Elk River Roller Ski Race – Sun, Sept. 20th, 2020 – RESULTS

Sponsored by Minnesota Biathlon and Twin Cities Biathlon
Sunday, September 20th, 2020
Woodland Trails Biathlon Range – Directions


All / Group Racer Category Club Start Finish Time Back P P S S Total
1 / 1 Paul Schommer SM Moose 1:00 35:24 34:24 +0:00 2 3 2 1 8
2 / 1 Sam Stertz YM Mt. Itasca 1:20 38:51 37:31 +3:07 0 2 1 2 5
3 / 2 Matej Cervenka YM Mt. Itasca 2:00 41:51 39:51 +5:27 0 2 2 2 6
4 / 1 Ethan Livingston JM Maine/SS 3:00 44:46 41:46 +7:22 2 0 2 2 6
5 / 3 Edison Byrum YM Indiana 2:20 46:44 44:24 +10:00 1 2 2 3 8
6 / 4 Logan Jenson YM NNW 2:40 49:05 46:25 +12:01 2 2 2 2 8


All / Group Racer Category Club Start Finish Time Back P P S S Total Notes
1 / 1 Emma Stertz JW MI/SS 4:20 39:43 35:23 +0:00 1 0 0 2 3
2 / 1 Ryker Bosek U17M Wolfpack 3:20 39:38 36:18 +0:55 1 1 3 2 7 Given 30s time credit for range issue
3 / 2 Cheresa Bouley JW Twin Cities 3:40 40:37 36:57 +1:34 2 4 2 1 9
4 / 1 Greg Pattison MM Wisconsin Biathlon 5:20 42:51 37:31 +2:08 1 2 0 1 4
5 / 1 Kaisa Bosek YW Wolfpack 6:00 46:35 40:35 +5:12 1 3 0 2 6
6 / 2 Matthew Broderson U17M Twin Cities 4:40 45:37 40:57 +5:34 4 3 2 4 13
7 / 1 Saylor Landrum U17W 5:00 45:58 40:58 +5:35 3 1 3 1 8
8 / 2 Lauren Huber U17W Wolfpack 7:20 50:49 43:29 +8:06 3 1 5 4 13
9 / 3 Audrey Lahammer U17W Bluff 6:20 49:50 43:30 +8:07 2 3 2 5 12 Cross-fired last shooting.
10 / 2 Kevin Ousdigian MM Twin Cities 5:40 49:54 44:14 +8:51 4 4 4 2 14
11 / 3 Noah Besemann U17M Twin Cities 4:00 48:41 44:41 +9:18 3 1 4 5 13
12 / 3 Keith Kranz MM 7:00 58:44 51:44 +16:21 2 2 5 1 10
13 / 4 Owen Fischer U17M Duluth 7:40 1:04:33 56:53 +21:30 4 4 3 4 15


All / Group Racer Category Club Start Finish Time Back P P S S Total Notes
1 / 1 Jack Cashman U15M Bluff 8:00 41:39 33:39 +0:00 2 1 1 2 6 Shot PPPS
2 / 1 Linnea Ousdigian U15W Twin Cities 8:20 48:10 39:50 +6:11 4 4 3 2 13 Shot PPPS
3 / 2 Selah Binsfeld U15W Twin Cities 8:40 53:59 45:19 +11:40 3 3 1 3 10 Shot PPPP; third shooting on standing targets.

Online Registration: https://forms.gle/rYjS66BdZufCB7JH8

Y/J/S Men – 11.4km
All Others* – 9.3km

20 second interval start
5 loops, 4 shooting stages, PPSS.

*Younger/novice race categories may have a shorter race depending on coach/athlete decision.

Registration @ 9:30 AM
Please have your paperwork filled out beforehand or sign up online.

Zero @ 10:00 AM
Race Start @ 11:00 AM

$10 / racer

Cash or check made out to Minnesota Biathlon.


