Elk River practices this week–the 21st of Sept

Hi Everyone- 

We are attempting to put together some organized practices for the TC group at Elk River. While once you are familiar with biathlon shooting you are welcome to use the range on your own—just be sure you clean up, lock up, and leave things as you found them. And don’t leave any paint in the range building in case it gets vandalized again.

There are, however, a lot of advantages to organized training with other athletes. Recognizing that we will offer two sessions this week:

  • Wed morning from 10:30 to noon with Lynda 
  • Saturday morning from 9:00 to 11:00 with Tara

Now here is the key: You need to check in with the appropriate leader before you come out for an organized practice. That will allow them to: 

  1. let you know of any schedule change before the practice 
  2. Set up the correct number of targets before shooting starts 
  3. not take breaks to set up for late comers 
  4. the Leader can avoid showing up on the above schedule when sometime else would be more appropriate if no one is coming 
  5. Keep me out of the loop.

The leader will bring a scope. There is paper in the building if you know how to get in or have a key. 

So we need to try this for a week. In particular, Tara’s house is undergoing a major remodeling and she can’t commit to more than a week so far. If someone else would be able to jump in as leader—even on a different schedule, please let me know. 

Bill Meyer, Coach