Elk River Summer Biathlon #4, Sun, Sept 11th, 2022 – RESULTS

Presented by Minnesota Biathlon

BIBNameGenderClubClassStart TimeFinish TimePSRelay RoundsTotalT. TimePenalty MinDist.
26Caleb GilbertsonMDuluth Biathlon<150:09:000:29:2703330:20:274.7 km
32Carson GilbertsonMDuluth Biathlon<150:12:000:34:0600000:22:064.7 km
33Mateo WatsonMDuluth<150:12:300:41:5122640:26:21-0:03:00* credit for M loop vs S loop
28Cameron ChristiansenMNisswaS0:10:000:36:5600300:26:568.7 km
31Ryan HousemanMMN BiathlonY0:11:300:40:3103430:29:018.7 km
25Jack CashmanMBluff Country Biathlon<170:08:300:38:1011620:29:408.7 km
24Eric AndersonMBluff Country Biathlon<170:08:000:38:5222640:30:528.7 km
27Gregg PattisonMSV0:09:300:40:4000300:31:108.7 km
22Sergei ViskovatykhMMN biathlon<170:07:000:39:4924660:31:49-0:01:00** Credit for extra Rifle loop
29Noah BesemannMTwin Cities BiathlonY0:10:300:42:4111620:32:118.7 km
30Elliott ObertonMNisswa<170:11:000:45:4632650:34:468.7 km
BIBNameGenderClassStart TimeFinish TimePSRRTotalT. Time6.7 km
1Cheresa BouleyFS0:00:300:24:5311620:24:236.7 km
6Hanne GuthrieFM0:03:000:28:1701310:25:176.7 km
8Claire SabbyF<170:04:000:30:2900300:26:296.7 km
7Evelyn HudrlikFMN BiathlonY0:03:300:31:0823650:27:386.7 km
3Lauren HuberFWolfpackY0:01:300:29:1320520:27:436.7 km
2Maeve LindsayFMN BiathlonY0:01:000:30:5122640:29:516.7 km
4Sophia JedlewskaFBlackhawk biathlon<170:02:000:31:5741650:29:576.7 km
9Irina ViskovatykhFMN biathlon<150:04:300:37:0524660:32:356.7 km

Woodland Trails Park
20135 Elk Lake Rd NW, Elk River, MN 55330

Beat the crowd, sign-up early and online: https://forms.gle/bdLCBDEE9VkAKaiPA

“Relay” Format

Men – 8.7km
Women – 6.7km
Time-trial start with a 30-second interval.
Three skiing laps, two shooting stages, with spare relay rounds.


9:15am – Registration opens 10:00am – Zero opens ~11:00am – Race start

$10 per racer

Payable by cash or check to “Minnesota Biathlon” on the day of the race.

Registration closes at midnight on Thursday, September 8th. The event is capped to 30 participants, total, over all categories.

Beat the crowd, sign-up early and online: https://forms.gle/bdLCBDEE9VkAKaiPA

Volunteers needed and appreciated!

Contact Chad and Lynda Bouley at chadandlyndab@live.com for opportunities. Questions? Concerns? Contact administration@minnesotabiathlon.com