Last minute fun event in Nisswa

The past few days I have skied every morning at the ARB between the groomer breaking up the crust and the softening conditions when the sun and 45F temps take over. It has been great!!

So today I stopped over to the Nisswa range on my way home. For the most part we have 8” or so of crusty snow on the trails. I was able to ski most of the loop on top of the crust and look over the rest, with one small area going through the gate needing some shovel work and some rerouting around a couple of big puddles. Over a foot of snow off trail.

My groomer is back, so on Saturday am early we will groom the trails. You are invited to come down/over/up for a 9:30 zero.

If 2 show up we will have a good practice with a lot of easy combos
If 3-4 show up we will have some fun drills head to head
If 5 + show up we will have a 4.5km sprint race maybe followed by a single mixed [up] relay on a really short course.

So let me know if you are interested! Should be the nicest training weather of the year! And skiing is FAST. Put a lot of structure in your skis—or let me know and I will bring a bench and riller to the range. The wax is almost irrelevant.

Thanks—and Enjoy a little extra Journey!
Bill Meyer, Coach