Elk River Roller Ski Biathlon Race – August 8th, 2019 – RESULTS

Elk River Roller Ski Biathlon Race

Sponsored by Minnesota Biathlon and Twin Cities Biathlon
Thursday, August 8th, 2019 Woodland Trails Biathlon Range


Good weather—a bit tough on the wind—rarely does the wind affect much at Elk River in that tree surrounded bowl, but tonight was an exception. For those that didn’t get to shoot where you zeroed, it cost you!! Need to focus on the wind as you zero and then each time you come into the range and get into your assigned shooting point!! 

Thank you all for participating!! It was a good turnout considering a lot of folks on the road to Vermont already!
Bill Meyer, Coach

Photos by Brian Wray: https://photo.wrocket.org/2019/august_elk_river_biathlon/
and here

Elk River Summer Biathlon – 2019-08-08 – By Event
Place / ClassNameCategoryStartFinishOverallBackPPSSTotal
1 / 1Schommer, PaulSM1:0038:1837:18+0:0003014
2 / 1Grant, JacksonYM1:1042:1841:08+3:5032207
3 / 2DelToro, JoeyYM1:2042:3041:10+3:5233219
4 / 1Lindberg, DerekMM1:3049:0047:30+10:12324312
5 / 2Platenburg, KortMM1:4051:2249:42+12:2422127
Place / ClassNameCategoryStartFinishOverallBackPPSSTotal
1 / 1Cervenka, MatejB2:2036:0533:45+0:0034007
2 / 1Bosek, KaisaYW1:5037:5036:00+2:1541016
3 / 2Bosek, RykerB2:3040:4738:17+4:3210146
4 / 1Bouley, CheresaYW2:0040:5938:59+5:14323311
5 / 2Viren, ElsaYW2:1044:4842:38+8:5332218
6 / 1Landrum, SaylorG2:4045:5943:19+9:34343313
7 / 1Saxton, TimMM3:0047:0044:00+10:1523229
8 / 2Bitzan, TeresaG2:5053:3750:47+17:02314311

Online Registration: https://forms.gle/fnWzUGhkCmyvqPim6

Elk River Venue Directions

Older Racers (Youth and Older) – 11.4km
5x medium loops, 4 shooting stages, PPSS.

Younger Racers (Boy/Girl categories) – 9.3km
3x medium, 2x short loops, 4 shooting stages, PPSS.
9.3km distance allowed for novices/masters if requested.

Registration @ 4:30 PM
Please have your paperwork filled out beforehand.

Zero @ 5:00 PM Race Start @ 6:00 PM
Time-trial start, 10 second interval.

$10 / racer
Cash or check made out to Minnesota Biathlon.

Contact Bill Meyer at ​wmeyer@nisswa.net​, or sign-up online (save some paper!) at ​https://forms.gle/fnWzUGhkCmyvqPim6

Interested in volunteering, or have other questions?

Contact Brian at ​brian@minnesotabiathlon.com​ or 651-366-2952