Midwest Regional Race at Blackhawk near Madison WI, Jan 16/17, 2021 – RESULTS


Hi Everyone, here are the race results for the races at Blackhawk this weekend. “Good Job!” to all who participated!

The distances are not correct—but all in each class raced the same course for that class. Conditions yesterday were tough at 35F with a lot of sloppy new snow. Today was much improved with 28F and just a touch of snow coming down.. Great grooming and really good race organization!!

Below please find the Invitation to the first Midwest Regional Race to be held at the Blackhawk Ski Area near Madison WI on the 16th and 17th of Jan, 2021. Signup information is below and please note: You must sign up online!

I really hope we can get a good turnout from MN. The results from these races will be sent in to USBA for consideration along with other results from Dec and Jan as to selection for the US Team to the Youth and Junior World Championships.
Hope you can make it!!
Bill Meyer, Coach

On Saturday and Sunday, January 16th & 17th, Blackhawk Ski Club will host the second set of WI Biathlon races of the 2020/2021 season! These will be USBA Midwest Regional Open Biathlon races for USBA safety certified athletes.

Note that you must register for these races online prior to Noon on Friday, January 15th. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and other practical issues, there will be no same-day registration. All Open race participants are required to supply their own rifle and ammunition unless you make prior arrangements with one of the race organizers.

No fees will be collected online during the registration process so we have no concerns if you register for the race but are unable to attend the race for whatever reason. Please register online immediately if you have even the slightest thought of racing!

Note four important points:

  1. No same day registrations will be offered on Saturday or Sunday. Register online at Webscorer before Friday, January 15th or do not race.
  2. Arrive with your USBA membership current (see below) or do not race.
  3. Read and understand the COVID-19 adaptations in the Webscorer event announcements below. If these are unacceptable to you in some way, do not race.
  4. Do not attend the race if you have, or recently have had, flu symptoms and/or a fever.

Important: For the OPEN races, athletes 15 and over (calculated on 31 Dec 2020) must select the 10K “Distance” (7.5K for females entering the Saturday Sprint race) of the race when registering online with Webscorer and athletes 14 and under must select the 2.5K (Saturday) and/or 4K (Sunday) “Distance”.

Register for the Saturday Open races at the Webscorer link below.
Blackhawk 2.5K, 7.5K, 10K Interval Start Biathlon | Event registration | Webscorer

Register for the Sunday Open races at the Webscorer link below.
Blackhawk 4K, 10K Interval Start Biathlon | Event registration | Webscorer

For Open racers, the USBA membership number entry is optional in Webscorer, please enter your membership number if you are a Competitor level USBA member. If you are not a USBA member, arrange your USBA Member-for-a-Day purchase in advance of race day. Annual USBA memberships expire in October every year so be sure to renew your membership for this season, if necessary.

Biathlon liability insurance is provided by the USBA for race participants so USBA membership is mandatory on race day.

The links to USBA membership options are on the Webscorer registration page.

When you complete your online Webscorer registration, it is important to email the registration to yourself as proof that you are registered properly in case of last minute IT issues with the Webscorer web site.

Important: After registering on Webscorer, scroll down the Webscorer page to verify that your registration was accepted by Webscorer (and to access the “email to self” option).

Bib exchange and race fee payment will take place at the Biathlon Range Shelter according to the times posted in Webscorer. Here are the materials that are required for the bib exchange on race day:

  1. Online registration printout (email to yourself by scrolling down after “Submitting” your online registration)
  2. Exact cash or check payment (to “Blackhawk Ski Club”, see fee schedule on Webscorer registration page)
  3. USBA Red Book (received at your USBA safety training class) (Open Racers Only)
  4. USBA Membership Card (if you are a Competitor member of USBA)
    Online USBA receipt confirmation (online at USBA web site)

Volunteers are needed to facilitate the running and scoring of the race.

I look forward to seeing you at Blackhawk!
Best regards,
Mike Larsen
WI Biathlon

Proposed weekend schedule from Mark Torresani

After receiving comments the below race format and schedule is proposed. I will work with Mike Larsen to get the sign up for races live on Webscorer. All races will be in a time trial fashion due to Covd restrictions with approximately 30 seconds between racers at the start.

