Junior Relays- YJr World Championships

This morning saw the Junior’s in their respective relay races, 4 x 7.5km for the Men and 3 x 6km for the Women.

In the Men’s event, Russia finished first with 9 total extra rounds and 1 penalty loop, finishing in 1:20:35. Germany was 1 sec behind using 4 extras, and Italy was 3rd using 3 extras and about 2 sec behind. Sounds like an exciting finish up front.

The US struggled on the range—using 16 extra rounds and still needing 3 penalty loops. Finished in 19th- 9:47 back of first.

In the Women’s race France took the top honors using 1 extra total for the 3 athlete legs, and finishing in 54:26. Germany was 2nd using 3 total extras, and finishing 15 sec back. the US Women had similar problems as the Men, using 7 extra rounds total, but needing 3 penalty loops in the standing shooting stages, to finish in 21st 7:04 behind.

Tomorrow is a break day—with the Youth Sprint races coming up on Fri and the Juniors on Saturday. All classes will do the Pursuit races on Sunday.