Junior Relays- YJr World Championships

This morning saw the Junior’s in their respective relay races, 4 x 7.5km for the Men and 3 x 6km for the Women.

In the Men’s event, Russia finished first with 9 total extra rounds and 1 penalty loop, finishing in 1:20:35. Germany was 1 sec behind using 4 extras, and Italy was 3rd using 3 extras and about 2 sec behind. Sounds like an exciting finish up front.

The US struggled on the range—using 16 extra rounds and still needing 3 penalty loops. Finished in 19th- 9:47 back of first.

In the Women’s race France took the top honors using 1 extra total for the 3 athlete legs, and finishing in 54:26. Germany was 2nd using 3 total extras, and finishing 15 sec back. the US Women had similar problems as the Men, using 7 extra rounds total, but needing 3 penalty loops in the standing shooting stages, to finish in 21st 7:04 behind.

Tomorrow is a break day—with the Youth Sprint races coming up on Fri and the Juniors on Saturday. All classes will do the Pursuit races on Sunday.

Y Jr World Championships- Youth relays this morning

Today saw the Youth class relays at the Youth and Junior Biathlon World Championships in Orsblie, Slovakia.

In the Youth Men’s 3 x 7.5 km event the USA finished 15th, 4:47.9 behind winner Germany.
Germany’s 3 athletes used only 5 spare rounds total [in a relay each athlete must use up to 3 extra single rounds after the 5 round magazine in each shooting stage, if all the targets were not hit] and the team finished in 1:01:50.6. The USA’s team used 14 extras and still had to do 2 penalty loops.

Garrett Beckrich will be skiing tomorrow with the Junior Men in the 4 x 7.5 event as one of the Junior athletes has been sick all week.

In the Youth Women’s 3 x 6.0 km event, the US finished 19th, 7:22 behind winner Norway, who only used 3 extra rounds and finished in 57:19.2
Emma Stertz had a good first leg—using only 3 extras and handing off in the middle of the pack. Lina Ferra struggled in standing using a total of 4 extra rounds and still needing 2 penalty loops before heading back to the course. Helen Wilson finished up using 3 extras.

So the next events will be tomorrow am with the Junior Men followed by the Junior Women. Then after a day break, the Youth Men and Women will do the Sprint events on Friday, the Juniors on Saturday and then all will do pursuit events on Sunday.

It’s a long tough week!!
Bill Meyer, Coach

Y Jr Worlds- Slovakia

Junior Men’s 15 km Individual event

Vasek Cervenka, Grand Rapids, Mt Itasca Biathlon/MN Biathlon finished 32nd in this morning’s 15 km Jr Men’s Individual missing 2 targets [at 1 min penalty per miss] and finishing 3:23 behind Martin Bourgeois Republique of France who had 1 miss and won in 44:30.

US teamate, Lars Leopold actually tied Vasek for 32nd with one more penalty.

Cody Johnson of the National Guard was 79th with 6 penalties and 8:13 back.

Bill Meyer, Coach

YJr Worlds — Emma Stertz

Emma ended up in 56th with 5 penalties—at 45 sec apiece also. Got pushed down a bit by some later finishers.

There are 34 countries at least in the Championships—That is how many I counted in the Y Men’s race.

Other US Youth Women [ages 15 thru 18 in 2018]

Helen Wilson—Anchorage AK—69th with 5 misses
Lexie Madigan—California—83rd with 7
Lina Farra—Utah — 88th with 10 penalties

Tomorrow is the Junior Individual races [ages 19 thru 21 in 2018] —Vasek’s class


Bill Meyer, Coach

Youth and Junior Worlds- Slovakia- Youth Mens Individual

At an early hour this am I had a text from Garrett Beckrich—he had the 3rd fastest ski time in the Youth Men’s 12.5 km Individual race! 105 finishers from about 25 countries!
I opened the results up and he finished 20th. In the Individual you shoot PSPS –he went 0,3,0,1 and each shot at the Youth Men’s level is a 45 sec add on penalty.

Great job!! In another text he said his legs were shaking so bad he couldn’t hold the rifle steady.

Emma Stertz is currently on her last ski leg in the Youth Women’s 10 km Individual—shooting 3,3,1,1……… and just finished in 43rd.

Good start to the Championships!
Bill Meyer, Coach