Saturday January 16th
10:00 AM Set up and Registration [payment!] See note above!! Must sign up online!
11:00 Sight in U15, U19, U22
12:00: Sprint U19 and U22, 7.5K Women, 10K Men, PS
1:00, Sprint U15, 2.5K, 75M penalty lap PP (first prone shooting on standing target)
1:30 Masters, Seniors: site in/zero
2:15: Masters, Seniors, 10K PS
4:00 4K 4 person “fun” relay, PPSS (two skiers shoot prone, two skiers shoot standing, with 3 extra rounds for misses for all racers) 30 second penalty for missed targets. Battle for Paul Bunyan’s Rifle?

Sunday January 17th
8:00 AM Set up and Registration
9:00 Sight in U15, U19 ,U22
10:00 U19 & U22, 10 K PPSS
11:00 U15, 4K PPPP, 75M penalty (two prone on standing targets and two prone on prone targets)
12:00, Seniors, Masters Site in/zero
12:45 Seniors, Masters 10K PPSS
2:00 Awards

Elk River time trial – Jan 10, 2021 – RESULTS

Time trials 10 Jan 21 at Elk River – Natural snow- +25F  B skls  9.1 km course
Drew SampsonTC31531235:35.0YM
Matthew BrodersonTC3321936:38.0<17
Eric AndersonBluff32421145:05.0<15
Carson Peterson TC34431445:31.0<15M
Noah BesemannTC42241246:13.0<17
Women9.1 km
Kaisa BosekWolf0101237:35.0YW
Audrey LahammerBluff32421140:29.0<17
Evelyn HudrlikTC4212940:44.0<17
Saylor LandrumTC1041641:04.0<17
Lauren HuberWolf44231349:27.0<17
Selah BinsfeldTC44331453:51.0<15

Jan 2021 updates

Due to the last Covid rules which curtail competitions per se until the 14th of Jan, MN Cup #2 as rescheduled is now cancelled. Our planning has gotten short range by necessity, and for that I apologize—but we do have a couple of events that should be ok and should happen!!

This coming Sunday—Elk River- we will have a time trial course set up where you can come, zero yourself and time yourself. It will use the normal winter course Pursuit format so PPSS and a 5 lap total of 9.1km of skiing plus penalty loops.

To accommodate both zeroing and time trialing we will need to do this by 10 maximum wave appointments with me. 9:30 or 11:00. Please sign up shortly. If we run out of slots [10 x 2], I will open up another time slot in the early afternoon We will need to zero quickly so be there on time and ready to go. I anticipate no more than 15 min to zero. Once we switch to metal, all zeroing will be done for that wave. Watch your email, as I might move you or your group to anther time slot.

The 23rd/24th weekend is not yet determined—we may do more time trials at Elk River

and the 30th/31st will be Regional races at Mt Itasca, with an announcement/invitation coming out shortly.

I am anticipating at least two events in Feb, another Regional event in March along with Nationals in West Yellowstone.

I did note this past weekend that quite a few of our Biathletes participated in the JNQ races in Houghton MI with some really spectacular results!! Training pays!!

Enjoy the Journey!
Bill Meyer, Coach


This week is the 1st week of the 10th month of the training/competition year. I know some of you are starting late in the year—but please recognize we are starting to reduce our volume and increase the intensity now that we are approaching the main competition part of the year. Our main training volume is done in the spring/ summer/ fall.

That said, and with Covid and the MN Rules still on us, here is the planned schedule coming up in January:
10th—a MN Cup event [you guys are all welcome!] Mt Itasca
16th/17th- Regional races at Blackhawk in Madison WI—
30/31st- Regional races at Mt Itasca

As the season progresses we will get out a schedule for Feb and March! We often have a final race in late March and Nationals in West Yellowstone are scheduled for 24th-28th of March.

So the plan for the week is to get out on skis—drive if need be—but get in snow time!!

a] easy distance b] technique c] specific strength d] some long TH intervals and e] some short 1 k’s at just above your per km race pace. Ski every day if you can. We are starting to get enough snow here to ski on. The goals for our 500 hr hypothetical Jr are 290 min BE; 21 min DE; 32 min TH; 64 min RP and 21 min strength= 429 min total.

