Membership and Lease agreement forms

Good Morning Everyone,

Enclosed are the membership and rifle lease forms for this year. Please note that all forms and checks should be made out to Minnesota Biathlon, but sent to me, Bill Meyer, at the address below. I will keep record of the memberships and leases and forward them to Lou Chouinard, our Treasurer.

1718 MNBia rental agreement

1718 MNBia Membership Registration Form

The memberships are currently due. If you are coming to the May shooting camp, you can bring them to the camp. If not, please take care of this as soon as possible so we aren’t dragging out collections into summer.

If you are currently leasing a rifle, and a coach has said you can keep that rifle for another year, the above applies also. If you are new, or think you might be given a different rifle to lease, please wait on the lease form until the May camp.

If you had a rifle leased last year, whether you plan to lease it again or not, you must turn it in to a coach for maintenance and evaluation. If you have already done so, and he has loaned it back to you, that is fine, bring it to the May camp. If you have not turned it in yet, PLEASE get it into the hands of myself, Jeff Bosek, Lou Chouinard, John Gould, or Vlad Cervenka immediately!

We have limited rifles available for lease. Priority will be given to those athletes who have shown promise with good shooting and skiing skills, participation at camps and dedication to biathlon training and racing; with those returning for a second or third year given priority for the newer rifles. If you are planning on continuing in biathlon, we highly recommend that you purchase your own rifle.

If you have any questions please contact me.
Bill Meyer, Coach

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