Cloth rifle cases and magazines

Coming up this weekend is the May shooting camp. As I get rifles ready, cleaning, adding parts missing, and doing repairs and some upgrades, I find I am short of rifle cases and magazines.

Over the past couple of years we have updated some of the cases to Rossignol or ?. In doing so, you may have kept a black cloth case. If so, please bring to the camp this weekend.

Then magazines. Seems like every year we are short. This year, so far with the rifles I have in hand, I am missing 6. And I have a few more to collect yet. Each year MNBiathlon buys 2 or more at $85 each, only to find the next year we are short again. So if you have extra magazines [clips] from when you had a MNBiathlon rifle in hand, please, please get those back to me.

Thanks for helping!!
Bill Meyer, Coach