If you can get up to Mt Itasca—go for it. The manmade 1.5km is really nice and they are getting just about enough snow so you can ski the whole trail system. Race skis on the 1.5, B skis with care on the rest.

So enjoy the Journey! Get on snow, and watch the daylight get longer! Today is the shortest day of the year and the beginning of Winter!

Happy Holidays!
Bill Meyer, Coach

New Health Rules


Good Morning,

The other shoe has dropped! Primarily because people did not follow the earlier guidelines, COVID rates and deaths have spiked in MN and even more in surrounding States. So a new order was issued by the Governor yesterday that strongly affects how we function as MN Biathlon.

The two keys in the above guideline from the MN Dept of Health are:
– Household units only
– Cross Country skiing is encouraged, but only alone or with members of your household.

The immediate effect of this order means we will cancel any organized practices until further notice. That said, lets see what we can do!

Our ranges and trail systems remain open. You and your household can utilize them at any time. We will also watch for opportunities to do things like having a course marked that you can time yourself even including shooting and a penalty loop. The major key in whatever we do is to stay masked up and keep your distances from other households who may be using the facility at the same time. Don’t share shooting mats and spread out on the range as much as you can.

So with the above in mind—the informal practice Saturday at Mt Itasca is cancelled. You are welcome to go up and get in a ton of skiing—the trails are coming out as nice as normal under Vlad’s direction and grooming [pushing] has started and could be done already on about 1.5 km of trail, the firing line and the arena. I will be up there around 10:00 on Saturday, but will not be coaching/zeroing. I do plan to pick up the ammo folks ordered and get it sent on the way back to you. I will also put up paper on say 5 shooting points for zeroing use, and open 5 metal targets for shooting metal or combos. I suggest to those still coming not to all arrive at 10:00. The course will be open all day. I do need Jeff, Marcus/Tara, and hopefully someone from Duluth for ammo distribution.

Rules for using the trails/range:
– Pay $6 per person per day at the kiosk on the parking side of the HQ building
-Do not use the buildings for lunch/ changing etc–
-Go in and get a mat on the range side of the HQ building—that is now yours until you return it. Move it from a zero point to a metal point when you are done zeroing
-You will need to scope yourself or have a household member do it for you. You can’t walk down if others are shooting!!
-When you are done, clean up after yourself and take your trash with you.

For those who have talked to me about trying out the sport, you are welcome to come up and ski, but I will not be offering rifle instruction or shooting at this time.  

For those who did order ammo, please let me know if you plan to come up sometime on Saturday—if so I will leave your ammo at the venue. Otherwise I will send it home with someone from your area or bring it back to Nisswa. For all those who ordered—please send me a check for the appropriate number of cans—at $42.50 per each- made out to me personally.  

So lets be super careful, and see how the new world shakes out!! Hopefully the COVID rates will respond to this extra effort and drop quickly. The more careful we are, obviously, the sooner we can get back to normal life! If only we had all listened the first time around!! 

Bill Meyer, Coach

Interesting Links

One of our newest members, Ryan, found these two on line. With our newfound time again for most, it is worthwhile reading through the Coach’s doc especially for those in Coaching positions!!  Actually Art Stegen in NY, Marc Sheppard in West Yellowstone, and I collaborated on this about 10-15 yrs ago. There is a newer Coach’s document out by USBA, but this covers the basics like taking a shot and rifle fitting in more detail. Also note, since this was written, I have found a 4 week training cycle with an easier 2nd week works better than stepping up the load 3 weeks in a row then recovery. Kind of a mini recovery week in #2 and a bigger one in #4. The principles of load and recovery then supercompensation are still valid!! You won’t improve your fitness without that supercompensation!!  The youtube clip is interesting also!! 

Bill Meyer, Coach

I found a coaches handbook online from the USBA that I’ve been reading through, attached below. I’ve been enjoying learning about the technical aspects of the sport and it’s been helpful to mentally prepare myself for firing posture, sequence and cadence.
I also found a great video explaining how biathlon came to be. https://youtu.be/14NTlDvmzyc

Best wishes, Ryan