Contact Bill Meyer at ​wmeyer@nisswa.net,​ or sign-up online (save some paper!) at https://forms.gle/rYjS66BdZufCB7JH8

Interested in volunteering, or have other questions?

Contact Brian at ​brian@minnesotabiathlon.com​ or 651-366-2952

Keep Everybody Healthy!

We ask all participants and spectators to bring, and wear, a face covering, and to maintain personal space at the range area. Athletes may take theirs off for zero and racing.

Late August Schedule & Camp Ripley training/racing day Saturday, Aug 22, 2020

Please sign up for events you want to participate in—just drop Tara, Lynda or Bill a note. Particularly note the Camp Ripley events on the 22nd of August. I think this is a rare opportunity to use that facility!!

17-Aug 20-Aug 21-Aug 22-Aug 22-Aug 22-Aug
Monday Thursday Fri Pm Saturday AM Saturday PM Saturday race
6:30-8:30 9:30-11:30  Work party to install new plates 9:00-12:30 2:00-4:00 5:00 ZERO
Practice Practice noon to ??
Kaisa Saylor
Ryker Chad
Saylor Marcus
Bill Tara Chad/Lynda Derek/Bill Derek/Bill Derek/Bill

Elk River Roller Ski Race – Aug 13th, 2020 – RESULTS

Elk River Roller Ski Race
Sponsored by Minnesota Biathlon and Twin Cities Biathlon
Thursday, August 13th, 2020 Woodland Trails Biathlon Range

Elk River Rollerski Biathlon – 2020-08-13 – By Event
Place / Class Name Category Start Finish Overall Back P P S S Total Notes
1 / 1 Deltoro, Joey JM 2:00 37:01 35m 1s 0m 0s 1 0 1 3 5
2 / 1 Stertz, Sam YM 1:00 36:19 35m 19s 0m 18s 1 3 1 2 7
3 / 2 Jensen, Logan YM 1:20 38:56 37m 36s 2m 35s 3 1 3 0 7
4 / 1 Stertz, Emma JW 3:00 40:46 37m 46s 0ms 2m 45s 0ms 1 1 1 3 6
5 / 1 Bosek, Ryker U17M 2:20 41:20 39m 3m 59s 1 1 1 2 5
6 / 2 Grant, Connor U17M 1:40 42:20 40m 40s 0ms 5m 39s 0ms 3 3 4 3 13
7 / 1 Bosek, Kaisa YW 3:40 46:15 42m 35s 7m 34s 1 1 1 0 3
8 / 1 Landrum, Saylor U17W 3:20 48:00 44m 40s 9m 39s 3 2 2 3 10
9 / 2 Gangi, Sanni U17W 4:20 50:11 45m 51s 10m 50s 3 2 3 2 10
10 / 3 Hudrlik, Evelyn U17W 4:40 50:39 45m 59s 10m 58s 5 1 2 3 11
11 / 4 Lahammer, Audrey U17W 4:00 50:14 46m 14s 11m 13s 3 2 3 2 10
12 / 3 Besemann, Noah U17M 2:40 50:07 47m 27s 0ms 12m 26s 0ms 4 4 4 3 15
13 / 5 Huber, Lauren U17W 5:00 52:28 47m 28s 12m 27s 4 3 2 1 10 Prone on Standing
Place / Class Name Category Start Finish Overall Back P P S S Total Notes
1 / 1 Petersen, Paul MM 5:20 40:18 34m 58s 0m 0s 5 0 3 2 10
2 / 1 Cashman, Jack U15M 6:00 41:43 35m 43s 0m 45s 3 5 0 0 8 Prone-on-standing for last two
3 / 1 Oudigian, Linnea U13M 6:20 47:21 41m 1s 0ms 6m 3s 0ms 4 5 0 3 12 Prone-on-standing for last two

9.3km, 10 second interval start
5 loops, 4 shooting stages, PPSS.

