This week is the 1st week of the 10th month of the training/competition year. I know some of you are starting late in the year—but please recognize we are starting to reduce our volume and increase the intensity now that we are approaching the main competition part of the year. Our main training volume is done in the spring/ summer/ fall.

That said, and with Covid and the MN Rules still on us, here is the planned schedule coming up in January:
10th—a MN Cup event [you guys are all welcome!] Mt Itasca
16th/17th- Regional races at Blackhawk in Madison WI—
30/31st- Regional races at Mt Itasca

As the season progresses we will get out a schedule for Feb and March! We often have a final race in late March and Nationals in West Yellowstone are scheduled for 24th-28th of March.

So the plan for the week is to get out on skis—drive if need be—but get in snow time!!

a] easy distance b] technique c] specific strength d] some long TH intervals and e] some short 1 k’s at just above your per km race pace. Ski every day if you can. We are starting to get enough snow here to ski on. The goals for our 500 hr hypothetical Jr are 290 min BE; 21 min DE; 32 min TH; 64 min RP and 21 min strength= 429 min total.

If you can get up to Mt Itasca—go for it. The manmade 1.5km is really nice and they are getting just about enough snow so you can ski the whole trail system. Race skis on the 1.5, B skis with care on the rest.

So enjoy the Journey! Get on snow, and watch the daylight get longer! Today is the shortest day of the year and the beginning of Winter!

Happy Holidays!
Bill Meyer, Coach