Keeping tabs on our Youth and Juniors

Good Evening All–

Meanwhile at 3:30 in the morning for the men and 7:00 for the women, the races start in Pokljuka, Slovenia for the US teams recently named.

I doubt they will have live broadcasts, but if you go to the IBU webpage—biathlonworld and scroll to the bottom you can find ‘data center’. if you poke around on that site—you can find IBU Junior Cup—and right now it just shows the start lists.

In the morning, the various options will be available as to getting the splits on the course, range splits, shooting [keep the ‘range option open’-it will show the entire range and the shooter coming onto a point and shot by shot results on a target board] and finish—interim until it is over—so like watching a live scoreboard in the range.

Cheresa starts #34 of 79 starters.

Best of luck to the US!
Bill Meyer