Anshutz broken magazine follower

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We are having some problems with the short Anschutz magazines. Below is a remedy short of replacing the follower. It sounds like Anschutz is sending Marc Sheppard a supply of followers for replacements.

As I think about it, if you are having problems with some magazines and need to use them for the races, you should get those chips out of them. It is not too difficult. In the attached mag 1 pic is a small slot at the end of the pencil lead. Note that lines up with the slot in the side of the metal body. In Mag 2 pic at the end of the pencil lead is the end of the mag spring that is sticking up through that slot.

So if you press that end back into the body, the red plastic end will slide off. [It will actually only go on one way, but best to keep them all lined up as you pull it apart]. Slide off the end and the spring and follower will fall out of the body. Waste any small chips—if big like this one of Hanne’s, try to replace the mag from someone else for the races.

If relatively small—dump out the chip, then reassembly. The follower can go in two ways. So be sure when it is in, it sits snug against the top of the mag and on the bullet end there should be an 1/8” or so piece of red exposed on the edge. Compare it with the other mags you have.

Then the spring with the pointed end shown in mag 2 pic lined up with the slots shown in mag 1. The tricky part is to hold that up into the body and in while you slide the red bottom into place. When all is correct the spring should audibly snap up into the slot. Then try it with 5 rounds—load– then strip out with your fingers..

Engineering 101—fixing things..

Bill Meyer

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  1. Good info. Had about 12 magazine baseplates from last year crack or break in two. Contacted Anschutz and they replaced all the baseplate. Not sure if anyone else has had that issue.

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