444:34+0:2401012
3 / 1Del Toro, JosephYM1:0047:0046:00+1:50432211
4 / 1Hegg, StormyYW4:0050:4846:48+2:38231410
5 / 1Pattison, GregMM4:3054:2649:56+5:4611226
6 / 2Grant, ConnorB5:0055:0950:09+5:5911529
7 / 2Grant, Jackson*YM3:3053:4550:15+6:05152210
8 / 2Watson, LucyG3:0056:0853:08+8:5811204
9 / 3Swanson, EliottB5:3058:4753:17+9:07234514
*Technical issues with rifle.
  • 10km Interval Start (10 seconds apart)
    • PPSS with Penalty Loops
    • Exact race distances to be determined
  • Registration 11:30 AM
  • Zero – 12:00 Noon
  • Race Start – 12:45 PM
  • Cost –
    • $10.00 or FREE if you stay and help with the Novice race 
    • Make checks payable to Minnesota Biathlon
  • Volunteers needed!!  Please call Brian Wray to volunteer or with any questions – 651-366-2952.
  • Racing? – E-mail Bill Meyer at to get your name on the start list.