Good Morning Everyone-
We had another good race yesterday at Elk River. That series is really good to help you put together all the training elements that you work on all year long! Unfortunately the number of participants was quite low—hopefully all the active biathletes in MN will come for the finale in Oct. This morning I sent out the schedule for MN Biathlon events this winter. Try to make them all!!

One reason these races are so good, is the surprises that pop up unexpectantly. Yesterday it was a crossfiring. If you are crossfired upon, you need to raise your hand and yell ‘Crossfire”. That will stop the action—they will clear your target—and you can continue—and they will tell you how many penalties to do before you leave the range. You will also get some time credit for the time you lost.

If you are the crossfirer be aware if there is no one on the wrong target you are shooting at, no one will say anything and it is up to you to check your own target as you leave the range to avoid many 2 min penalties for missed penalty loops.

If you are a coach- in a formal race—you should not say anything except to make the officials aware it is happening and they should stop it when there is shooter on the target being shot at by the crossfirer. If there is no shooter on that target—the crossfirer must be allowed to continue.

If you are a line official and observe someone being crossfired upon—you need to stop the shooting by both—record the target status—clear it—and then give the correct shooter the number of penalties to do and also give the timers the amount of time credit. If there is no one on the target being shot at, the crossfirer must be allowed to continue.

“There are those who have crossfired and those who will.”

Enjoy the Journey!!
Bill Meyer, Coach