Mesabi Invite

Good Morning All,

MNBiathlon is not a huge organization. We typically run around 30 to maybe 40 members, of which 20-25 or so are high school aged. So looking over the results from yesterdays huge event in Biwabik I was impressed!! As a team we had a lot of top 20 finishes where each field was up around 135 of each high school’s best skiers. Here are our finishers who had top 20 results:

Garrett Beckrich—1st boys skate
Cheresa Bouley—3rd girls skate
Kaisa Bosek—7th girls skate
Elsa Viren- 8th girls classic
Annika Viren – 9th girls skate
Sam Stertz – 10th boys skate
Clara Kramer- 11th girls skate
Jackson Grant- 12th boys classic
Stormy Hegg- 15th girls skate
Maj Lis Helmer- 20th girls classic

My congrats to you all!! Training pays off! And keep in mind our goal is to still increase your ski speed by about 10% for most!!
If I missed anyone- please accept my apologies—it is early for an old man!!

Bill Meyer, Coach