MNCup Biathlon race #5 info

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Please consider this to be notice that the Biathlon race in Nisswa this coming Saturday will be held, unless something catastrophic occurs.

The outer Blue course is a bit icy at present, and we are working to break that up. We will eliminate the most sketchy downhill in any case and I think we can get the rest skiable when we get the ginzo in on Friday. Meanwhile we will keep shoveling and working it with our two drags.

At worst we will do double laps on the Yellow to replace the Blue.

You can use any skis, but I would recommend you use your second tier rather than your top end race skis. The course will be fast and there is a little dirt showing here and there.

Please let me know that you are coming, [so I can work up a start list] and if so, whether you and any family will join us for a lunch after the races. [we need an approximate count for lunch]

Paul was going to discuss the event with some of his Guard members who are just starting out, so we may have a JrB [SM] class, also.

Any questions, please contact me.
Bill Meyer, Coach

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