January 2011 World Cup and IBU Cup Selections

Upon conclusion of the December World Cup competitions in Poklujka, Slovenia and the IBU Cup Trials races at Mt Itasca, MN, the International Competition Committee has confirmed the selection of the Oberhof World Cup Team and the IBU Cup Team for Nove Mesto, CZE and Altenberg, GER.

Oberhof World Cup Team


Sara Studebaker, Boise, ID                                    Top woman in Dec WC points

Laura Spector, Lennox, MA                                    Discretionary selection- 25th place WC result


Tim Burke, Paul Smith’s, NY.                         Top male in Dec WC points

Leif Nordgren, Marine on St Croix, MN 2nd male in Dec WC points

Lowell Bailey, Lake Placid, NY                        Discretionary selection- 3rd male in WC points

January IBU Cups Team


Tracy Barnes, Durango, CO            Canmore Trials- top non-WC selected female on points

Annelies Cook, Lake Placid, NY            Canmore Trials- discretionary, 2nd ranked non WC selected female

Haley Johnson, Lake Placid, NY                        Mt Itasca Trials- top female score

Susan Dunklee, Barton, VT                                    Mt Itasca Trials- discretionary, 2nd on points


Jeremy Teela, Heber, UT                                    Prequalification to Dec World Cup

Russell Currier, Caribou, ME            Qualified to Dec World Cup, top male points scorer at Canmore Trials

Bill Bowler, Wausau, WI            Top non-WC selected points from Canmore Trials- Dec IBU Cup qualified

Zach Hall, Anchorage, AK            Discretionary selection, 2nd ranked non-WC athletes from Canmore Trials

Jay Hakkinen, Kasilof, AK            Discretionary- force majeur for illness certified by USBA physician.  Discretionary choice based on history of multiple top 10 WC finishes

Wynn Roberts, Battle Lake, MN Mt Itasca Trials, top male on points