US Trials IBU Cup Race #1 – RESULTS

In this morning’s 7.5 km Sprint race, USBA Team member Maddie Phaneuf dominated with clean shooting and finished in 20:27.5. In 2nd was Joanne Reid, also with the USBA team with one miss in standing, finishing 37.6 sec behind, followed in 3rd by St Scholastica’s Kelsy Dickenson, who also shot clean and finished 1:07.3 behind. Minnesota’s Siena Ellingson skiing for Mt Itasca Biathlon/ National Guard Biathlon was in 4th with 2 misses 1:35 behind.

In the Men’s 10 km Sprint event, USBA’s Russell Currier was first with 2 misses, finishing in 23:27.4. He was followed by Alexander Howe, Craftsbury GRP, with 4 misses 25.8 sec back and in 3rd was Minnesota’s Jakob Ellingson of Mt Itasca/National Guard Biathlon with 2 misses finishing 29.7 sec back. Jake Brown with USBA was 4th with 2 misses and 51 sec behind. Mt Itasca’s Vasek Cervenka was in 5th place with 3 misses and 56.1 sec back.

Tomorrow is the second race of the Trials with another Sprint. On Sunday will be a Mass Start with 15 km for the Men and 12.5 km for the Women. The last race will be on Tues with another Sprint.