Updated Shooting Test Results

Here are the current shooting test results through the MN Biathlon shooting camp. If a previous result was older than 2 yrs I have moved it down in the results.

Only those results using poles for the 4 x 5 and 20 x 1 shot tests are shown, but I have considered changing your own target equal to moving back to the 3 meter start line as the test protocol actually calls for. [In the 20 x 1 shot you need to return back to the 3 meter line for each shot until the target needs resetting–then reset it without returning that time–etc]

I have included results for two newer tests:
40 shot on paper— use alpha for zero–then 10 shots prone each on B & C; and 10 shots standing on each D & E. Score like this: in prone-a biathlon miss–doesn’t break the prone ring–2 pts against; a biathlon hit [breaks the line] but x ring miss counts 1 against; breaks the x ring line = 0 pts against.

In Standing- a biathlon miss = 2 pts against; a biathlon hit that doesn’t break the  80mm scoring ring – 1 pt against and a 80mm hit = 0 pts against.

Top possible score = 0. Worst = 80.

“Vlad’s 20 shot test”
On 10 ring paper– 10 shots prone on one target and 10 shots standing on another. If it breaks the line it counts up. Top score =200pts. This is actually 1/3 of the normal 60 shot test. It is good as a daily or every other shooting accuracy workout.

Enjoy!! If you have others recently–sent them along.

Bill Meyer