MN Cup #8 – Nisswa – Sunday Jan 21st, 2018 – RESULTS

NISSWA MNCUP #8—Sunday JAN 21st, 2018

Photos from Lynda Bouley:

BIATHLON Results- PURSUIT Format MN Cup #8   Jan 21st, 2018
Garrett Bechrich 00:10.0 3 1 2 2 8 35:27.0 35:17.0 1 1 YM 10 km
Cam Christiansen 00:00.0 1 1 2 0 4 37:11.0 37:11.0 1 2 JM 10 km
Josh Duda 00:20.0 4 3 2 2 11 55:20.0 55:00.0 1 3 SM 10 Km
Stormy Hegg 01:10.0 2 1 2 0 5 30:21.0 29:11.0 1 1 YW 7 km
Kaisa Bosek 00:50.0 0 2 1 1 4 30:31.0 29:41.0 2 2 YW 7 km
Halcyon Brown 00:40.0 1 0 1 1 3 31:41.0 31:01.0 1 3 JW 7 km
Cheresa Bouley 01:00.0 1 1 2 2 6 33:55.0 32:55.0 3 4 YW 7 km
Emma Watson 01:20.0 0 0 0 1 1 35:23.0 34:03.0 4 5 YW 7 km
Lucy Watson 01:30.0 2 2 4 2 10 31:29.0 29:59.0 1 JG 5 km
Ryker Bosek 01:40.0 na na na na 25:40.0 24:00.0 1 JB 5km**
** Did not shoot 45 sec x 4 hold in range

WHEN: Sunday, Jan 21st, 2018
TIME: Zero at 10:00 am, races begin when all are zeroed—10:45- 11:00
WHERE: Nisswa range. Lower Roy Lake Rd, Nisswa. Next to the Nisswa Wastewater Treatment Plant/Nisswa Maintenance Facility. Note: there are no bathroom facilities available at the range. Park on road and ski down to the range.
WHAT: Two races are planned, both Pursuit Format with 10 sec interval starts based on estimated ski speeds. Depending on numbers, we will likely combine the two and run continuous.

First race:
> MM, SM, JM, YM, MW, SW, JW …10 km… 5 x Blue loop
> YW…7 km.. 2 x Blue + 3 x Yellow…..All carry rifles
> Note: Youth classes are normally AGES 16,17,18

Second race immediately after completion of first race:
> Senior B/G …7 km …2 x Blue + 3 x Yellow
> Younger B/G ..5 km..1 x Blue + 2 x Yellow + 2 x Green
> Note: Senior B/G will not carry and can include athletes 16 yrs old or younger. They will shoot at normal targets.
> Younger B/G will not carry and are athletes 14 yrs old or younger

WHO: Any athlete who has been taught biathlon safety and who has shot on their home range is eligible to participate. All will zero at 10:00 am. All participants will use their own slings/cuffs unless they provide a rest for the rifle. Target size/shooting position for Younger B/G will be adjusted according to their ability.

WEATHER: Current conditions are good at the range. We received 3” new snow yesterday on top of 3” earlier last week. We will groom on Wed and I will update after that. Prior to the last 3” snowfall we had good coverage. I expect to be able to recommend good skis.

SIGNUP AND LUNCH: Please let Bill Meyer know by Wed eve if you plan to attend so I can adjust the schedule if need be. A lunch will be provided at Meyer’s after the races. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU PLAN TO JOIN US FOR LUNCH.

Notice: Changes to race schedule for MNCup #7 at Snowflake

Hi Everyone,

Today I have been in touch with the Duluth organizers and lastly with John Gould. Based on the forecasts with overnight temps below zero and highs in the single digits in the pm on Sunday, we will revise the race schedule Sunday as follows:

noon to 1:00 –Registration at the Chalet—[can change there, but must remove all gear by 1:00—reserved by the Youth Ski League in pm]

Zero at 1:00
Race at 2:00

We will continue to watch the weather, but provided the forecast doesn’t change, we will proceed. In any case we will use the afternoon schedule.

Any questions, please get in touch. If you have not already done so, please let me know if you are coming.

Bill Meyer, Coach

US Youth and Junior Trials for World Championships – First Race Recap & Results

On the warmest day of a cold week, with temps in the single digits but only a light wind, the first race of the YJr Trials took place on Thursday late afternoon. Shooting conditions were a little tricky with a reversing wind at times. Trail conditions were excellent thanks to Regional Coach Vlad Cervenka and his snowmaking crew!!

2017 Jr&Y Trials 12.28.17 Results

On the combined list for the Youth and Junior Women’s 7.5km Sprint, Youth Helen Wilson of Alaska Biathlon dominated, shooting 1,0 and finishing in 25:17. She was followed by Junior Amanda Kautzer, MNBiathlon, LNR with 3 misses 42 sec back. In Third was Youth Emma Stertz, MNBiathlon Mt Itasca, also with 3 misses 1:07 back.

In the Men’s 10km Sprint, Mt Itasca Youth athletes dominated with Vasek Cervenka shooting 2,1 and finishing in 26:36 for 1st place, and Garrett Beckrich shooting 1,2 and finishing 1:15 back for 2nd. In 3rd was Youth Eli Nielsen of Methow Valley WA, shooting 1,0 and finishing 1:31 back.

The second race of the Trials will be held this afternoon with temps hopefully up to 0F. That will also be a Sprint race but slightly shorter distances, 7.5 km for the Men and 6.0 km for the Women.

