Congrats to MN State Meet qualifiers

Good Morning Everyone!

Looking over the recent Section meet results, it looks like the MNBiathlon crew will be having a big reunion at State! Aside for a couple that were sick, and one recently injured in soccer, it looks like a pretty full crew.

Our congrats go out to:
Cheresa Bouley 3rd in section
Stormy Hegg
Kaisa Bosek
Emma Reinecke
Emma Stertz- 2nd in section
Clara Kramer
Maj Lis Helmer
Annika Viren
Elsa Viren

Garrett Beckrich 1st in section
Sam Stertz 3rd in section
Frank Gangi
Matej Cervenka

Also should note that Lochlan Baird—recent biathlete from Hibbing also made the cut.

My apologies if I missed anyone!
So good luck to all—and stay warm!!
Bill Meyer

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