MN Cup race at Snowflake schedule change – moved to Feb 21, 2021

RESULTS available here: Snowflake Biathlon Race – Duluth – Feb 21, 2021 – RESULTS

First we have a MN Cup schedule change.
The MN Cup race at Snowflake scheduled for the 14th of Feb will be moved to the 21st of February due to cold weather. The forecast for next Sunday is –11F overnight with a high of +4 at 3:00 in the pm with windchills still at –10F at 3:00. Then for those familiar with that range it is exposed to a long sweep of wind from the W—and the winds in the pm are forecast at 10 mph from the WNW plus gusts—so not fun. Please let John Gould and me know if you will be attending on Sunday, the 21st of Feb.