Younger/novice race categories may have a shorter race depending on coach/athlete decision.

Registration @ 4:30 PM
Please have your paperwork filled out beforehand.
Zero @ 5:00 PM
Race Start @ 5:45 PM

$10 / racer
Cash or check made out to Minnesota Biathlon.

Contact Bill Meyer at ​wmeyer@nisswa.net​, or sign-up online (save some paper!) at ​https://forms.gle/317mYwrv4rkHDFE76

Interested in volunteering, or have other questions?

Contact Brian at ​brian@minnesotabiathlon.com​ or 651-366-2952

Rifle Accuracy

Good Morning!!

Here in MN we have kind of a reputation for producing good shooters compared to the rest of the US in biathlon. Now that said, each of us can improve our shooting…each of us!!

Without accuracy during base shooting, you will have difficulty hitting targets during combo training with a heartrate and lactates elevated, and even more so when fatigued in a race.

So herein, I want to concentrate on accuracy only for a moment. And of all the things involved in accuracy like a smooth trigger squeeze of the final trigger stage, and staying relaxed with a good rifle fit, natural point of aim etc, I want to concentrate on “sight alignment”.

With the mandatory open sights required for biathlon by the rules, there has to be two sights—front and rear, unlike a glass optical rifle scope. These, along with the eye getting light back through the sights from the target, all need to be aligned perfectly with the flight of the bullet. But at least three problems exist: 1] the eye can only focus on one plane at a time—call it close, nearby or distant; 2] the eye needs to be steady on the rifle – not moving around in either the prone or standing position and 3] the sights and the eye need to be perfectly aligned immediately when shooting instinctively or fast. Enter the adjustable stock with an adjustable ‘’cheekpiece”.

The rear sight aperture opening should be about 2” from your eyeball so there is a white ring around the front sight barrel in both positions, prone and standing. That ring is shown in the attached diagram.

To properly put your head on the stock, you should first move sideways onto the cheekpiece until it hits your teeth –then down onto the cheekbone. But not with excessive pressure sideways or down..just enough to lock your face onto the rifle. Once you have done that, your sight alignment should look like the attached diagram. Best is to do it looking at a white background with no target to divert your attention. Focus on the front sight as that is where your focus should be when shooting, not moving back and forth. That sight should be crisp and clear—the rear sight will be a bit fuzzy.

Now do that with your eyes closed, open the eyes and see if that white ring around the front sight barrel is perfect. Do it several times. If you have to push or lift your head to get alignment, you will never shoot a tight group!!
Your eye will pick up and correct your head for a very minor misalignment, but any more than that and it will ignore it—or you will loosen your head position to get it.

So start making minor adjustments to the cheekpiece until that white ring looks perfect. Perfect! Now check it in standing. It helps if the cheekpiece is aligned with the rifle—not at an angle to that line as your head position between the two positions will vary a little fore/aft so when you adjust the cheekpiece, keep it lined up.

Then when you get into prone position and put your head onto the stock—you will be ready immediately to shift your hips around that forward elbow and get your “sight picture” … to get your rifle aligned onto the target. In standing, you do that by more rifle adjustment of the butthook or forestock riser for vertical alignment and by slightly rotating your feet around the heel for horizontal alignment. It is not advised to rotate your feet completely into an “open” or “closed” position. Keep your toes lined up with the target.

Enjoy the Journey!
Bill Meyer, Coach

“Virtual” Biathlon Summer Nationals 2020

Now is your chance to compete head to head with other biathletes from Canada and the US. See the note below from Danika Frisbie, with USBA, for the “virtual” summer biathlon competition August 3 to 9. Lets show what the Midwest has in numbers of biathletes and what we can do. All age groups and abilities encouraged to participate. Sign up and instructions are below in Danika’s emial. The competition consists of a 3K run on a track and the American shooting test.

Lets have some fun with this!

Please pass this note along to others that may be interested.