The Trials are planned to conclude on Saturday with a Pursuit Format event. The final team will be selected by the International Competition Committee based on the results of the Trials.

2017 Youth Junior WCH Trials – UPDATED SCHEDULE

Hi Everyone–
This proposal has been in the works for a couple of days—and got approved today.


Hope to see you on Wed or on Thurs morning at the latest!!
Please let me know if there are any questions!

Bill Meyer, Coach

2017 New Youth Junior WCH Trials PDF updated schedule

US Trials for the US Team to the Youth and Junior Worlds

Well the IBU Cup Trials are finished—and now we need to look forward to the end of next week! Beginning with unofficial training on Wed the 27th, then Official training on the 28th and races on Fri, Sat and Sun the 29th, 30th and 31st respectively, the US Trials for the US Team to the Youth and Junior Worlds will be held at Mt Itasca.

2017 Junior Youth WCH Trials

The race invitation is enclosed. Please let me know if you are coming and what days you expect to race for either the Trials or the MNCup races- even if you have talked to me previously. If you are doing the Trials, you should mail in your entry so the organizers can get start lists etc put together. Also, If you are doing Trials, you must have at least one and up to two pair of race skis into the wax room by Thursday afternoon at the latest. The USBA waxing protocol will be in effect. I would suggest you put on a couple of coats of a very cold wax like Start Green prior to arriving—that will harden up the bases somewhat.

Bring a lot of warm clothes both for warmup and for racing!! A pair of over mittens can be used for the first lap then tossed before the 1st shooting.

As the invitation notes, these 3 races are also MNCup events and open to any biathlete with some experience.

Due to the lack snow around the state, I strongly recommend you arrive for unofficial training on Wed so we can work on your technique and shooting skills on skis!!

In general this current week is the Recovery week of the cycle. It is also a good week to work on ski technique, shooting and especially some speeds—on variable terrain, practice skiing with perfect technique—as fast as you can ski for 30 sec. Find another part of the trail and repeat—put in about 10 of these—then just go easy for a day before doing it again.

Next week should start out with a hard workout on Monday, but being Christmas you can keep it short Smile. On Tues—work on Technique for about an hour—and hope to see you on Wed!!

An important stop in the Journey!!
Have a Merry Christmas!!

Bill Meyer, Coach

21st Fall Festival Recap – Results

Hi Everyone-
Today we held our final roller ski biathlon race of the year at Elk River on the Woodland Trails. Despite the snow earlier in the week and the falling leaves, the course was in the best shape we have seen since July. Thanks to Chad Bouley and his #1 son, the leaves and debris were blown off yesterday pm and this morning only a few dry leaves were floating around. With the snowy trees in the background, it was a fitting transition into winter. The forecast showed only a slight chance of precipitation, but actually the air stayed dry with temps in the lower 30’s. Roller skis are not the fastest at that temp, but slowly warmed up as the morning progressed.

Elk River Fall Festival – 2017-10-29 – By Event
Place / Class Name Category Start Finish Overall Back P P S S Total Notes
1 / 1 Ellingson, Jakob SM 1:10 42:14 41:04 +0:00 3 3 2 1 9
2 / 1 Christiansen, Cam JM 1:00 42:56 41:56 +0:52 2 3 1 1 7
9.3 km
Place / Class Name Category Start Finish Overall Back P P S S Total Notes
1 / 1 Ellingson, Siena SW 1:20 37:43 36:23 +0:00 3 1 1 1 6
2 / 2 Guthrie, Hanne SW 1:30 39:07 37:37 +1:14 2 1 2 3 8 Skied one extra penalty loop.
3 / 1 Watson, Emma YW 1:50 41:20 39:30 +3:07 0 2 0 0 2
4 / 2 Bosek, Kaisa YW 1:40 42:32 40:52 +4:29 1 1 0 1 3
5 / 3 Bouley, Cheresa YW 2:00 46:03 44:03 +7:40 2 1 2 1 6
Place / Class Name Category Start Finish Overall Back P P S S Total Notes
1 / 1 Bosek, Ryker B 2:10 42:01 39:51 +0:00 3 2 2 3 10
2 / 1 Watson, Lucy G 2:20 43:45 41:25 +1:34 2 3 4 1 10


In the Men’s and Jr Men’s 11.4 km category, Jakob Ellingson, Mt Itasca Biathlon and National Guard Biathlon, overcame some range problems to take down Cam Christiansen, NNW.

In the Women’s 9.3 km category, Siena Ellingson, Mt Itasca Biathlon and National Guard Biathlon, slowly pulled away from Hanne Guthrie, NNW, especially in the final standing stages.

In the Youth Women’s 9.3 Km race, Emma Watson, Duluth Biathlon and top shooter of the day, missed only 2 shots of the 20, to hold off Kaisa Bosek, Wolfpack Biathlon of Alexandria, who was the second best shooter with 3 misses. Cheresa Bouley, NNW, improved her shooting immensely today, but suffered a broken wheel on one of her skis so you could hear her coming each time she approached the range! She finally had to finish the race running in her ski boots. Good Luck at the State Cross Country Running meet later in the week!!

And In the Boys/Girls 7.2 km event, Ryker Bosek, Wolfpack, shooting all prone on prone targets managed to stay ahead of Lucy Watson, Duluth Biathlon, who was shooting prone and standing—both with 10 misses.

The next race in MN will be MNCup #1 on the 10th of Dec at Mt Itasca on manmade snow!!

Bill Meyer