2nd Novice Clinic and Rescheduled MNCup #9 – 3rd of March, 2018

Hi Everyone–
Unfortunately we had to reschedule the race planned for today due to a lot of snow over the past couple of days, anticipated poor driving conditions [they were]  and a low number of experienced participants interested in racing.
Accordingly, a decision was made yesterday to do the race immediately after the novice clinic next weekend. That Novice clinic is only open to those contacted by Brian Wray as the second tier of those who signed up a few weeks ago.
We again need volunteers to come for the novice clinic with their rifles and help pass on that knowledge to the newcomers. The first group, yesterday, had a great time as did the volunteers helping!!
This coming Saturday we are going to revise the program a little. Instead of a small practice race, novices will be doing the full timed course with 4 shootings, starting in the lineup immediately after the experienced racers. Novices will not carry, but be directed to a shooting point with a rifle as they come into the range, shooting prone on standing. Experienced athletes will carry their own rifles.
An alternate course will be provided for those uncomfortable with the longer distances. Those athletes will start after the first leg of shooting.
The schedule: Saturday the 3rd
10:00 am arrive to help set up the range
11:00 Novice clinic begins
12:30 zero for experienced athletes—and a few shots for returning novices from yesterday
1:30 or when zero is done…race begins.
Please let me know if you plan to attend by Wed evening!!
For others with interest, there will be another novice event at Mt Itasca on Saturday, the 10th of March in conjunction with MNCup #10
Bill Meyer, Coach
Nisswa NW Biathlon
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