Strength Test: “The hand release pushup”

For the strength test below—please use the ‘hand release’ version of pushups as shown above. I think when I sent this around late last week the above link to an example didn’t attach.
When you are done with the test, please send me your result—exercise by exercise. I am building a file!
Got some awesome results in so far!! Both men and women!
Bill Meyer, Coach

1] Number of pushups in two minutes. Each pushup starts high and drops to the floor—lift your hands off the floor—then push back up. Rest only on top. –each counts 2 points
2] Number of body weight squats to quads parallel with the ground in two min. No resting—each counts 1 point
3] Number of pullups [hands facing away from you] in two min, can rest hanging. –each counts 3 points
4] Number of dips on a chair [against a wall] in two min with upper arms parallel with the ground at the bottom. Feet on floor- straight legs – each counts 2 points
5] Number of situps in 2 min with legs bent 90 deg but elbows touching knees at top—each counts 2 points. Can hook feet under a couch or have someone hold them down.

There is a lot of focus here on tricep strength as I see a lot of athletes who can’t straighten out their arms when poling… in fact they just let them collapse and then sit back on the poles.