Mark Torresani
USBA Midwest Coordinator

Virtual North American Biathlon Summer Nationals 2020

Coaches and athletes,

Here is an opportunity for you to compete from your home training grounds at a national level.

While it’s not the same as Jericho, we hope this alternative competition format will give athletes in all stages of development a chance to challenge themselves against peers across the U.S. and Canada while head-to-head opportunities remain limited.

Registration is online at: www.skireg.com/virtual-biathlon-summer-nationals. There is no cost to compete. A summary of the competition format is below; see attachment for further details.

To compete, you should be an active athlete or coach member of U.S. Biathlon or Biathlon Canada.

Let’s do this! Best regards, Danika & U.S. Biathlon Staff

The Competition

The competition is to achieve the fastest overall combined time from a 3000m running time trial and an American test executed to completion. A 15 second time penalty will be added to the overall time for each missed target in the American test.

3000m time trial
+ American test (P,S,P,S)
+ 0:15 seconds per penalty
= total competition time

This format allows us to best mimic elements of biathlon competition with standardized, repeatable components that can be completed from any track or range in the county.

U15 athletes will follow a shorter format. All other competition categories will use the format above. The competition categories are: U15, U17, U19 (Youth), Junior, Senior, Open Masters, Grand Masters.  See competition rules for details and competition category guidelines.

How it works

  1. Sign up to participate at www.skireg.com/virtual-biathlon-summer-nationals. You will be sent a link to an online form to submit your results.
  2. Plan sessions between August 3-9th to complete your competition segments.
  3. Compete! Get a coach, training partner, or friend to time an American test for you, and head to the track to complete a 3000m time trial. The tests do not need to be completed on the same day.
  4. Submit your run time and your American test results by August 9th at 4:00pm EDT using the online entry form sent to you.
  5. Results and awards will be announced on August 10th, and the traditional Jericho race socks will be mailed to all North American competitors!

Details on competition format, categories, and instructions are provided below. Please do your best to follow the competition rules! Though we cannot guarantee standard conditions were met for every competition entry, we trust that everyone entering this event will participate in the spirit of a fair and honest competition. Do your best!

Other ways to celebrate biathlon

  • All competitors will receive a pair of race socks from “the summer nationals that never was” thanks to the generous spirit of Ethan Allen Biathlon Club.
  • Design the socks for this year’s competition in our sock design contest!  Submit your designs to Danika Frisbie at dfrisbie@usbiathlon.org by August 1, 2020 using the template attached to this guide. Socks are produced by Save our Soles knitting in Colorado.
  • Share photos of you and/or your teammates competing! Use the hashtags #usbiathlon, #biathloncanada, and #jericho2020.

Practices at Elk River bi-weekly

MN Biathlon in cooperation with the Elk River Parks Dept has been trying to put together a series of practices twice a week at the ER facility. This would be in addition to the already scheduled Thurs the 25th of June which might already be full [10 athletes].

Currently we are looking at Mondays and Thursdays. We are working on the time of day:

Mid morning to avoid rush hour
Early afternoon to avoid late afternoon rush
Evenings while we have long daylight

We may end up with different times of day on Mondays vs Thursdays. And as we are looking at two of us to be the alternate facilitators on Mondays—could end up with alternating times on that day.

So please let me know a] if you are interested and b] if so rank the days/ times you would prefer.

I am considering starting this on Thursday the 18th of June. As I pointed out above, the 25th might already be full. Otherwise open to any athlete who has their own /or leased rifle.

We would need to have a sign up program for each practice to a] avoid overfilling the range – so 10 max per practice and b] to be sure the facilitator has someone coming. More on that later. Each practice will have a shooting/combo plan that is structured to match the MN Biathlon training plans. We still are planning a race on Thursday the 16th of July—and that will not have a 10 person limit.

Thank you for getting back to me as soon as possible.
Bill Meyer, Coach