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The YJr World Championships have started in Estonia as of this am. The above top webpage has a view of the facility. On the biathlon page you can scroll down under calendar and see the schedule and results.

Today the Youth [ages 15-18] raced in the Individual format [1 min time penalties] . Tomorrow is the Junior relays [ages 19, 20] Different schedule this year with the relays early in the lineup due apparently to some rescheduling..

In the Youth Womens 10km Individual:
1st Elvira Oeberg Sweden 1 miss 35:35
60th Emma Stertz Grand Rapids MN 2 misses 6:01 behind
74th Helen Wilson, Anchorage AK, 5 misses 8:00 behind
83rd Lexie Madigan, California, 9 misses 10:45 behind
84th Grace Gilliland, Anchorage, 9 misses 11:26 back

In the Youth Men’s 12.5 km Individual
1st Mikhail Pervushin, Russia, 1 miss 37:41
27th Vasek Cervenka 6 misses 4:25 behind [note he had 5 more minutes of penalty added]
48th Garrett Beckrich, Grand Rapids, 7 misses 6:03 behind
64th Cam Nielsen, Washington, 4 misses, 7:21 back

For tomorrows Junior relays, the US will not field a womans team.
The men’s running order is:
Cody Johnson, Maine
Tim Cunningham, Vermont
Cam Christiansen, Nisswa
Jake Pierson, Casper Wyoming

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  1. The reason behind the schedule change is because the temperature here at race time will be around two to three degrees Fahrenheit. So they changed it to minimize the exposure to the Atheletes….

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