Open European Championships – Seniors

Tomorrow morning the Seniors will race the Individual Events in Poland. From WI and MN, Paul Schommer and Jakob Ellingson will be among the 6 men and 2 women in the events.

The Individual is the oldest event currently used in International Biathlon. It is more of a shooters race than most of the other formats, with a one minute penalty added on for each miss. Five shots each time they come in..and the order of shooting alternates, prone, standing, prone, standing. The shooters can use any point on the prone end #1-15 for prone and #16-30 for standing. Normally they will try to shoot as close as possible to their assigned zero lane [randomly assigned by team each day].

Online in the graphics, the electronics are so good they actually show the 1 min addon the instant the miss occurs. This is the only event without a penalty loop. For women they will do 5 x 3km for 15km total; for men it is 5 x 4km lap for 20km total. Still, with the huge penalty [approximately 2+ x the time it takes to ski the normal 150 meter loop] it favors biathletes who are really good on the range.

So if you are an insomniac or really into watching live—the men are on at 3:00 am cst and the women at 6:30 am cst.

Coming up on Fri with the younger athletes will be the IBU Jr Cup races. More on those formats later.

Bill Meyer, Coach

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